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Month: December, 2012

Merry Christmas You Tricked Me Again

Last week when I told Tom that Christmas was off, he said “OK Darling.”  I had decided to sit in the window and not come down until it was over.

A few parcels arrived which Tom brought up the stairs to me along with snacks and tea here and there. One of the smaller parcels was this little flashlight necklace (I like flashlights).

I put the necklace on and fell asleep and had a dream where a letter full of money was blowing across my back yard and I ran down the stairs and out the door to chase it. It was dark in the dream and I could hardly see as the letter and the money blew away into the sea. I remembered I had a flashlight necklace and when I went to turn it on, I was not surprised to find it did not work and not surprised when I woke that things were even breaking in my dreams.

More parcels and tea and snacks came up the stairs and this happened all the way until yesterday which was Christmas eve. It seems somebody got a hold of my wish list and yesterday that somebody came home with a chicken and  ham and announced he was making Christmas dinner with my new cooker that just went in and asked if he could borrow my new knife that came in the mail.

I yelled down the stairs “Honey you do understand that this knife could permanently ruin your cartooning career. Right?”

Up the stairs came “Yes Darling.”

I yelled back “Just a second, I want to show you something.”

With my knife I went downstairs an retrieved a tomato from the fridge and to Tom said “watch this.” Holding the knife out blade up, I dropped the tomato on it and as it split and fell on the ground I said “Just so you know what you are dealing with..K?” He said “Ok Darling just leave it on the cooker.”

(Awk…crap….this is what you deal with when you live with a genius.) I went to the cooker and started cooking.

The first thing I did was put pears and whiskey in a pot to start a base for the ham glaze.  We still don’t have counters so I put a board on two saw horse and used that area to prepare Christmas dinner at what I consider the very last minute.

The chicken I roasted with cultured lemons and lime kaffir leaves and also plenty of olive oil and fermented garlic.


I chopped a few vegetable from and left some raw and lightly blanched others. What I came up with was a sort of  sweet crudite salad. I didn’t have any very interesting vegetables so I tinted cauliflower with beet juice. I’m still trying to decide if this was pretty or pretty tacky.

the crudite

 I made a fresh garlic aioli and also bagna cauda for dipping.  Bagna cauda (pronounced “bonya cowda”) is a warmed olive, garlic and anchovy sauce. it worked nicely with the crisp veggies.

Bagna Cauda (pronounced %22Bonya Cowda%22)

The ham  was just too big so I quartered and roasted that and I will think of something to do with the rest of it this week. I finished the pear glaze and went for a traditional zig zag and clove design. I roasted potato and scallion dumplings in goose fat and poached figs in sweet wine and butter and into giant mushrooms I stuffed a simple sage and butter dressing.

ham, figs, custard

In the picture above you can see just a bit of  a custard I made.  I was working fast and really wish I would have taken better notes on the measurements I used because this custard turned out exceptionally delicious. It was so easy as well. All I did was boil and puree turnip, carrot, parsnip and sweet potato. To that I added eggs, traditional Christmas spices, maple and cream.  For just the two of us there was a lot of food but I managed to eat half the custard myself. I will rework that recipe and get it up because it really was a winner and I believe more delicious than even pumpkin pie.

We watched Dr Who and because it is tradition I decided to read James Joyce’s “The Dead.” I was so full and sleepy that when I got to the part that says:
“Now, if anyone wants a little more of what vulgar people call stuffing let him or her speak”, that I skipped to my favorite line which is also the end and says:
“His soul swooned slowly as he heard the snow falling faintly through the universe and faintly falling, like the descent of their last end, upon all the living and the dead.”


