DR. Alan MacDonald Interview…Mutant Spirochetes and Much More

DR. Alan MacDonald is truly a Lyme hero. I could listen to him talk all day. He really simplifies this complicated subject. In this interview he speaks on the morphologies of the spirochete and testing. He talks about a woman that  tested negative for 7 years. After 7 years they found the spirochetes were in all her spinal  fluid bound up in immune complexes.  Her infection was a European strain and US kits don’t pick these up. For those of you that haven’t tested positive you really want to listen to this…he explains very well exactly why it is so DIFFICULT at times to get a positive.

I’m only part way though the interview. I wanted to get this up while I remembered those few points.

Oh he’s fantastic!  he’s speaking about the co-infections right now……. he’s quizzing the talk show host in a such a fun way….gotta go!

PS: It’s a long interview. Put this on when you feel like just relaxing and listening.