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Month: July, 2013

40 Pounds of Salt For 5 American Dollars

I would buy these 40 pound bags of salt and plunk them down next to the tub. I got them at Wal-Mart in the garden section for less that 5 dollars (it’s for water softening but the solar salt is 98% pure).  Don’t run out of stuff to add to your bath, especially when you’re making progress.

I added a lot of stuff to my bath. For ideas click HERE. Even when I thought it was gone I kept up with this. That “keep kicking it even after you think it’s dead” technique paid off for me. You wont have to do it forever but don’t quit too soon. Don’t be paranoid just don’t back off too soon. Don’t give it a break, it wont give you one.

This post is just about a simple inexpensive item to add to your arsenal. I bathed with lots of stuff and made my bathes strong. You can also get the big 40 pound bags of pool salt for about 5 bucks. Add some lavender and or tea tree oil to really kick its ass  to be fancy.

PS:  A great price on tea tree oil is at Walmart. 2 ounces for 8 dollars

PPS: I can’t believe I’m advertising for Wal-Mart but while you’re there you can pick up Epsom salt and Borax. Or get it anywhere. These are just some things I kept stocked up on so that I could stay ahead. The take away for this post is beat it even after you think it’s dead.



The Morgellons Mustard Treatment




Way back I wrote a little bit about mustard and Morgellons. It was a clever lady named Toni that came up with using mustard powder mixed with water to make a paste that helps clear the skin.  My skin was clear by the time the mustard treatment hit the scene so I never used it.

I usually only talk about things that I know for a fact helped me but I have heard too many good things from people whom I trust to not post this again.

It’s a really simple and economical thing. The people who have given good reports also say to keep it up for results.

Click HERE for details on how to use the mustard powder.


Also for any that are reading this and have results either way to report on the mustard treatment please do so in the comment area.



Menthol Menthol Menthol

I think it was Clear Blue Skies John that found the effectiveness of menthol and when others found they worked the word spread fast. You can use these for a variety of things.  Mostly these are good for the environment and seem to take the itch down a notch and for some all the way. You can treat your home and car by closing it off and vaporizing them well. Do not breathe it because it can get very STRONG. I was treating my closet and I opened the door nonchalantly and the vapor hit me like a line backer!

In the United Kingdom you can purchase a little jar for el cheapo at nearly any chemist.

menthol-crystals Online in the US you can 4 ounces for $15.50 here.

There are a variety of ways to use these and because Ayla does such a good job telling you how to do it without burning your house down, I will link you to Ayla’s site here for the instructions.

For the menthol info just scroll down. You will also find a large amount of practical self-help information there at her site.

Another thing is if you want just a little vapor menthol vapor and want to be able to stay in the room you may put just a small sprinkles of crystals in an electric or candle oil burner.

oil burner

The Scrub, Enzyme and Powder, One-Two Punch


A one-two punch is an especially forceful or effective combination or sequence of two things. In this case there are three things Involved:


Gold Bond medicated powder

Natures Miracle for dog dander

When I had those itchy hard type of lesions…the kind that itched to the bone what I would do is scrub them with Denorex Extra Strength Shampoo (with menthol), dry them well then sprtiz with Natures Miracle for dog dander and then sprinkle the Gold Bond powder on them.  For me this was not just to get away from the itch…it actually healed those rough itchy callous that formed on my skin. It took a while but while it was healing it really did take the itch away, which is priceless. When they did start itching again..I went to the bathroom and repeated the whole process. It does get better.

The best price on Denorex is at wall mart  (in the States). I think it was about 6 dollars. At a drug store it was around 10 dollars. If you are in the EU or the UK you can get it at Amazon here. You can get the Gold Bond powder at almost any drug store and some larger grocery stores in the states.

I am sure there is a British and European version of this sort of medicated powder. You are looking for Zinc and menthol in the ingredients (in my opinion those are what made this powder work for me).

Natures Miracle is a company that makes enzymes cleaners and topicals for pets. Enzymes were a big help to me. I used various topical enzymes and also took a lot of digestive enzymes.

Enzymes are something I swear by.

There is an enzyme product  call Kleen Green that many with Morgellons are using and reporting good results. I have not used this product myself but I want to mention it because enough people have given it good reviews.

The next post is about menthol crystals for an itchy environment, click here.

Lemon, Baking Soda and Head & Shoulders

head and shoulders

This is simple and it REALLY worked to start breaking up the stuff in my skin. When I started using Lemon, Baking Soda and Head & Shoulders, one word comes to mind….


