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The Dog Stays in The Picture

The company of a dog seemed like a good idea because I was becoming more withdrawn than ever. I knew I probably wouldn’t be able to walk  him a lot so I had a good-sized dog run built and planned to drive him to the dog park for play .

To the rescue people I said I would foster any dog old or ugly but under no circumstances did I want a puppy. They told me he was about 2 years old.  What he was a hundred pound puppy.

When he first came into my house I told him to sit. He ran the other direction and stopped only to pee on the floor. I yelled “bad.”  When he was finished peeing he turned and charged me and ripped the fluff balls off my scarf as he flew by.

When he wasn’t bouncing off the walls, he was insecure and watched every move I made . He slept with one eye open and would get up and follow me to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

For kicks and to drive me mad he would push a toy under the armoire and start crying when he couldn’t get it. I would stop what I was doing, get the toy out and go back to my desk and just as I sat back down he had it under there again.

He knew he wasn’t allowed in the bedroom alone and so he invented this routine where he would walk from my desk to the bedroom door then back to me then to the bedroom door. I would look up after hearing the tap, tap, tap on the wood floor and say “Don’t.”

It sounded like this:

“Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap.”

“Don’t do it.”

“Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap.”

“Don’t do it.”

“Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap.”

“Oh my God you’re driving me crazy.”

I broke down and cried and he would come to me and push his head under my arm and quietly sit there.

I had an appointment so I put him in my bedroom to keep him safe. When I got back, I found he had chewed a hole in my favorite silk blouse and a hole through the bedroom door and then climbed onto the table to lay on my clean clothes. bad dog

Remembering that I had not filled my prescriptions I decided it would be safer to walk the one block to the pharmacist as I was exhausted and I already been in two car accidents.

I brought the dog along and noticed how sweet he was to stay right at my side and go as slow as I needed. It was more like he was walking me along, keeping an eye on me.

For his safety and my sanity I bought a big crate.

It was one of those collapsible metal kind and I put him in it the next time I left the house. When I came home he was on the couch sleeping, cut up and bleeding from pushing his way out of the crate. With him he had my silk blouse.

The next time I had to leave the house I took him with me. While driving on the freeway I found out that wind shield wipers flipped him out. From the back seat he lunged and head butted the window shield. The window cracked and the rear view mirror was knocked off. Driving home in the rain with no wind shield wipers, no rear view mirror and a cracked window shield, I was pulled over. The police officer asked for my ID and insurance and told me he was pulling me over for expired tags. He asked me where I was coming from and if I had been drinking. I broke down and cried and tried to get the words out. I was trying to say I had been at the emergency room and that I had staph and that I was sorry I didn’t know about my tags and that I had forgotten to renew. He handed back my papers and asked if I would be OK to get home. I said  yes and then he said  he wasn’t going to give me a ticket but try to get my tags taken care of. That made me cry even more….

The next crate I bought was solid plastic and I put the dog in it the next time I left the house only to come home and find the crate door open and him sleeping on my bed. To figure out how he did this I pretended to leave the house then crept back and looked in the window. I watched him in his crate for a while but nothing happened except that he was wagging his tail.

I decide to “leave” and  tried to be as authentic as I could at looking like I was leaving the house. I gathered my keys, my phone, my hand bag and wandered around for a while then forgot what I was doing. I looked at the door and flipped out a little at the idea of leaving and then set my keys down and lost them. After searching around for a while I found my keys but couldn’t find my hand bag. Then I remembered I wasn’t really going anywhere so I wouldn’t need it need. Would the dog notice this small detail?

Finally I pulled myself together and made it out the door, got in the car, drove a bit down the street, parked and snuck back and looked in the window. What I saw was the dog licking the latch through the crate door. What I am telling you is that he was licking his way out.

After that I started zip tying it shut. Not one zip tie but many and that put an end to Houdini dog.

I searched on-line for dog training tips and books.

When he was bad I tried dropping a bag of coins on the floor to make a loud noise and all he thought was that it was the most incredible thing he had ever seen. He grabbed the bag, raced around, throwing into the air and was soon looking for more things to move that would fall and make noise.

He learned how to push things off the coffee table. He would watch them fall and then look to see my reaction. I would say to him “Ok genius that was awesome, now get away from there.”

The squirt bottle routine didn’t work out either. He would just bite at the squirts of water. He loved it!

