My Morgellons Routine: Supplementation, Post # 5

by Living With Morgellons

I consider this to be the second most important part of what keeps me well (first being my diet, which is not strict, just good, real food!). I will get into that in the following posts. For those of you that worry when you hear the word “diet” don’t worry, mine won’t scare you (unless you can not part with artificial or processed food).

When I talk about supplementation I am including what I do for immune support, detoxification and to control my microbial load. A lot of important things I rely on my diet for. I don’t supplement a huge amount because I get a lot of stuff from the food I eat (more on that in the next post).

In my supplementation routine, I have had it down to this for a while so it is just that, “a routine”. I would like to explain a little more about why I take what and what I feel it does for me but because I want this to be a fluid, clear and easy to understand post that is more about how I take my supplements throughout the day, I will make other posts more specific to the supplements themselves.

Also this is my current routine that I do to keep general good health and is not as focused on antimicrobials and specific problems I had in the past (when I was very ill).


When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is walk to the fridge where on top I keep my bottle of lysine and NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) and inside the fridge I keep my Liposomal vitamin C and MSM water (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane).

MSM is organic sulphur. I do not take MMS which stands for “Miracle Mineral Supplement”, which is  chlorine dioxide .  There’s a big difference between the two.

If you need clarification on this and the difference between the two, do not hesitate to ask in the comments below. I myself happen to love MSM and find MMS kind of gross (but that’s just me).

I take a shot of MSM water (yuck….I hate the taste but the tangy lipo C takes that taste away). I take my NAC and Lysine and wash that back with the liposomal Vitamin C (I will also do another specific post on homemade liposomal Vitamin C because I think it is so amazing and exceptionally sustainable). I follow that with a glass of water. I do this first thing in the morning because NAC and Lysine are amino acids and to be taken on an empty stomach.

I make some tea or coffee and think about what I want to eat. I then put samento tincture drops in my tea or coffee and have that with my breakfast. I keep the little bottle of drops next to the kettle so it is very easy to remember. I am not exactly strict on my anti microbial herbs anymore. In the past I was very strict. I am at a maintenance point now. The samento I take to keep my Lyme in check. I will say that cats claw is an excellent broad spectrum anti-microbial (and I took a lot of it in the past).

If I feel like I need it I will buckle down and do several weeks of the herb of my choice (more on that later). I will say that I always return to oregano oil. To learn more about how and when I take oregano oil click here:


Around lunchtime is when I think about my supplements again. I go into the pantry where I keep chorella powder and cilantro tincture (I make that too and I will put a how to post up….it is so easy and el cheapo). In a paper cup I put about 2000 mg. chorella powder, ten or so drops cilantro tincture, add juice and drink.  I should also say I eat a lot of fresh cilantro. In the past I always made sure to take chorella all through the day. Now I just take it once with the cilantro tincture.

Now that I have that out of the way and I am free again to not think about taking supplements or a “something I gotta do!”.

I keep my sub-lingual Vitamin B-12 on the widow sill and take that whenever I want or think about it. It is very easy. It’s a tiny little pink pill that I put under my tongue. If I forget I don’t really care…I will take it when I think about it.

Later in the afternoon I start thinking about taking my main round of supplements. I have these bottles all sitting together in the window sill and I don’t have a super specific time or worry because these do not need to be taken on an empty stomach. These supplements are triphala, boron,  kyolic garlic (sometimes 103 and sometimes just plain aged garlic), milk thistle extract, and astaxanthin.

Easy and done (almost).

Later in the evening I take krill oil, vitamin D, ubiquinol and Pudin Hara Pearls (mint oil). Lately I have been taking these every other day just to see if I feel any different, I feel fine so far. When I am settled into bed is when I take my probiotic, right before I sleep. In the past I took much more probiotics. I keep yogurt, kefir and fermented foods in my diet and also take Mulkosan during the day so I don’t worry about the probiotics as much as I used too. I focus more on eating my medicine in the way of delicious, real and as clean as I can get food. Also what I do not eat is important. I am in no way strict however. I will write more about that in the following posts and also get into some food strategies that anyone can apply (if they wanted to).

Also I would like to say that I don’t go out and pay a fortune for little bottles of supplements. When ever possible I buy a bulk bag and cap it myself if needed. I do a lot of home made tinctures as well. Also I consider enzymes to be very important and especially when I was very sick. I eat a lot of high enzyme foods like pineapple and papaya. I also take enzymes caplets when I feel like and sometimes extra in a day if I feel I need them. I also buy green papaya powder (great enzymes) and cap that. Link here for info and where to get a good deal (1 Lb. for 22 dollars):

For things like NAC and most all amino acids you can get a better deal buying them in bulk pouches from a website geared towards body building (those body building guys take their amino acids seriously!). in the UK has killer prices (like 100 grams of NAC for 7 pounds).

Triphala is a tried and true ayurvedic herb combo and you can get it for a really good price, if you look for a bulk powder. It is not an expensive herb. Chorella and MSM, you definitely might consider buying in bulk powder. Of course on the lipo C I think making it is the only way to go. All of the things I talked about on this post I will do some individual posts with info, links and strategies as to how get smart buys so you can stay in it for the long haul and protect your health. To pay a bunch of money for a couple of tiny bottles is setting yourself up to go broke and worse, not have the stuff to go the duration. It really is a long haul. Morgellons can get really expensive. This is why we need to be clever and economize. If you can’t afford pro-biotics then you might want to start making kefir (and guess what..I will tell you how).

There are all kinds of ways to get things you need in a better,more affordable way that will fit into your life. The important thing is SUSTAINABILITY.

I am going to say out loud right now liposomal vitamin C has served me well. It is about 20 cents per serving when I make it myself. I felt an immediate difference and Vitamin C is so helpful in so many ways. I buy a pound of Vitamin C powder at a time and use it to take orally and also mix with baking soda and liquid soap for a lovely foamy facial wash. I hope you are starting to see an ongoing theme here…sustainability. Doing good research and bringing things in slowly that you choose to treat yourself with is the way to go.  Saving money in any area you can so you can put the money into other things you might need.

I think I made it clear in an earlier post how I feel about protocols. Do not mistake this information I have shared about my life and health as a protocol or medical advice or something you should do. Also if you have not read the introduction to this series or the posts that lead up to this, please do so. In the introduction is where I say that none of this is medical advice. I am not a health care provider; I am just a cook that is talking about herself and what she does to keep herself well.

You can get to the introduction by hitting the link below and it will take you through the posts that lead up to this one. Very soon here i will get the next post up which is of course about food. Food can have tremendous healing abilities and I believe become very important when dealing with chronic illness. Ok, I think that wraps that up. It’s half past late so night night all. T

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