Hello and let’s catch up!

by Living With Morgellons


I’m in another country….again!

Hello again!
I have not been active on this blog as I have hand my hands full.
There have been some big changes and it will take me a bit to catch up and I will get that info on this blog ASAP.

First of all I have been spending most of my time in a group I have on Facebook.
It has been more helpful for me and others as blogs are difficult to negotiate and find info.

In this group on FB there are others besides myself that have recovered from Morgelllons.

It is a low drama, loving and supportive group of people.

The groups main thrust and focus is on healing.
We do not discuss theories.
We do not ridicule each other.
We do not debate.

We share information regarding healing, hope, support, love and friendship.

This group is also on secret status.
What this means is that no one will know you are in the group.
It will not show you are a member on your personal FB page.

I have chosen to keep it on secret status to protectΒ  the privacy of those that are trying to save careers, family, marriages etc.

If this group sounds like something you would like to participate in you may message me or leave a comment. I will then email you and give you directions as how we can get you joined.

I have a lot of catching up to do to get this blog current.
Stay tuned. Much love and hope to all, Tina