Lemon, Baking Soda and Head & Shoulders

by Living With Morgellons

head and shoulders

This is simple and it REALLY worked to start breaking up the stuff in my skin. When I started using Lemon, Baking Soda and Head & Shoulders, one word comes to mind….


When I started washing with this combo, it was after my lesions had healed but I was left with horrible skin. The infection was still there , it was just under my skin. When I used this combo it was the first time the stuff in my skin started to budge. After I washed with it, the coconut oil worked even better to crack that “stuff” out of my skin. It was very drying and harsh on my skin but after rubbing the coconut oil in and the healthy skin started emerging…I DID NOT CARE. It was rough going at first. More goo and junk was coming up and I would have to wash it AGAIN. The goo would be stuck in the fine hairs on my face. I would wipe it off with a towel and then rub the oil in and then wipe again. Then I would have to wash my skin AGAIN. Then massage oil in until it cracked off. It was nightmare but the feeling of my heathy skin emerging was so encouraging that  I kept it up. In between washings and oil rubbing my skin stayed smoother for longer periods of time. I call that the chicken skin phase and it lasted for a while. For a few months it was really bad. After about six months I knew I was home free. After one year..it left completely and never came back.

It was really simple and it was really hard. The key was to be relentless, merciless, and un-freaking-stopable. The simple part was the three ingredients. The hard part was doing it, day in and day out. Sure I felt sick and I was tired but I drug myself to the bathroom and I did it. Sometime up to 5 times a day. Then hit it with the coconut oil. That goo that emerged on my skin would harden if I let it set there. So I didn’t let it sit there and in meantime I prayed there was a bottom. I can not say that your skin will behave as mine did but I do say with sincerity it is worth a try…that is if you’re in that “phase” (the phase being chicken skin land).

What I did was keep a plastic bowl next to the bathtub. I put a tablespoon or so of baking soda in it and then mixed a generous amount of shampoo…maybe about 3 Tablespoons, then squeezed a half lemon into it. When you mix it around it gets nice and foamy and it’s actually a pleasure to use (the first three times that is). After I rubbed it into my skin I took the lemon half and turned it inside out. That made a nice scrubber on the skin.

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