Walking in The Air

We’re walking in the air
We’re floating in the moonlit sky
The people far below are sleeping as we fly

I´m holding very tight
I’m riding in the midnight blue
I’m finding I can fly so high above with you

Far across the world
The villages go by like dreams
The rivers and the hills
The forests and the streams

Children gaze open mouth
Taken by surprise
Nobody down below believes their eyes

We’re surfing in the air
We’re swimming in the frozen sky
We’re drifting over icy mountains floating by

Suddenly swooping low on an ocean deep
Rousing up a mighty monster from his sleep

We’re walking in the air
We’re floating in the midnight sky
And everyone who sees us greets us as we fly

The Dog Stays in The Picture

The company of a dog seemed like a good idea because I was becoming more withdrawn than ever. I knew I probably wouldn’t be able to walk  him a lot so I had a good-sized dog run built and planned to drive him to the dog park for play .

To the rescue people I said I would foster any dog old or ugly but under no circumstances did I want a puppy. They told me he was about 2 years old.  What he was a hundred pound puppy.

When he first came into my house I told him to sit. He ran the other direction and stopped only to pee on the floor. I yelled “bad.”  When he was finished peeing he turned and charged me and ripped the fluff balls off my scarf as he flew by.

When he wasn’t bouncing off the walls, he was insecure and watched every move I made . He slept with one eye open and would get up and follow me to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

For kicks and to drive me mad he would push a toy under the armoire and start crying when he couldn’t get it. I would stop what I was doing, get the toy out and go back to my desk and just as I sat back down he had it under there again.

He knew he wasn’t allowed in the bedroom alone and so he invented this routine where he would walk from my desk to the bedroom door then back to me then to the bedroom door. I would look up after hearing the tap, tap, tap on the wood floor and say “Don’t.”

It sounded like this:

“Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap.”

“Don’t do it.”

“Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap.”

“Don’t do it.”

“Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap.”

“Oh my God you’re driving me crazy.”

I broke down and cried and he would come to me and push his head under my arm and quietly sit there.

I had an appointment so I put him in my bedroom to keep him safe. When I got back, I found he had chewed a hole in my favorite silk blouse and a hole through the bedroom door and then climbed onto the table to lay on my clean clothes. bad dog

Remembering that I had not filled my prescriptions I decided it would be safer to walk the one block to the pharmacist as I was exhausted and I already been in two car accidents.

I brought the dog along and noticed how sweet he was to stay right at my side and go as slow as I needed. It was more like he was walking me along, keeping an eye on me.

For his safety and my sanity I bought a big crate.

It was one of those collapsible metal kind and I put him in it the next time I left the house. When I came home he was on the couch sleeping, cut up and bleeding from pushing his way out of the crate. With him he had my silk blouse.

The next time I had to leave the house I took him with me. While driving on the freeway I found out that wind shield wipers flipped him out. From the back seat he lunged and head butted the window shield. The window cracked and the rear view mirror was knocked off. Driving home in the rain with no wind shield wipers, no rear view mirror and a cracked window shield, I was pulled over. The police officer asked for my ID and insurance and told me he was pulling me over for expired tags. He asked me where I was coming from and if I had been drinking. I broke down and cried and tried to get the words out. I was trying to say I had been at the emergency room and that I had staph and that I was sorry I didn’t know about my tags and that I had forgotten to renew. He handed back my papers and asked if I would be OK to get home. I said  yes and then he said  he wasn’t going to give me a ticket but try to get my tags taken care of. That made me cry even more….

The next crate I bought was solid plastic and I put the dog in it the next time I left the house only to come home and find the crate door open and him sleeping on my bed. To figure out how he did this I pretended to leave the house then crept back and looked in the window. I watched him in his crate for a while but nothing happened except that he was wagging his tail.

I decide to “leave” and  tried to be as authentic as I could at looking like I was leaving the house. I gathered my keys, my phone, my hand bag and wandered around for a while then forgot what I was doing. I looked at the door and flipped out a little at the idea of leaving and then set my keys down and lost them. After searching around for a while I found my keys but couldn’t find my hand bag. Then I remembered I wasn’t really going anywhere so I wouldn’t need it need. Would the dog notice this small detail?

Finally I pulled myself together and made it out the door, got in the car, drove a bit down the street, parked and snuck back and looked in the window. What I saw was the dog licking the latch through the crate door. What I am telling you is that he was licking his way out.

