The Scrub, Enzyme and Powder, One-Two Punch

by Living With Morgellons


A one-two punch is an especially forceful or effective combination or sequence of two things. In this case there are three things Involved:


Gold Bond medicated powder

Natures Miracle for dog dander

When I had those itchy hard type of lesions…the kind that itched to the bone what I would do is scrub them with Denorex Extra Strength Shampoo (with menthol), dry them well then sprtiz with Natures Miracle for dog dander and then sprinkle the Gold Bond powder on them.  For me this was not just to get away from the itch…it actually healed those rough itchy callous that formed on my skin. It took a while but while it was healing it really did take the itch away, which is priceless. When they did start itching again..I went to the bathroom and repeated the whole process. It does get better.

The best price on Denorex is at wall mart  (in the States). I think it was about 6 dollars. At a drug store it was around 10 dollars. If you are in the EU or the UK you can get it at Amazon here. You can get the Gold Bond powder at almost any drug store and some larger grocery stores in the states.

I am sure there is a British and European version of this sort of medicated powder. You are looking for Zinc and menthol in the ingredients (in my opinion those are what made this powder work for me).

Natures Miracle is a company that makes enzymes cleaners and topicals for pets. Enzymes were a big help to me. I used various topical enzymes and also took a lot of digestive enzymes.

Enzymes are something I swear by.

There is an enzyme product  call Kleen Green that many with Morgellons are using and reporting good results. I have not used this product myself but I want to mention it because enough people have given it good reviews.

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