My Morgellons Routine: A Quick Clarification on Cleaning, Post # 3

by Living With Morgellons

Before I go into my regular bathing routine I want to do a little catch up and clarification on the subject of cleaning. It has occurred to me that because the first part of this series has so far only addressed a couple of cleaning issues one might think that I consider these points a priority. This is not true. I have never at any point been one to go over the top cleaning. The only time I really went crazy cleaning was when I had to stay in a temporary studio when I returned to Los Angeles to undergo my Lyme treatment. It was a filthy 100 plus year old building. It was six floors of humans, dogs, cats, mice, roaches, bedbugs and other various insects including flies, fleas and mosquitos. It was not well maintained (to say the least). The building was what I considered to be a bio hazard. It was disgusting but they took dogs and they allowed for a month to month lease and It did have a certain brown stone building charm. It was disgusting.

If you live in a home or building like that, I would say YES, you might want to try and clean or move. I know this is not possible for everyone. If you are a super slob with piles of junk everywhere I would say it might be a good idea to clean up your act. I have found a little organization makes everything in life much easier. I do understand that the nature of Morgellons makes it difficult for the Morgellons sufferer to keep things together (I was there).

I do (and will always) keep my sleeping area as clean as possible. I also like my bathroom to be clean. Other than that I am a half slob.  In my regular life you can easily find me covered in dirt, grease, food, paint or some other something from the many projects I like to do.

In my past and current life cleaning is about the last thing I will be wasting my energy on. I hate cleaning. It is the most boring, monotonous and uncreative thing that humans are cursed to do. Thats why I have some simple things I do. For those that clean from morning to night, I am only just glad I have better hobbies than them. In my mind, things like white carpet and pristine homes are just disasters asking to happen. Awk!  Ahhh….but to each his own

It seems that those that have tried the insane cleaning routine don’t seem to be able to report any kind of increased wellness. Mostly I hear them say they just became exhausted.

Something that has always been clear to me is that the itch and what ails me is coming from me.

I will tell you that most of my itch came from fibers in my skin. I know this because when I had that unrelenting itch, I looked at that specific area with a scope and found fibers there. I am not saying that there are not insects involved. I do know that bugs love me and they always have. This is the reason I keep my sleeping area very fresh and clean. I do not want to be dealing with dust mites. I don’t want to flip anyone out but do know this, bugs are everywhere (even on you). This is a fact of life.

To be clear, I keep my sleeping area clean because I spend a minimum of 8 hours of my life there every day. I also have a four footed shadow friend (my dog), so I keep my sleeping area as clean as possible. That’s just me, it is probably different for you. I just wanted to clear that up.

As far as “Nothing makes it out of my laundry alive”, I am more referring to dust mites and MOLD spores, which quite possibly, terrify me more than Morgellons and definitely more than Lyme. I still believe that it was my exposure to mold that brought my immunity down to a point that I became as sick as I did. Not everyone is mold intolerant or was exposed to mold so you will not be the same as me in the needs of your environmental routine.

While on the subject of mold I should say that because a tree fell on my house (literally) while it was empty some years ago, there was a temporary dampness problem here. Like I said, That concerns me. Mold is extremely toxic and because I had a past bad experience with it, I will not take mold lightly. That is the main reason I mist and clean my house with the cleaner I make (all three ingredients kill mold). I don’t have fibers in my house and believe me I have looked. I don’t even have fibers on me anymore.

I only wanted to be understood on that point in regards to how, what and why I clean.

I know I said I was going to be clear and simple in this series of “My Morgellons Routine” and I intend to be. I just started to get the idea that people might think I am some kind of clean freak or think I am trying to “kill” Morgellons in my environment, because I talked about laundry and the spray cleaner first. It is actually what I consider the LEAST IMPORTANT part of what healed me from Morgellons. I wrote about my laundry routine and cleaning first because I happened to be mixing up and restocking that area of my routine. In later posts I will be clear to say what parts I feel helped me the most and I promise you, it was not cleaning my house.

Thank you for letting me blab on there…OK…sigh….smile….as I gather my thoughts…

Morgellons is complicated and in sharing information there is a danger that some people will take what I say wrong or assume that what I do for myself will make them better. I do not want that to happen. We are all own selves, with our own lives and bodies and how and where we live are as unique and different from each other as the snow flakes are.

No one person experiences any illness the same as another, not even the flu treats people the same. This is why I am always clear to say that this is my routine. With any illness and especially something as complex as Morgellons or Lyme, I find it a mystery that anyone could think they have a protocol that works for everyone. The very word protocol makes me laugh. Protocol? It is a funny sounding word. When someone asks me my protocol I am always a little dumbfounded. I will never be some kind of arrogant person that thinks I have the answers that will help or repair anyone in their extraordinary, unique and mind blowing existence on this planet.

Still it is true that there are some basic and similar things that many of us that suffer from Morgellons have found helpful. There are also some safe, sound, tried and true strategies that help all humans to keep good health. When we share our stories and our lives, others can observe and try and adapt parts that can fit into their individual life.

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