After that I started zip tying it shut. Not one zip tie but many and that put an end to Houdini dog.

I searched on-line for dog training tips and books.

When he was bad I tried dropping a bag of coins on the floor to make a loud noise and all he thought was that it was the most incredible thing he had ever seen. He grabbed the bag, raced around, throwing into the air and was soon looking for more things to move that would fall and make noise.

He learned how to push things off the coffee table. He would watch them fall and then look to see my reaction. I would say to him “Ok genius that was awesome, now get away from there.”

The squirt bottle routine didn’t work out either. He would just bite at the squirts of water. He loved it!

Next he focused his attention on getting into things rather than out.
tub dog

I watched as one by one he learned to open cabinets, drawers and boxes. He would sift through the contents and pull things out that interested him. He went for the little things and he really liked rubber bands a lot. He did this funny thing where he hooked the rubber band on his middle claw and pulled on it.  He would come to me and offer it. When I went to take it he would gently pull it for a game of mini tug of war.


Here we enter what I call his “making it a dog shaped world” phase. He was calming down a little bit by now and mostly was just looking for a place to take a little nap to think up his next angle.

His taste changed often and as his need for variety increased so did his ability to come up with something new and weird each day.

He would cram himself into anything curl up and go to sleep.

He used the chair to get onto the table and then from the table he walked across the counter to get to the top of the fridge so I moved the furniture. It went on like this move for move, like playing chess with a giant real life snoopy. 206284_1012173282029_7504193_n

His asset was his ability to redefine himself for the situation at hand. As my health declined and friends departed, he watched all this.

More and more I was waking up at night soaking wet, sometimes shivering some times burning up often sleeping through the day to wake up only to need to sleep again, It was difficult to get up for the bathroom.

I was sleeping and worrying a lot. The appointment I had with the infectious disease Doctor was so far away. How long could I hold it together?  I tried to remember the date and where I was on my bills and how my garden was dying and the dog was neglected and then I would start sweating again and fall back asleep.

I knew I should have been thinking about giving him up so he could have a better life but I was selfish and terrified of where my mind might go without him.

When he started developing lesions like mine that was my signal from the universe that we were in it together until the end. I am sure I made that up but that’s OK.

The dog was sick with me and he got better with me. Then he flew away with me and that’s the story of how the dog stayed in the picture. The End.



 Just across the the water, right at the tip of the land in the picture above is a tiny village.  Actually there are two villages. One is closer to the sea and the other is about a quarter of a mile above that. The one closest to the sea is there because long ago it slid there.  It was abandoned by all the villagers for higher ground, except Padraig O Daimhin . From what I am told Padriag never did anything like anyone else.

It is called the Hidden Village and Padriags daughter still lives there, just by herself and her name is Wilhelmina. I haven’t asked her age but I would guess she is about 70 or more.

Most of the Hidden Village has been overtaken with bramble, fern and fushia but  Wilhelminas little rock house remains free.

Wilhelmina is  lovely, elegant and terrifyingly intelligent. I almost want to call her a bitch but she’s not that at all.  She might be what the people here call “contrary”.  I think they just say that because she is as sharp as a witches nose but also slippery like a water fairy.  I can not even believe I just explained her like that. But that is pretty darn close to explaining the piece of work she is. She’s awesome.

Anyway when she invites me for tea I go and listen and  It is not hard to listen when she talks. She is a  healer and comes from a long line of bards on her fathers side. Her Mother was another strange character from the mainland.

The reason I wanted to tell you about Wilhelmina is not just because of her amazing character. It’s what she knows.  I have opened up with her a bit and told her about all my trouble with my health and my skin and so forth and she is always giving these gems of info. Last week when I was there and just as I was leaving she put a bag in my hand. I said “what is this”. She said “don’t worry, just mix a tablespoon and drink it here and there and put it on your skin and it will rejuvenate you”.