Next he focused his attention on getting into things rather than out.
tub dog

I watched as one by one he learned to open cabinets, drawers and boxes. He would sift through the contents and pull things out that interested him. He went for the little things and he really liked rubber bands a lot. He did this funny thing where he hooked the rubber band on his middle claw and pulled on it.  He would come to me and offer it. When I went to take it he would gently pull it for a game of mini tug of war.


Here we enter what I call his “making it a dog shaped world” phase. He was calming down a little bit by now and mostly was just looking for a place to take a little nap to think up his next angle.

His taste changed often and as his need for variety increased so did his ability to come up with something new and weird each day.

He would cram himself into anything curl up and go to sleep.

He used the chair to get onto the table and then from the table he walked across the counter to get to the top of the fridge so I moved the furniture. It went on like this move for move, like playing chess with a giant real life snoopy. 206284_1012173282029_7504193_n

His asset was his ability to redefine himself for the situation at hand. As my health declined and friends departed, he watched all this.

More and more I was waking up at night soaking wet, sometimes shivering some times burning up often sleeping through the day to wake up only to need to sleep again, It was difficult to get up for the bathroom.

I was sleeping and worrying a lot. The appointment I had with the infectious disease Doctor was so far away. How long could I hold it together?  I tried to remember the date and where I was on my bills and how my garden was dying and the dog was neglected and then I would start sweating again and fall back asleep.

I knew I should have been thinking about giving him up so he could have a better life but I was selfish and terrified of where my mind might go without him.

When he started developing lesions like mine that was my signal from the universe that we were in it together until the end. I am sure I made that up but that’s OK.

The dog was sick with me and he got better with me. Then he flew away with me and that’s the story of how the dog stayed in the picture. The End.


oh my dog!

my dog was supposed to be getting on plane tomorrow morning. i am getting ready to go back to ireland and am shipping the bunny dog ahead of me. i got a call this morning. his flight had to be rescheduled one week from now as the kennel in belfast where he us supposed to go after his flight, will be on holiday.

in anticipation of travel i have been taking extra precautions and really stepping up his bathing and nutrition routine.  bunny like myself has morgellons ( i know it’s nuts).  i haven’t been worried about him because he was able to shake morgellons fairly easily (compared to me!).  the problem is  this temporary studio i rented to get through my lyme treatment here in california.  it is a very old and not so well cared for building. it was built in 1919 and has six floors.  i call it the hundred year old bio hazard building. oof..seriously this building is bad news. it has mice and every size and shape of bug you can think of.  lot’s of people and kids and dogs and yes there are bed bugs here. oh and  oh the mice. tons off them.  the itch started when my dog started pouncing on the mice. i was here for about four months without a problem. then he learned how to lay in wait and intercept the gauntlet that the mice routinely run. after he had killed a few of these unlucky little vermin. we both started itching. i guess some kind of mite that was living on the mice bailed ship once it was obvious the ride was over.  you can imagine i nearly lost it.   after working so hard to get my health back there is no way i am giving it up with out a fight.  i did the whole up and down routine on this apartment. i am leaving real soon but i have to be really careful not to take anything out and with me.  i have to be seriously extra careful with myself, my belongings and the dog.this place is in serious lock down decon. mode.  i have very little stuff here thankfully. i threw out anything i could. i treated the place with all the usual stuff (borax,  essential oils, apple cider vin., sulphur, diatamacious earth, menthol and even tobacco). i made different mixtures and keep them in squirt bottles). everything is inside of plastic bags.  lot’s of stuff i have bagged and froze for 24 hours. for clothing and bedding i operate out of plastic bags. both for clean and dirty.  this place is crazy and i can not wait to get out. the whole of the building is one big scratchy, itchy mess.  it smells like raid, the kids have asthma, it’s hot and stuff is hatching. ugh. i can’t just check into a hotel because i have a dog. though since i got that call this morning telling me there is a week delay i might just find a dog friendly place.  everyone is grumpy here because no one is sleeping.  i am thankful to know that i am not the only one scratching though. i know that sounds bad but you with morgellons must understand that constant wonder..”is it me?”  “bugs?”  “am i crazy?”   “huh?”.  i have only recently come to understand that that insects may be a  part of morgellons.  i am not hanging out to find out if they might make me sick again.  that i know of, i never had a big bug issue. i did feel like i had a spider bite on my cheek that may have been connected. i will never truly know so i will take every caution in the future. nothing get’s out of here alive except for me and my dog, and that’s that.