When I started washing with this combo, it was after my lesions had healed but I was left with horrible skin. The infection was still there , it was just under my skin. When I used this combo it was the first time the stuff in my skin started to budge. After I washed with it, the coconut oil worked even better to crack that “stuff” out of my skin. It was very drying and harsh on my skin but after rubbing the coconut oil in and the healthy skin started emerging…I DID NOT CARE. It was rough going at first. More goo and junk was coming up and I would have to wash it AGAIN. The goo would be stuck in the fine hairs on my face. I would wipe it off with a towel and then rub the oil in and then wipe again. Then I would have to wash my skin AGAIN. Then massage oil in until it cracked off. It was nightmare but the feeling of my heathy skin emerging was so encouraging that  I kept it up. In between washings and oil rubbing my skin stayed smoother for longer periods of time. I call that the chicken skin phase and it lasted for a while. For a few months it was really bad. After about six months I knew I was home free. After one left completely and never came back.

It was really simple and it was really hard. The key was to be relentless, merciless, and un-freaking-stopable. The simple part was the three ingredients. The hard part was doing it, day in and day out. Sure I felt sick and I was tired but I drug myself to the bathroom and I did it. Sometime up to 5 times a day. Then hit it with the coconut oil. That goo that emerged on my skin would harden if I let it set there. So I didn’t let it sit there and in meantime I prayed there was a bottom. I can not say that your skin will behave as mine did but I do say with sincerity it is worth a try…that is if you’re in that “phase” (the phase being chicken skin land).

What I did was keep a plastic bowl next to the bathtub. I put a tablespoon or so of baking soda in it and then mixed a generous amount of shampoo…maybe about 3 Tablespoons, then squeezed a half lemon into it. When you mix it around it gets nice and foamy and it’s actually a pleasure to use (the first three times that is). After I rubbed it into my skin I took the lemon half and turned it inside out. That made a nice scrubber on the skin.

For the next post about the one-two punch click here.

Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is something I would suggest to anyone both for external and internal use. I don’t want this post to be a bunch of regurgitated facts so I would suggest you research this one on your own if you feel  inclined to do so. I know I am not the only one that found that coconut oil helped my skin. It’s delicious too and it is just as helpful on the inside as it was on the outside for me.

Rather than telling you what I think you should do I will just talk about how I use and used it:

“Wow, this coconut oil stuff is helping me…a LOT!”

I started out just using it on my skin and was happy when I began to notice that it was helping to heal my skin (again, no miracle cure and it’s a long haul). When I got out of the bath I used it on every bit of my skin (problem areas and non-problem areas), without fail. I should also say that I noticed when I followed it with a rub down of olive oil the stuff tended to crack out of my skin better.  I achieved the best results when I first took my herbs then took a good borax, baking soda, and or epsom salt bath. After a good soak and a good scrub, I would then first apply the coconut oil and then olive oil. It would get a little tiring massaging after each bath but the pay off was worth it. I would also put a few drops of either lavender or tea tree oil into the mix. I say this a lot but I swear by taking herbs and or supplements and or meds about 20 minutes before the salt borax bath. It seemed to push the stuff (whatever it is)to the surface of my skin. Then after, I would hit my skin with the oils. This is how I think I got it out of my skin and body.

“I think I’ll start smearing this stuff in my eyes and nose”

Yes! I massaged it into my eyes and coated the inside of my nose with it. I am STRICTLY talking about COCONUT oil here. It doesn’t sting your eyes at all but it does feel a bit strange at first. I do feel it helped to heal my eyes and sinus area.

“Well what about my mouth”

I started using it to oil pull and it not only whitened my teeth but pulled a lot of goo out too. I also noticed it had a calming effect. I tried to do it for the suggested 20 minutes but have never made it. Too much stuff came out and I had to spit it out and go for a second round. I NEVER swallowed it and you probably shouldn’t either. If you feel like this is something you might want to try,  you can learn more here. I encourage you to look around and do your own research. I will say my mouth and teeth were a wreck. They’re not anymore!

“I wonder if it will help my scalp the way it helped the other stuff”

Yes, again! I coated my hair and massaged it into my scalp and put a bag on it and l slept like that. This was a bit messy so I didn’t do it a lot. I was pretty lucky  that my scalp issues went away rather quickly. I did at one point have nodules ,lesions, itching and hair loss. The scalp seems to be a big problem for a lot of people with Morgellons.

“OK, I’m sold, I’m just going to eat this stuff”

That’s pretty much how it went down too.  When I prepare my food now I use  coconut oil in as many ways as I can find. It’s an excellent oil for high temperature cooking, even better than olive oil. It doesn’t break down from the heat. I want to keep this post simple so I won’t get into the huge amount of ways or the why to bring coconut oil into your life and body but here are some ideas.