I looked in the bag and it looked to be dirt, green dirt. I laughed and said you “want me to eat dirt?”

I swear to god when she said this next bit her eye sparkled or I might have imagined that but she said “Aye, this green clay will bring the color back to your cheeks and kill the scourge inside you”.

I said to myself “oh my God she’s a witch for sure” but was quickly snapped back to reality when she said “google french green clay, do it”.

I took that bag home and I did indeed google  french green clay. From what I learned I would say that you should google it too.

Here is just a little article;

Word on the Street Says there’s an Apocalypse Coming



  I have been sitting in the window watching this storm for three days straight. The wind has been howling,  The sea is red and closer to my house then I have ever seen it and part of my back yard just broke off. I have no idea why so many crows are still trying to fly in this mess. For a second they look like they know what they’re doing. Then the wind kicks in blowing them in every direction and they start falling out of the sky and I am afraid…and I will tell you why.


I am afraid I haven’t quite painted the picture correctly. 

Those crows that are falling out of the sky, well first of all there are a bunch of them. They all come here for the food I put out. These crows have been flying in high wind since forever and they know what they’re doing. They crash into the wind and tumble down and they know for sure they will land gracefully in my back yard. These birds are professionals and more expert than fighter pilots. They like it too. They are out there right now chowing down. A couple of bunnies just entered the scene as well.


As for the red water, it often is red. When it rains like this, the water comes down off the glenn from water falls and creeks, carrying peat from the bogs and it stains the water in the bay red.  

The yard did break off but that’s how it goes around here. No big deal, it’s not a lot and Matthew will bring his old red tractor and cages of rocks will be put in place and all will be fine.


Word on the street says there’s an apocalypse coming. My advice is to handle this like the pro that you are. Land on your feet and have a good meal.


Thank you to David for sharing this inspiring video.

The Other Side of Morgellons

Hello. I had intended to make a video to sort of catch up. I thought a video would be more personal and warm. Well the words of what I meant came out but the video (my camera) did not cooperate. I am also having some internet connection problems. I know the video is blurred and it is weird-looking but I was happy with the dialogue. It was what I meant to say (and that doesn’t always happen). Please bare with the poor and strange quality. It seems things are breaking faster than I can keep up. I don’t let those things bother me much anymore.

As far as new posts go, I had intended to go right into food and diet. I have decided to take a little detour from that. I still plan to get some great food posts up but I have decided to wait until the holidays pass and also to get my kitchen out of boxes. I do a pretty good job in my make shift kitchen but it will be nicer and easier for me after the re-model and holidays.

I have also decided to change the title of this blog. Originally I purposely chose to leave the word “Morgellons” out. I had my reasons, as you might understand. I have changed my mind on this subject. I have done so because I feel putting Morgellons in the title will accomplish several things. First of all it will make this blog easier for those with Morgellons to find. Also I do not want to even slightly appear as though I am participating in the delusion that Morgellons does not exist. I know those that suffer know how very real it is. Morgellons has a name and many people are living with it and this blog is about living with Morgellons and coming out the other side.

My Morgellons Routine: Supplementation, Post # 5

I consider this to be the second most important part of what keeps me well (first being my diet, which is not strict, just good, real food!). I will get into that in the following posts. For those of you that worry when you hear the word “diet” don’t worry, mine won’t scare you (unless you can not part with artificial or processed food).

When I talk about supplementation I am including what I do for immune support, detoxification and to control my microbial load. A lot of important things I rely on my diet for. I don’t supplement a huge amount because I get a lot of stuff from the food I eat (more on that in the next post).

In my supplementation routine, I have had it down to this for a while so it is just that, “a routine”. I would like to explain a little more about why I take what and what I feel it does for me but because I want this to be a fluid, clear and easy to understand post that is more about how I take my supplements throughout the day, I will make other posts more specific to the supplements themselves.

Also this is my current routine that I do to keep general good health and is not as focused on antimicrobials and specific problems I had in the past (when I was very ill).


