Dear Morgellons Disease

by Living With Morgellons

Dear Morgellons Disease,

Just checking in.  How are you keeping yourself these days? Still rocking people to their knees?

You know way back when I thought that I didn’t like you enough to hate you, well that’s not absolutely true. You probably have known all along that I have a secret respect for you. In your toughness you honestly gave me a bigger run for my money than anything ever has. I would like to think I did the same for you.

You have been a strange but fascinating presence in my life for sure, changing my life in ways that I never thought you could. You helped me to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up and sometimes I feel I got more from our relationship than you ever did.  Scratch that. I know I took more from you than you could ever take from me.

What you really did for me was to clearly define and separate the men from the boys, the contenders from the school girls and the general crap in my life that had to go.

Funny enough it was you that stuck right by my side as I learned some brutal realities concerning the fact that loyalty was something that happened in stories mostly about dogs.

Since you have been gone for a while now I sometimes wonder if I will ever see you again. I hate admitting to you that I have let this concern me, but you already know so who cares.

For a long time I wanted to get even with you and as you know I had planned to kill you. I spent a lot of time plotting and planning the various ways I would accomplish this and you know well I wasn’t shy to carry these plans out. I don’t need to mention to you the various attempts I made on your life. I don’t feel bad about this, it’s only fair, you did try to kill me on several occasions. That’s  OK and I’m cool to call it even if you are.

I guess the real reason I am writing this letter is to tell you that I’m not angry with you anymore but don’t get too comfortable with that idea because I can not guarantee that seeing your  face again will not elicit microbicidal thoughts!

This could be a good place for our relationship to stay, this mutual respect we seem to have developed.

Love, Tina

I almost forgot. This is for you.