My Morgellons Routine: Bathing, Post # 4

by Living With Morgellons

If you have not read the prior posts in this series please go to the introduction. From there it will take you through the three posts in this series that come before this one. It important that you read the introduction because there I give an explanation as to what this series is and also that’s where I say that none of this is medical advice and all that. It also has links to take you through the posts that lead to this one. It’s an easier easy to get through the posts in order too. Click here to get to the intro:

As I continue on this series of posts, I am now going to write about what I do for bathing. I just want to be sure that anyone reading this knows that I am well aware that Morgellons is not just a skin disease. I did very much to recover my health and most of it involved diet, immune support, detoxing, and lowering of my infections with both pharmaceuticals and plant-based medicines. I did a lot in the past to get to this point where I keep a routine up to maintain my health.

My skin care was a lot more involved earlier in my illness.

These days I bathe once a day. I run about six inches of water in my tub and add a half cup of borax and or several cups of baking soda. I don’t touch water without something in it like salt, Epsom salt, borax or baking soda. The first thing I do is brush my hair in the tub. I have long hair and I just like brushing it out in there. My hair is nice and thick again but when I was very sick I did lose a lot of hair and had little bald areas where I once had lesions. It has all grown back in now.

I usually use liquid Miracle soap because I like the fact that it is natural. Denorex extra strength with salicylic acid and menthol is not as natural as I like but it really works. Especially if you are at that stage where you have a film or plaque like feel to your skin. The other shampoo I use on and off is Head and Shoulders. I have found the generic to be just the same as the name brand. In the early days I did a lot of bathing so it payed to buy the biggest bottle of the generic.

I also like a good old-fashioned bar of hard milled real soap. I alternate between the above soaps and shampoos and wash my hair and body with all of them. I don’t like Dr Bronners liquid soap because if I add something alkaline to my bath it tends to cause the Bronners soap to saponify further leaving a residue. I don’t think it is great soap and I don’t use it at all anymore. It’s watery and cheap feeling to me. It’s not inexpensive either! I am not a cheap person but it has to work if I pay for it. I also want to point out that part of my whole routine, like buying borax in bulk, making my own laundry soap and household cleaner is very inexpensive. I do this because the stuff I make works better, it isn’t stinky and fake and I also save a huge amount of money. That saved money helps pay for the other parts of my routine, like my probiotics, enzymes and my other supplements. That laundry soap recipe I listed a recipe for is non toxic, it works and it is about 25 cents a load (if that even!) and the enzyme cleaner is practically free.

Ok, back to my bath routine.

Which ever soap or shampoo I am using I will put some on a soft bristol hair brush (the kind old men use) and scrub in circular motions and always towards my heart. From my left foot, up my leg and to my heart and then again from my right foot up and to my heart. I do the same for my arms starting at the tips of my fingers. In the past I had such trouble and pain in my hands that I always give extra attention and circular scrubbing to my hands. The same for my feet! Also on my feet I use a metal foot polisher. It keeps my feet soft and smooth. In the past my feet were a mess. I also like to put a bit of lavender and or tea tree in my bath. In the early days I had to use much more of all of this stuff. I needed much more borax and salts in my bath. I did notice though that if I took my supplements about 20 minutes before my bath and loaded up with the afore-mentioned items that when I got out, if I massaged coconut oil into my skin and then a layer of olive oil, I could really get a lot of build up out of my skin. It seemed to almost feel like I was wearing it down. Those very strong baths I had to keep up for months. I am not saying anyone else should do this or that it will necessarily help you. I am only saying what I did and what helped me. I would also like to say that the baths helped me get through some really difficult physical pain. After a good hot strong bath I could feel a little lighter and got a little break from my stiff and sore body. It helped reduce inflammation and also really helped to take the edge of that horrible sick weak feeling I had. When I just couldn’t take it anymore, I mean when I felt I was sick as I could be, I would load that bath up with salts and or borax and gently wash and massage my skin. Often I would have to nearly crawl to the tub and summon all my strength to do it, but I was always happy afterwards that I did it.

I know I said I was going to write only about my current routine but as I think of those past days and how very sick I was, I can’t help but remember how the baths saved me. I continued them after my skin cleared and they just made me feel better and better. I am sure that the sweating and the salts and baking soda helped to draw something out of me. I also liked and still do add ginger powder to my bath once in a while. It really makes me sweat. I would step right out of the hot ginger bath right into a sheet then go under the covers and I would continue to sweat. Once, after one of those strong baking soda and ginger bath I was able to massage a lot of black tar looking stuff out of my knuckles. I was actually shocked because as I did that the swelling went down on my hands. The amount of swelling that went down was so much so that a ring I always wore in a certain finger was then too big. After that day that I rubbed that stuff out of my knuckles the swelling never came back in my hands. I kind of want to cry when I think about it because it was such a dramatic and massive relief. My hands were so swollen I often could not use them. Sometimes I could not even feel what I was trying to pick up.