When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is walk to the fridge where on top I keep my bottle of lysine and NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) and inside the fridge I keep my Liposomal vitamin C and MSM water (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane).

MSM is organic sulphur. I do not take MMS which stands for “Miracle Mineral Supplement”, which is  chlorine dioxide .  There’s a big difference between the two.

If you need clarification on this and the difference between the two, do not hesitate to ask in the comments below. I myself happen to love MSM and find MMS kind of gross (but that’s just me).

I take a shot of MSM water (yuck….I hate the taste but the tangy lipo C takes that taste away). I take my NAC and Lysine and wash that back with the liposomal Vitamin C (I will also do another specific post on homemade liposomal Vitamin C because I think it is so amazing and exceptionally sustainable). I follow that with a glass of water. I do this first thing in the morning because NAC and Lysine are amino acids and to be taken on an empty stomach.

I make some tea or coffee and think about what I want to eat. I then put samento tincture drops in my tea or coffee and have that with my breakfast. I keep the little bottle of drops next to the kettle so it is very easy to remember. I am not exactly strict on my anti microbial herbs anymore. In the past I was very strict. I am at a maintenance point now. The samento I take to keep my Lyme in check. I will say that cats claw is an excellent broad spectrum anti-microbial (and I took a lot of it in the past).

If I feel like I need it I will buckle down and do several weeks of the herb of my choice (more on that later). I will say that I always return to oregano oil. To learn more about how and when I take oregano oil click here:


Around lunchtime is when I think about my supplements again. I go into the pantry where I keep chorella powder and cilantro tincture (I make that too and I will put a how to post up….it is so easy and el cheapo). In a paper cup I put about 2000 mg. chorella powder, ten or so drops cilantro tincture, add juice and drink.  I should also say I eat a lot of fresh cilantro. In the past I always made sure to take chorella all through the day. Now I just take it once with the cilantro tincture.

Now that I have that out of the way and I am free again to not think about taking supplements or a “something I gotta do!”.

I keep my sub-lingual Vitamin B-12 on the widow sill and take that whenever I want or think about it. It is very easy. It’s a tiny little pink pill that I put under my tongue. If I forget I don’t really care…I will take it when I think about it.

Later in the afternoon I start thinking about taking my main round of supplements. I have these bottles all sitting together in the window sill and I don’t have a super specific time or worry because these do not need to be taken on an empty stomach. These supplements are triphala, boron,  kyolic garlic (sometimes 103 and sometimes just plain aged garlic), milk thistle extract, and astaxanthin.

Easy and done (almost).

Later in the evening I take krill oil, vitamin D, ubiquinol and Pudin Hara Pearls (mint oil). Lately I have been taking these every other day just to see if I feel any different, I feel fine so far. When I am settled into bed is when I take my probiotic, right before I sleep. In the past I took much more probiotics. I keep yogurt, kefir and fermented foods in my diet and also take Mulkosan during the day so I don’t worry about the probiotics as much as I used too. I focus more on eating my medicine in the way of delicious, real and as clean as I can get food. Also what I do not eat is important. I am in no way strict however. I will write more about that in the following posts and also get into some food strategies that anyone can apply (if they wanted to).

Also I would like to say that I don’t go out and pay a fortune for little bottles of supplements. When ever possible I buy a bulk bag and cap it myself if needed. I do a lot of home made tinctures as well. Also I consider enzymes to be very important and especially when I was very sick. I eat a lot of high enzyme foods like pineapple and papaya. I also take enzymes caplets when I feel like and sometimes extra in a day if I feel I need them. I also buy green papaya powder (great enzymes) and cap that. Link here for info and where to get a good deal (1 Lb. for 22 dollars):

For things like NAC and most all amino acids you can get a better deal buying them in bulk pouches from a website geared towards body building (those body building guys take their amino acids seriously!). in the UK has killer prices (like 100 grams of NAC for 7 pounds).

