oh my dog!

my dog was supposed to be getting on plane tomorrow morning. i am getting ready to go back to ireland and am shipping the bunny dog ahead of me. i got a call this morning. his flight had to be rescheduled one week from now as the kennel in belfast where he us supposed to go after his flight, will be on holiday.

in anticipation of travel i have been taking extra precautions and really stepping up his bathing and nutrition routine.  bunny like myself has morgellons ( i know it’s nuts).  i haven’t been worried about him because he was able to shake morgellons fairly easily (compared to me!).  the problem is  this temporary studio i rented to get through my lyme treatment here in california.  it is a very old and not so well cared for building. it was built in 1919 and has six floors.  i call it the hundred year old bio hazard building. oof..seriously this building is bad news. it has mice and every size and shape of bug you can think of.  lot’s of people and kids and dogs and yes there are bed bugs here. oh and  oh the mice. tons off them.  the itch started when my dog started pouncing on the mice. i was here for about four months without a problem. then he learned how to lay in wait and intercept the gauntlet that the mice routinely run. after he had killed a few of these unlucky little vermin. we both started itching. i guess some kind of mite that was living on the mice bailed ship once it was obvious the ride was over.  you can imagine i nearly lost it.   after working so hard to get my health back there is no way i am giving it up with out a fight.  i did the whole up and down routine on this apartment. i am leaving real soon but i have to be really careful not to take anything out and with me.  i have to be seriously extra careful with myself, my belongings and the dog.this place is in serious lock down decon. mode.  i have very little stuff here thankfully. i threw out anything i could. i treated the place with all the usual stuff (borax,  essential oils, apple cider vin., sulphur, diatamacious earth, menthol and even tobacco). i made different mixtures and keep them in squirt bottles). everything is inside of plastic bags.  lot’s of stuff i have bagged and froze for 24 hours. for clothing and bedding i operate out of plastic bags. both for clean and dirty.  this place is crazy and i can not wait to get out. the whole of the building is one big scratchy, itchy mess.  it smells like raid, the kids have asthma, it’s hot and stuff is hatching. ugh. i can’t just check into a hotel because i have a dog. though since i got that call this morning telling me there is a week delay i might just find a dog friendly place.  everyone is grumpy here because no one is sleeping.  i am thankful to know that i am not the only one scratching though. i know that sounds bad but you with morgellons must understand that constant wonder..”is it me?”  “bugs?”  “am i crazy?”   “huh?”.  i have only recently come to understand that that insects may be a  part of morgellons.  i am not hanging out to find out if they might make me sick again.  that i know of, i never had a big bug issue. i did feel like i had a spider bite on my cheek that may have been connected. i will never truly know so i will take every caution in the future. nothing get’s out of here alive except for me and my dog, and that’s that.


for bunny i am doing  all the usual baths, soaks, and salves.  including some of the products i mentioned above. i stepped up his nutritional routine and added neem back in. i made a video discussing some of the stuff i do for him.   i seem a little neurotic, i  admit i am. it is just that there is no way..not a chance…it is never going to happen, that we go through what we did in the past years. also i would never forgive myself if i brought anything into our house in ireland. i am nipping this one in the bud. i am taking this little bug problem very seriously.  had i taken the itch as seriously in the previous years i might have been able to head off the morgellons disaster that befell on me and every last aspect of my life.  i did not know years ago what i was dealing with. i had no idea there could be some kind of inset involved.

well i am no expert obviously. i am just sharing mine and amy dogs morgellons expirience. i did this video to the compliment the post.