These days I mostly use coconut oil internally.  I have to say with most things that I found that worked on skin they worked better if I ingested them (maybe because it’s not just a skin disease…just saying). Obviously that’s not possible with a lot of things but it is with coconut oil. That’s why coconut oil is a big winner in my opinion.  Now that I am healed I use it only occasionally on skin because I find it to not be a moisturizing as I like. As a skin healer I can not say enough about it.

Coconut oil can be found at only a few large grocery stores. You’re best bet is to get it at a health food store or order it online.

For the next post about how I got the plaque and goo out of my skin, click here

Morgellons Sinus Care

Here is a simple recipe for a sinus spray or wash.

I initially started out using a product called Xclear and it really WORKED to clear up my sinus area. The ingredients are so simple In this product and I realized I had them in my kitchen so I started making my own. You can buy this product and see if it works for you and if it does decide later to mix your own.

Alternatively you can buy a plain bottle of saline mist and mix the Xylitol, and drops of Grapefruit seed extract into it or you can just mix your own and put it in a mister bottle.

Before I give you the simple recipe I will tell you how I used it and what it did for me. I used it before bathing as a nasal flush then blew out in the sink. Then after bathing I flushed my sinus area again. I also used it several times during the day. I swear by this product and this recipe (they are the same thing). Give it a couple of days and if it does for you what it did for me you will be happy to see that it will start breaking up that congestion and infection. The more I used it the better it got. I saw results in just a couple of days and I attribute the healing of my epic sinus infection to this product and this knock off recipe of mine.

Just to be clear, I had the fibers and all that goo in my sinus area ( so you know what kind of infection I’m talking about).

You might not have xylitol in your kitchen but it’s worth getting because you can use it for several things. It is especially effective for oral bio-film busting.

Here is a simple explanation of how it works.

Whenever I mention xylitol I always have to add that it is EXTREMELY toxic to DOGS. So keep it away from your dog.

To make the sinus spray you simply need to mix following ingredients:

sinus care

1 teaspoon xylitol

1/4 teaspoon salt (I use pink salt)

3 drops Grapefruit seed extract

1 cup water (I use distilled but bottled or filtered is probably fine)

Mix those ingredients and put into a mister bottle.


Or you can put it back into a saline mister (if you use saline then you only need add the xyltiol and drops of grapefruit seed extract)



Do not be tempted to use more than 3 or so drops of the grapefruit seed extract. It is very strong and you only need a little. It WILL burn if you use too much.

A couple of little other comfort items that helped my sinus area:

Vicks Menthol inhaler


Also coating the inside of my nose with Carmex or Burt’s Bee’s Lip Balm really helped (obviously good for lips too).

Carmex had some kind of extra action against the infection…(I’m going to guess and say menthol and salicylic acid).

 To get to the next post in this series, click here.

burts bees carmex

Introduction to Morgellons Comfort Care


In this next series of posts I will be talking about some products and things you can make up and do at home to help specific problems.

Mostly this will be about external application and because Morgellons is NOT just a skin disease I will have to call this series palliative care or more attractively “comfort care”.

Many of you already know about this stuff but please remember there are people out there that don’t.

Also those suffering with chronic illness don’t need a load of information thrown at them at one time to frustrate and overwhelm them.

Therefor each post will be short and simple.

I will not be trying to blind you with science.

None of these posts are the only way or a cure or any of that.

All of the ingredients or products I talk about you can look up on the internet or ask about in the comment section.

If they will help you or not I could not say for sure.

I can say that they helped me and I will only be talking about things that I know helped me.

In the comment section below it would be nice if others put up things that helped them….not what you heard, not what you read or not what you think but rather what really helped YOU.

This is called anecdotal evidence and it is not being represented for anything other than that.

There are some out there that insist on science facts and facts are beautiful but the fact of this matter is that the scientists haven’t come up with a whole lot on the subject of Morgellons.

Until they do let’s talk about some self care that might help some specific problems and at the very least make you a little more comfortable.

That is not to say that some of these things could help you finally resolve the problem in that specific area. In the comment section let’s try to keep it to the subject in the post. That way if one were to stumble onto a post looking for help for their specific problem they won’t have to comb through irrelevant information.

Here is where I have to say that none of this is to be misconstrued as medical advice.

I am not a health care provider.

I am not telling you to do this.

I am merely writing about myself and what I did to recover from Morgellons.

The first in this series is about sinus care and you can get to it by clicking here:

Sinus care