Triphala is a tried and true ayurvedic herb combo and you can get it for a really good price, if you look for a bulk powder. It is not an expensive herb. Chorella and MSM, you definitely might consider buying in bulk powder. Of course on the lipo C I think making it is the only way to go. All of the things I talked about on this post I will do some individual posts with info, links and strategies as to how get smart buys so you can stay in it for the long haul and protect your health. To pay a bunch of money for a couple of tiny bottles is setting yourself up to go broke and worse, not have the stuff to go the duration. It really is a long haul. Morgellons can get really expensive. This is why we need to be clever and economize. If you can’t afford pro-biotics then you might want to start making kefir (and guess what..I will tell you how).

There are all kinds of ways to get things you need in a better,more affordable way that will fit into your life. The important thing is SUSTAINABILITY.

I am going to say out loud right now liposomal vitamin C has served me well. It is about 20 cents per serving when I make it myself. I felt an immediate difference and Vitamin C is so helpful in so many ways. I buy a pound of Vitamin C powder at a time and use it to take orally and also mix with baking soda and liquid soap for a lovely foamy facial wash. I hope you are starting to see an ongoing theme here…sustainability. Doing good research and bringing things in slowly that you choose to treat yourself with is the way to go.  Saving money in any area you can so you can put the money into other things you might need.

I think I made it clear in an earlier post how I feel about protocols. Do not mistake this information I have shared about my life and health as a protocol or medical advice or something you should do. Also if you have not read the introduction to this series or the posts that lead up to this, please do so. In the introduction is where I say that none of this is medical advice. I am not a health care provider; I am just a cook that is talking about herself and what she does to keep herself well.

You can get to the introduction by hitting the link below and it will take you through the posts that lead up to this one. Very soon here i will get the next post up which is of course about food. Food can have tremendous healing abilities and I believe become very important when dealing with chronic illness. Ok, I think that wraps that up. It’s half past late so night night all. T

Link here if you want to go to the introduction of this series:

My Morgellons Routine: Bathing, Post # 4

If you have not read the prior posts in this series please go to the introduction. From there it will take you through the three posts in this series that come before this one. It important that you read the introduction because there I give an explanation as to what this series is and also that’s where I say that none of this is medical advice and all that. It also has links to take you through the posts that lead to this one. It’s an easier easy to get through the posts in order too. Click here to get to the intro:

As I continue on this series of posts, I am now going to write about what I do for bathing. I just want to be sure that anyone reading this knows that I am well aware that Morgellons is not just a skin disease. I did very much to recover my health and most of it involved diet, immune support, detoxing, and lowering of my infections with both pharmaceuticals and plant-based medicines. I did a lot in the past to get to this point where I keep a routine up to maintain my health.

My skin care was a lot more involved earlier in my illness.

These days I bathe once a day. I run about six inches of water in my tub and add a half cup of borax and or several cups of baking soda. I don’t touch water without something in it like salt, Epsom salt, borax or baking soda. The first thing I do is brush my hair in the tub. I have long hair and I just like brushing it out in there. My hair is nice and thick again but when I was very sick I did lose a lot of hair and had little bald areas where I once had lesions. It has all grown back in now.

I usually use liquid Miracle soap because I like the fact that it is natural. Denorex extra strength with salicylic acid and menthol is not as natural as I like but it really works. Especially if you are at that stage where you have a film or plaque like feel to your skin. The other shampoo I use on and off is Head and Shoulders. I have found the generic to be just the same as the name brand. In the early days I did a lot of bathing so it payed to buy the biggest bottle of the generic.

I also like a good old-fashioned bar of hard milled real soap. I alternate between the above soaps and shampoos and wash my hair and body with all of them. I don’t like Dr Bronners liquid soap because if I add something alkaline to my bath it tends to cause the Bronners soap to saponify further leaving a residue. I don’t think it is great soap and I don’t use it at all anymore. It’s watery and cheap feeling to me. It’s not inexpensive either! I am not a cheap person but it has to work if I pay for it. I also want to point out that part of my whole routine, like buying borax in bulk, making my own laundry soap and household cleaner is very inexpensive. I do this because the stuff I make works better, it isn’t stinky and fake and I also save a huge amount of money. That saved money helps pay for the other parts of my routine, like my probiotics, enzymes and my other supplements. That laundry soap recipe I listed a recipe for is non toxic, it works and it is about 25 cents a load (if that even!) and the enzyme cleaner is practically free.