In the past when my skin was horrible and I was working hard to get the stuff out of my skin I had to use a lot of fresh lemon juice mixed with liquid soap and baking soda. I had to wash my face many times a day sometimes and massage it for hours with oils to get the build up out. If you have a bio film problem or trying to get the smoothness back to your skin, you might want to try toning with Mulkosan (lactic acid and whey). You can dilute it with half water. Misting it on your skin also works. It did sting my skin. At first it will felt a little tight and red but as I massaged oils into my skin the Morgellons “stuff” slowly cracked away and out. I had to keep that up for months and months. Also, drinking Mulkosan helped to get my GI back on track (a big part of caring for your skin is caring for your insides..which I will talk more about later).

I would really like to emphasis that all this bathing was coupled with internal care with a strong emphasis on immune support but also anti-microbials, detox strategies and diet. I will elaborate as much as I can on some of those things as this series of posts progresses. Again I have to say that this is just what I did. My recovery happened over months and months that turned into several years. I was very dedicated and worked hard. Diet was and is very important for me.

But this post is about bathing so I will get into the other stuff in the coming posts. After bathing I dry off very well and smooth coconut oil on my face and even in my eyes, nose and ears. I love that stuff. After that I will smooth a few drops of olive oil on my face as well. In the early days I smoothed a generous amount of coconut oil from head to toe and then after that olive oil. This was at times one of the most gratifying parts because after that strong bath (and remember I took my supplements 20 minutes before I got into the bath), I could rub those oils in and the hard stuff in my skin would crack out. Sometimes there was a goo on my skin, mostly on my face. It was so sticky it caught in the little peach fuzz hairs on my skin. Sometimes after rubbing the oil, I had to wash my skin again with liquid soap, lemon and baking soda to try and dissolve it. Then I would go back and massage another layer of coconut oil and olive oil in and it would crackle out. It would break up like little tiny pieces of sand on my skin. My god, those were weird and horrible times. Oh and my nose. I really don’t want to think about the amount of stuff that came out of my nose. Ok, I will just tell you..this might be happening to you anyway and you will understand. There was such a build up in my sinuses and it would get so hard that the bath would loosen it just enough that I could cup my hands to my nose and blow hard..the stuff came out like a projectile. Sometime these chunks of stuff were as big as a giant pee or a half of marble. This is no exaggeration. That stuff that came out used to be full of, blue, and black mostly, sometimes other colors but not very often. In that stuff that came out of my nose were also some of the stranger “shapes”. I am sorry I did not mean to gross you out, I am just giving an honest account of my experience. I will say that after the baths loosened the stuff in my sinuses and I was able to get it out, after wards I felt a kind of relief that I can hardly say how wonderful it was. It took a long time until my sinuses cleared. I am very thankful that nightmare is over.

After bating these days I don’t always put the coconut and or olive oil all over..but I always do on my face as that was my last hardest place to clear from. Also it is my face so I do want to give it a little extra care. Another thing I do after bathing is rub magnesium oil into my lower back, stomach and thighs. I buy the big bags of flakes add water and some drops of lavender oil and make it myself. This is the way I get my magnesium and it is one less thing I have to take as a pill. Oh, I also put a little under my arms as a natural  deodorant. The magnesium oil also takes the edge off body pain, it also seems to comfort me and calm my nerves. Magnesium is good stuff for me.

I also use that multi purpose  vinegar, enzyme and borax spray I talked about earlier. I give my body a little mist. I also am in the habit of spraying a lot on my feet. After that I sprinkle a pretty good layer of baking soda on my feet and put my socks on over that. This makes me laugh a little that I still do this. I had a lot of problems with my feet before. The soles had this thick goop on them and I had hard patches and horrible problems with my toe nails. The baking soda smoothed my feet out. It took a while though. I still do it..I guess it’s just habit. All this I do is habit. I really suffered a lot when I was sick and a lot of this stuff I think I do just to have a secure feeling. It is true that I have made an amazing recovery but mostly I would say it was from my diet, immune support and supplements. I keep sprinkling my feet and doing my little tricks here and there just in case. Well, I think I covered my past and current bath routine. Oh wait, I wash my face with a mixture of baking soda and vitamin C powder now. I mix it 1:1 and put it in a little plastic tub  with a good lid. I keep that at the side of the tub. I buy the vitamin C powder in a big tub because I use it in my supplementation routine. On that note I am going to finish up this post and the next post I will cover what I do for supplements (I will probably get that post up tomorrow). Thank you for reading, best, Tina

Here is a video I did almost two years ago. I was still sick then but I was definitely on the mend. My apologies for not being very fluid in my speech.  Morgellons caused me to have many cognitive issues. I was a little surprised looking back at this video.  I have come so far and it is good to revisit those scattered days to appreciate how much better I am now. In this video my lesions had healed but I still had a long way to go to get my skin clear and also just to heal in general. I don’t do a lot of stuff I talk about in this video but I thought It might be helpful for those of you that are still working to clear your skin.  I hope you all are well tonight and you are in my prayers. T

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