Word on the Street Says there’s an Apocalypse Coming

by Living With Morgellons



  I have been sitting in the window watching this storm for three days straight. The wind has been howling,  The sea is red and closer to my house then I have ever seen it and part of my back yard just broke off. I have no idea why so many crows are still trying to fly in this mess. For a second they look like they know what they’re doing. Then the wind kicks in blowing them in every direction and they start falling out of the sky and I am afraid…and I will tell you why.


I am afraid I haven’t quite painted the picture correctly. 

Those crows that are falling out of the sky, well first of all there are a bunch of them. They all come here for the food I put out. These crows have been flying in high wind since forever and they know what they’re doing. They crash into the wind and tumble down and they know for sure they will land gracefully in my back yard. These birds are professionals and more expert than fighter pilots. They like it too. They are out there right now chowing down. A couple of bunnies just entered the scene as well.


As for the red water, it often is red. When it rains like this, the water comes down off the glenn from water falls and creeks, carrying peat from the bogs and it stains the water in the bay red.  

The yard did break off but that’s how it goes around here. No big deal, it’s not a lot and Matthew will bring his old red tractor and cages of rocks will be put in place and all will be fine.


Word on the street says there’s an apocalypse coming. My advice is to handle this like the pro that you are. Land on your feet and have a good meal.