Ok, back to my bath routine.

Which ever soap or shampoo I am using I will put some on a soft bristol hair brush (the kind old men use) and scrub in circular motions and always towards my heart. From my left foot, up my leg and to my heart and then again from my right foot up and to my heart. I do the same for my arms starting at the tips of my fingers. In the past I had such trouble and pain in my hands that I always give extra attention and circular scrubbing to my hands. The same for my feet! Also on my feet I use a metal foot polisher. It keeps my feet soft and smooth. In the past my feet were a mess. I also like to put a bit of lavender and or tea tree in my bath. In the early days I had to use much more of all of this stuff. I needed much more borax and salts in my bath. I did notice though that if I took my supplements about 20 minutes before my bath and loaded up with the afore-mentioned items that when I got out, if I massaged coconut oil into my skin and then a layer of olive oil, I could really get a lot of build up out of my skin. It seemed to almost feel like I was wearing it down. Those very strong baths I had to keep up for months. I am not saying anyone else should do this or that it will necessarily help you. I am only saying what I did and what helped me. I would also like to say that the baths helped me get through some really difficult physical pain. After a good hot strong bath I could feel a little lighter and got a little break from my stiff and sore body. It helped reduce inflammation and also really helped to take the edge of that horrible sick weak feeling I had. When I just couldn’t take it anymore, I mean when I felt I was sick as I could be, I would load that bath up with salts and or borax and gently wash and massage my skin. Often I would have to nearly crawl to the tub and summon all my strength to do it, but I was always happy afterwards that I did it.

I know I said I was going to write only about my current routine but as I think of those past days and how very sick I was, I can’t help but remember how the baths saved me. I continued them after my skin cleared and they just made me feel better and better. I am sure that the sweating and the salts and baking soda helped to draw something out of me. I also liked and still do add ginger powder to my bath once in a while. It really makes me sweat. I would step right out of the hot ginger bath right into a sheet then go under the covers and I would continue to sweat. Once, after one of those strong baking soda and ginger bath I was able to massage a lot of black tar looking stuff out of my knuckles. I was actually shocked because as I did that the swelling went down on my hands. The amount of swelling that went down was so much so that a ring I always wore in a certain finger was then too big. After that day that I rubbed that stuff out of my knuckles the swelling never came back in my hands. I kind of want to cry when I think about it because it was such a dramatic and massive relief. My hands were so swollen I often could not use them. Sometimes I could not even feel what I was trying to pick up.

In the past when my skin was horrible and I was working hard to get the stuff out of my skin I had to use a lot of fresh lemon juice mixed with liquid soap and baking soda. I had to wash my face many times a day sometimes and massage it for hours with oils to get the build up out. If you have a bio film problem or trying to get the smoothness back to your skin, you might want to try toning with Mulkosan (lactic acid and whey). You can dilute it with half water. Misting it on your skin also works. It did sting my skin. At first it will felt a little tight and red but as I massaged oils into my skin the Morgellons “stuff” slowly cracked away and out. I had to keep that up for months and months. Also, drinking Mulkosan helped to get my GI back on track (a big part of caring for your skin is caring for your insides..which I will talk more about later).

I would really like to emphasis that all this bathing was coupled with internal care with a strong emphasis on immune support but also anti-microbials, detox strategies and diet. I will elaborate as much as I can on some of those things as this series of posts progresses. Again I have to say that this is just what I did. My recovery happened over months and months that turned into several years. I was very dedicated and worked hard. Diet was and is very important for me.

