Coconut Oil

by Living With Morgellons


Coconut oil is something I would suggest to anyone both for external and internal use. I don’t want this post to be a bunch of regurgitated facts so I would suggest you research this one on your own if you feel  inclined to do so. I know I am not the only one that found that coconut oil helped my skin. It’s delicious too and it is just as helpful on the inside as it was on the outside for me.

Rather than telling you what I think you should do I will just talk about how I use and used it:

“Wow, this coconut oil stuff is helping me…a LOT!”

I started out just using it on my skin and was happy when I began to notice that it was helping to heal my skin (again, no miracle cure and it’s a long haul). When I got out of the bath I used it on every bit of my skin (problem areas and non-problem areas), without fail. I should also say that I noticed when I followed it with a rub down of olive oil the stuff tended to crack out of my skin better.  I achieved the best results when I first took my herbs then took a good borax, baking soda, and or epsom salt bath. After a good soak and a good scrub, I would then first apply the coconut oil and then olive oil. It would get a little tiring massaging after each bath but the pay off was worth it. I would also put a few drops of either lavender or tea tree oil into the mix. I say this a lot but I swear by taking herbs and or supplements and or meds about 20 minutes before the salt borax bath. It seemed to push the stuff (whatever it is)to the surface of my skin. Then after, I would hit my skin with the oils. This is how I think I got it out of my skin and body.

“I think I’ll start smearing this stuff in my eyes and nose”

Yes! I massaged it into my eyes and coated the inside of my nose with it. I am STRICTLY talking about COCONUT oil here. It doesn’t sting your eyes at all but it does feel a bit strange at first. I do feel it helped to heal my eyes and sinus area.

“Well what about my mouth”

I started using it to oil pull and it not only whitened my teeth but pulled a lot of goo out too. I also noticed it had a calming effect. I tried to do it for the suggested 20 minutes but have never made it. Too much stuff came out and I had to spit it out and go for a second round. I NEVER swallowed it and you probably shouldn’t either. If you feel like this is something you might want to try,  you can learn more here. I encourage you to look around and do your own research. I will say my mouth and teeth were a wreck. They’re not anymore!

“I wonder if it will help my scalp the way it helped the other stuff”

Yes, again! I coated my hair and massaged it into my scalp and put a bag on it and l slept like that. This was a bit messy so I didn’t do it a lot. I was pretty lucky  that my scalp issues went away rather quickly. I did at one point have nodules ,lesions, itching and hair loss. The scalp seems to be a big problem for a lot of people with Morgellons.

“OK, I’m sold, I’m just going to eat this stuff”

That’s pretty much how it went down too.  When I prepare my food now I use  coconut oil in as many ways as I can find. It’s an excellent oil for high temperature cooking, even better than olive oil. It doesn’t break down from the heat. I want to keep this post simple so I won’t get into the huge amount of ways or the why to bring coconut oil into your life and body but here are some ideas.

These days I mostly use coconut oil internally.  I have to say with most things that I found that worked on skin they worked better if I ingested them (maybe because it’s not just a skin disease…just saying). Obviously that’s not possible with a lot of things but it is with coconut oil. That’s why coconut oil is a big winner in my opinion.  Now that I am healed I use it only occasionally on skin because I find it to not be a moisturizing as I like. As a skin healer I can not say enough about it.

Coconut oil can be found at only a few large grocery stores. You’re best bet is to get it at a health food store or order it online.

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