The Other Side of Morgellons

by Living With Morgellons

Hello. I had intended to make a video to sort of catch up. I thought a video would be more personal and warm. Well the words of what I meant came out but the video (my camera) did not cooperate. I am also having some internet connection problems. I know the video is blurred and it is weird-looking but I was happy with the dialogue. It was what I meant to say (and that doesn’t always happen). Please bare with the poor and strange quality. It seems things are breaking faster than I can keep up. I don’t let those things bother me much anymore.

As far as new posts go, I had intended to go right into food and diet. I have decided to take a little detour from that. I still plan to get some great food posts up but I have decided to wait until the holidays pass and also to get my kitchen out of boxes. I do a pretty good job in my make shift kitchen but it will be nicer and easier for me after the re-model and holidays.

I have also decided to change the title of this blog. Originally I purposely chose to leave the word “Morgellons” out. I had my reasons, as you might understand. I have changed my mind on this subject. I have done so because I feel putting Morgellons in the title will accomplish several things. First of all it will make this blog easier for those with Morgellons to find. Also I do not want to even slightly appear as though I am participating in the delusion that Morgellons does not exist. I know those that suffer know how very real it is. Morgellons has a name and many people are living with it and this blog is about living with Morgellons and coming out the other side.