by Living With Morgellons


 Just across the the water, right at the tip of the land in the picture above is a tiny village.  Actually there are two villages. One is closer to the sea and the other is about a quarter of a mile above that. The one closest to the sea is there because long ago it slid there.  It was abandoned by all the villagers for higher ground, except Padraig O Daimhin . From what I am told Padriag never did anything like anyone else.

It is called the Hidden Village and Padriags daughter still lives there, just by herself and her name is Wilhelmina. I haven’t asked her age but I would guess she is about 70 or more.

Most of the Hidden Village has been overtaken with bramble, fern and fushia but  Wilhelminas little rock house remains free.

Wilhelmina is  lovely, elegant and terrifyingly intelligent. I almost want to call her a bitch but she’s not that at all.  She might be what the people here call “contrary”.  I think they just say that because she is as sharp as a witches nose but also slippery like a water fairy.  I can not even believe I just explained her like that. But that is pretty darn close to explaining the piece of work she is. She’s awesome.

Anyway when she invites me for tea I go and listen and  It is not hard to listen when she talks. She is a  healer and comes from a long line of bards on her fathers side. Her Mother was another strange character from the mainland.

The reason I wanted to tell you about Wilhelmina is not just because of her amazing character. It’s what she knows.  I have opened up with her a bit and told her about all my trouble with my health and my skin and so forth and she is always giving these gems of info. Last week when I was there and just as I was leaving she put a bag in my hand. I said “what is this”. She said “don’t worry, just mix a tablespoon and drink it here and there and put it on your skin and it will rejuvenate you”.

I looked in the bag and it looked to be dirt, green dirt. I laughed and said you “want me to eat dirt?”

I swear to god when she said this next bit her eye sparkled or I might have imagined that but she said “Aye, this green clay will bring the color back to your cheeks and kill the scourge inside you”.

I said to myself “oh my God she’s a witch for sure” but was quickly snapped back to reality when she said “google french green clay, do it”.

I took that bag home and I did indeed google  french green clay. From what I learned I would say that you should google it too.

Here is just a little article;