Allow Me To Introduce Myself

 My name is Tina. I am 47 years old. Sometime ago I found my self pretty sick with Morgellons and Lyme. I was very sick there for a while and for a long time I could not find a Doctor that could tell me why I had become so  sick.

Though I had been bitten and paralyzed at a young age by a tick, it never occurred to me that I might have Lyme disease.

When my skin started acting strangely with non healing painful and itchy lesions I started to learn that the fibers and specks in my lesions and coming from different parts of my skin were associated with a disease called Morgellons .

This was very difficult because I soon found out that there was not a Doctor in all the land that would take me seriously. This went on for a while and I became more and more ill.

At one point I learned that many people who have Morgellons and when properly tested do test positive for Lyme and other associated co-infections so I made the decision to seek out the care of a LLMD (Lyme literate medical Doctor).

This was a move in the right direction for me. After being provoked with antibiotics for several weeks I was tested and did indeed test positive Lyme. It was a massive relief as I for the first time had the “right ” to be treated by a Doctor.

Prior to that I was caught in the awful go no where nightmare of living sick and in and out of the emergency room when it became really bad.

The ER would put me on an antibiotic IV and stabilize me with fluids and send me home with a short round of antibiotics.  I would soon be sick again and still trying to find a doctor for regular care.

All that changed when I was given the appropriate lab tests and appropriate medical care.

It has been a long and difficult journey getting my health back with a lot of tears and some laughing too.

I was able to recover from the horrible skin and systemic symptoms associated with Lyme and Morgellons but I do have to be careful.

Plant medicine, detox, immune support and diet have been a big part of the recovery of my health but truly my medical care has been integrative as I was treated with some very strong pharmaceuticals in my Lyme treatment.

I have been free of Morgellons symptoms for quite some time now but it did involve much work and time. I do feel like I still have some minor issues though I would say they are most likely Lyme related and honestly I would be embarrassed to complain about them.

Today, compared to where I was just a couple of years ago health wise is an amazing and much healthier place. I actually am healthier than I have been in many years. I am grateful to be pain-free and clear skinned again.

I had such horrific skin symptoms and such a difficult time with Morgellons and getting medical care that I do have residual trauma. I am trying to transform this trauma as I engage the complex issues surrounding Morgellons and Lyme.

Because food is my passion and was part of my healing process I have decided to try to focus on that. It is my opinion that when dealing with chronic illness it makes a lot of sense to make your food as much as part of your medicine as you can. I am not suggesting anyone go with out medical care, only that diet is a good place to start.

I stand for health and food freedom. As our food supply becomes increasingly processed and tainted and our lives more compromised from dealing with chronic illness we are less able to acquire and prepare clean, whole real food. I see that as a vicious cycle. This blog is dedicated to finding creative and affordable ways to overcome the challenges before us as we together find ways to take back our health, take back our food and take back our lives.

My dietary choices are not rigid. I eat real food. It doesn’t have to be raw, cooked, vegan, paleo, juiced or gourmet but it does have to be real, whole, mostly fresh and adulterated food. All strict diets and the occasional snobbery attached to them is not what I stand for. I also have a lot of respect and gratitude for food and food culture and realize that while I struggle to find clean real food there are many on this planet that struggle to get clean water. The word organic, when applied to chemical free food  sometimes bothers me and the status that has been somehow attached to it. I do use the term “organic” to indicate to others what we mostly agree organic food is (clean).

You will find a little bit of everything  here as I try to unfold the long story of my recovery and what I did to return to health. I do  focus on food but as we all know Morgellons and Lyme are complicated. More than anything I hope that I can offer you some hope that you can find your way back to health and you can do so in the company of others that are also in various stages of healing ranging from barely holding the pieces together, slowly finding the pieces to put back together and just finding some peace.