Introduction to Morgellons Comfort Care

by Living With Morgellons


In this next series of posts I will be talking about some products and things you can make up and do at home to help specific problems.

Mostly this will be about external application and because Morgellons is NOT just a skin disease I will have to call this series palliative care or more attractively “comfort care”.

Many of you already know about this stuff but please remember there are people out there that don’t.

Also those suffering with chronic illness don’t need a load of information thrown at them at one time to frustrate and overwhelm them.

Therefor each post will be short and simple.

I will not be trying to blind you with science.

None of these posts are the only way or a cure or any of that.

All of the ingredients or products I talk about you can look up on the internet or ask about in the comment section.

If they will help you or not I could not say for sure.

I can say that they helped me and I will only be talking about things that I know helped me.

In the comment section below it would be nice if others put up things that helped them….not what you heard, not what you read or not what you think but rather what really helped YOU.

This is called anecdotal evidence and it is not being represented for anything other than that.

There are some out there that insist on science facts and facts are beautiful but the fact of this matter is that the scientists haven’t come up with a whole lot on the subject of Morgellons.

Until they do let’s talk about some self care that might help some specific problems and at the very least make you a little more comfortable.

That is not to say that some of these things could help you finally resolve the problem in that specific area. In the comment section let’s try to keep it to the subject in the post. That way if one were to stumble onto a post looking for help for their specific problem they won’t have to comb through irrelevant information.

Here is where I have to say that none of this is to be misconstrued as medical advice.

I am not a health care provider.

I am not telling you to do this.

I am merely writing about myself and what I did to recover from Morgellons.

The first in this series is about sinus care and you can get to it by clicking here:

Sinus care