for bunny i am doing  all the usual baths, soaks, and salves.  including some of the products i mentioned above. i stepped up his nutritional routine and added neem back in. i made a video discussing some of the stuff i do for him.   i seem a little neurotic, i  admit i am. it is just that there is no way..not a chance…it is never going to happen, that we go through what we did in the past years. also i would never forgive myself if i brought anything into our house in ireland. i am nipping this one in the bud. i am taking this little bug problem very seriously.  had i taken the itch as seriously in the previous years i might have been able to head off the morgellons disaster that befell on me and every last aspect of my life.  i did not know years ago what i was dealing with. i had no idea there could be some kind of inset involved.

well i am no expert obviously. i am just sharing mine and amy dogs morgellons expirience. i did this video to the compliment the post.

For The Love of Dogs And Morgellons

I have no idea what Morgellons is or how I got it.  I just want to put something out there for the people who have pets. The following is absolutely the truth. In 2007 I started getting sick. Really sick. I started isolating because of..well you know, Morgellons disease. My friends turned their backs on me and I have very little family so I thought I would become a dog fosterer. The first dog I fostered turned out to be the last and only dog I fostered. He is sitting on my foot right now.
He was a healthy gorgeous pain in my ass. They told me he was 2 years old. It turns out he was an 85 pound puppy. The first thing he did was poop in my bedroom and pee in the kitchen. When I told him to sit he ran the other way but he was healthy and beautiful. I was not.

I gave Morgellons to my dog. I made my dog sick or it was the house, I don’t know. The point is the dog was living very healthy in a shelter for four months before I met him. After hanging out with me in my house he got the itchies. Later he became sicker. It was heartbreaking. As I started figuring out how to get myself better I was able to get Bunny better. I used silver, herbs, and plant oils on his inside and outside. I power hosed his lesions on his rump and tail. I set the hose to that setting when a bunch of little streams come out fast. His itching was so bad at times he would throw himself against the wall and flop down whimpering and crying. In those times I bathed him in epsom salt and then took him out and hosed his itchy hot spots. He loved it and I did notice stuff lifting out of his lesions. He got better fast because he is a strong healthy happy young dog. It took me much longer. Still though it was in one of his ears really bad and just last month I had him at the vet to have a deep ear flush. It has finally cleared.  After his ear flushing it finally resolved his one weeping eye that he has had since he got morgellons.
when I was “sick as a dog” it was my dog that sat by my side and in the end when I thought I had lost it all I found I still had a lot when  I still had  my dog. Maybe some people might have to get rid of their pets but that is so sad to abandon them. I  want to say that I had Morgellons before I got my dog and did in fact give it to him. Even if I gave it to him then him back to me and so forth, for what he gave me in comfort and loyalty it was worth it. My life was a living nightmare and I might not be here if it weren’t for the loving company of my best friend. Living that isolated and sick for almost 4 years would have killed me.
To keep him protected now I give him diatomaceous earth mixed into plain kefir. I also add MSM and chorella to his food. His diet is 80 percent raw protein 20 percent raw plant. He is very healthy again. Me too. Thank you for reading.

I just posted the above comment on Mr Common senses site. I don’t agree with all these people blaming the animals and ditching them when the going gets tough.  Apparently dogs, cats, horses and birds are in this with us. That sucks. When my dog got sick I prayed thanks to God that I did not have children. My heart goes out to those that have had to watch their children get sick. I can not imagine that.  That is the one really bad aspect of morgellons, probably the only one I did not experience.

Oh our dogs! We love our dogs (and all the creatures). I have no experience getting cats, birds or horse’s out of this but I did walk the dog straight out of Morgellons hell.  He also walked by my side and held my paw better than any human. When he got sick I understood why they say “sick as a dog”.

