40 Pounds of Salt For 5 American Dollars

by Living With Morgellons

I would buy these 40 pound bags of salt and plunk them down next to the tub. I got them at Wal-Mart in the garden section for less that 5 dollars (it’s for water softening but the solar salt is 98% pure).  Don’t run out of stuff to add to your bath, especially when you’re making progress.

I added a lot of stuff to my bath. For ideas click HERE. Even when I thought it was gone I kept up with this. That “keep kicking it even after you think it’s dead” technique paid off for me. You wont have to do it forever but don’t quit too soon. Don’t be paranoid just don’t back off too soon. Don’t give it a break, it wont give you one.

This post is just about a simple inexpensive item to add to your arsenal. I bathed with lots of stuff and made my bathes strong. You can also get the big 40 pound bags of pool salt for about 5 bucks. Add some lavender and or tea tree oil to really kick its ass  to be fancy.

PS:  A great price on tea tree oil is at Walmart. 2 ounces for 8 dollars

PPS: I can’t believe I’m advertising for Wal-Mart but while you’re there you can pick up Epsom salt and Borax. Or get it anywhere. These are just some things I kept stocked up on so that I could stay ahead. The take away for this post is beat it even after you think it’s dead.