But this post is about bathing so I will get into the other stuff in the coming posts. After bathing I dry off very well and smooth coconut oil on my face and even in my eyes, nose and ears. I love that stuff. After that I will smooth a few drops of olive oil on my face as well. In the early days I smoothed a generous amount of coconut oil from head to toe and then after that olive oil. This was at times one of the most gratifying parts because after that strong bath (and remember I took my supplements 20 minutes before I got into the bath), I could rub those oils in and the hard stuff in my skin would crack out. Sometimes there was a goo on my skin, mostly on my face. It was so sticky it caught in the little peach fuzz hairs on my skin. Sometimes after rubbing the oil, I had to wash my skin again with liquid soap, lemon and baking soda to try and dissolve it. Then I would go back and massage another layer of coconut oil and olive oil in and it would crackle out. It would break up like little tiny pieces of sand on my skin. My god, those were weird and horrible times. Oh and my nose. I really don’t want to think about the amount of stuff that came out of my nose. Ok, I will just tell you..this might be happening to you anyway and you will understand. There was such a build up in my sinuses and it would get so hard that the bath would loosen it just enough that I could cup my hands to my nose and blow hard..the stuff came out like a projectile. Sometime these chunks of stuff were as big as a giant pee or a half of marble. This is no exaggeration. That stuff that came out used to be full of, blue, and black mostly, sometimes other colors but not very often. In that stuff that came out of my nose were also some of the stranger “shapes”. I am sorry I did not mean to gross you out, I am just giving an honest account of my experience. I will say that after the baths loosened the stuff in my sinuses and I was able to get it out, after wards I felt a kind of relief that I can hardly say how wonderful it was. It took a long time until my sinuses cleared. I am very thankful that nightmare is over.

After bating these days I don’t always put the coconut and or olive oil all over..but I always do on my face as that was my last hardest place to clear from. Also it is my face so I do want to give it a little extra care. Another thing I do after bathing is rub magnesium oil into my lower back, stomach and thighs. I buy the big bags of flakes add water and some drops of lavender oil and make it myself. This is the way I get my magnesium and it is one less thing I have to take as a pill. Oh, I also put a little under my arms as a natural  deodorant. The magnesium oil also takes the edge off body pain, it also seems to comfort me and calm my nerves. Magnesium is good stuff for me.

I also use that multi purpose  vinegar, enzyme and borax spray I talked about earlier. I give my body a little mist. I also am in the habit of spraying a lot on my feet. After that I sprinkle a pretty good layer of baking soda on my feet and put my socks on over that. This makes me laugh a little that I still do this. I had a lot of problems with my feet before. The soles had this thick goop on them and I had hard patches and horrible problems with my toe nails. The baking soda smoothed my feet out. It took a while though. I still do it..I guess it’s just habit. All this I do is habit. I really suffered a lot when I was sick and a lot of this stuff I think I do just to have a secure feeling. It is true that I have made an amazing recovery but mostly I would say it was from my diet, immune support and supplements. I keep sprinkling my feet and doing my little tricks here and there just in case. Well, I think I covered my past and current bath routine. Oh wait, I wash my face with a mixture of baking soda and vitamin C powder now. I mix it 1:1 and put it in a little plastic tub  with a good lid. I keep that at the side of the tub. I buy the vitamin C powder in a big tub because I use it in my supplementation routine. On that note I am going to finish up this post and the next post I will cover what I do for supplements (I will probably get that post up tomorrow). Thank you for reading, best, Tina

Here is a video I did almost two years ago. I was still sick then but I was definitely on the mend. My apologies for not being very fluid in my speech.  Morgellons caused me to have many cognitive issues. I was a little surprised looking back at this video.  I have come so far and it is good to revisit those scattered days to appreciate how much better I am now. In this video my lesions had healed but I still had a long way to go to get my skin clear and also just to heal in general. I don’t do a lot of stuff I talk about in this video but I thought It might be helpful for those of you that are still working to clear your skin.  I hope you all are well tonight and you are in my prayers. T

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