Poor bunny. The first thing I did was start him on very strong colloidal silver. There is a certain brand and I will not mention names but it is 3900 ppm.  I put 8 drops 2x per day on his food (he weighs over 100 pounds). I took him off his Eucanueba lamb and rice kibble and switched him to one tin of chicken, brown rice, raw carrots and apples.  I fed that twice a day.  His snacks were only  papaya,  pineapple, carrots, and apples.  As he got used to and loving eating fruit and veg I started putting fresh cilantro on his food and various other veggies.  The stuff really started running out of him.  Even fibers came out of one of his eyes. I now feed him the biologically raw food diet  (barf diet).  80 percent protein and 20 plant stuff.   I add a huge  variety of veg to his food. He loves it too.  A typical meal is: (my dog weighs 102 pounds)

5 or 6 organic chicken wings

A couple of baby carrots

Or a half of an apple

Fresh cilantro or other green

A bit of cooked pumpkin or cooked sweet potato

I almost always sprinkle ground flax-seed on it. I always put olive oil on it. I sometimes put coconut oil on it. I almost always put MSM and or chorella on it. As a treat I make home-made dog cookies (a recipe below).  For a treat aside from his home cookies I will stir a little diatomaceous earth into plain kefir. Also at horse supply places they sell those giant tubs of probiotics for a good price. I use Mercolas pet enzymes and sprinkle those on his food.

Anyway there are a lot of ways to get your dog eating better. If you have a dog do the research. It is frightening what goes into dog food. If your dog seems not too keen on the raw food there are lot’s of ways to start them off and peak their interest. Lightly cooked egg blended in gets dog more interested in the veg. Most people put the fruit and veg through a food processor.  The meat has to be small meaty bones. Not the big supporting bones.  I freeze all Bunnys meat prior to serving  (wipes out parasites).  For the chicken I clean in apple cider vinegar most of the time. If you are really scared of salmonella, do that. Or to soften the bones to get them started soak the chicken in apple cider vinegar.  I have heard some raw bone nightmares.  (Update: I now feed him nothing bigger than wings are back bones) Raw chicken bones are fine for dogs, ask any fox or coyote and they will tell you…”we are fine with raw bones”. Do not feed your dog cooked chicken bones.  Some people say “my dog will not eat fruit and vegetables”. I say well then your dog is just not hungry enough… yet. Same for people (or sick enough).  Dr Becker a veterinarian that I found on Dr Mercolas site  makes a good point. Canines should not be eating grains. She has an excellent video on how to feed your pet. After watching her videos and doing research (including animal testing on my own dog) I am sold on the biologically appropriate raw food diet. Lately I feed Bunny canned sardines too.

Here is a little doggy cookie recipe:  (Yes I know it’s not raw. I am not a total fanatic. But raw is good)

2 cups lentil flour

3 eggs

Half cup ground flax-seed

Half cup shredded unsweetened coconut

Quarter cup coconut oil

If it’s too doughy drizzle water on it until you can easily lay the mixture out on a greased baking sheet.  Bake for 20 or so minutes. Cut them to desired size after it cools.

Since it is hot lately I have ten freezing these cookies and give them to bunny that way. They are cool and also it slows the hog down.

I also add MSM and chorella. If you want to do this you will have to factor in the weight of your dog to size you cut the treats to the amount of treats you give them.   When I have the occasional treat of organic bacon I always save the fat and use this to baste my dogs cookies.  It’s just enough to peak his interest without making him too fat.  I use the above recipe as a base and add different things for variety. When you get your dog on the veggies you will start to see they definitely have preferences.  Bunny likes cabbage better than lettuce. He likes carrots better than apples  but he eats it all. He loves broccoli, papaya, green or ripe. Enzymes are good for dogs too! I make sure Bunny gets plenty of them.

A couple of thoughts:

dogs are not supposed to have avocados, onions, chocolate or garlic. I was surprised to read that they should not have garlic. Early on in morgellons I ate as much raw garlic as I could and fed it to bunny too. I skip it for him now just in case. I however  eat raw garlic in everything. I believe it is more effective raw than cooked. I really want to do more research on raw garlic and dogs because I felt it helped him so much. I can not seem to find a straight answer. Does anyone out  there know anything on this subject. I hate it when I can’t get a straight answer about something ( making me the worst candidate to have Morgellons…).

Update..I give my dog garlic now.

I almost forgot, I just wanted to say I wash my dog a lot. After walks I clean his paws with vinegar. When he was sick I washed him in most of the same things I washed myself with. I even rubbed oils into his fur. I put coconut oil on him and he laid in the sun. We also both take diatomaceous earth. I also put it on his back.

Now I am sorry I have to do this to you. Please meet Bunny the Princess King AKA Dr  Eatmore.Image