My Morgellons Routine: The Multi Purpose Spray Everything Cleaner post #2

by Living With Morgellons

The post after this one (#3) will be my bathing routine but I first wanted to put this spray recipe up as it is also a part of my bathing routine. This all purpose spray cleaner is a part of just about everything I do in my home in regards to cleaning.

I mix it myself and it I use it for everything. It is very inexpensive and simple to mix. I will get a little more into what I do with it but I first want to tell you how I make it.

The ingredients are:

2 Cups white vinegar

2 Cups enzymes (will give more info below)

One Tablespoon borax

Mix the above ingredients up in a plastic pitcher that has a pour spout. This makes about 24 ounces (which is about one standard sprayer full). I use any old sprayer and I make a bunch at one time and refill all my sprayers. I keep one on the kitchen counter, one in the bathroom and one in my bedroom. You might consider keeping one in your car as well.

This is the only cleaner I use and it keeps things really simple. I clean the bathroom, kitchen and floors with this. I mist my bed and pillow with this. I mist the air and cracks and crevices with it. It works, It is inexpensive and it is non toxic. I actually spend very little on my cleaning supplies (giving me more of a budget for my supplements etc).

This all purpose spray does it all for me. I even use it on myself and my dog. After walks I use it to get the mud off my dogs feet. Sometimes I will put a few squirts on a paper towel and give him a quick wipe down to pull extra hair off and just polish him up. This is also great to spray in pet areas.

If you have itchy skin this might help, it did help me with my past itchy bouts. Also you can use this to add to your laundry if you wash on cold (heat kills enzymes).

I can not say enough about enzymes. They are my favorite way to clean. I make my own and it is basically free because I use leftover fruit peels. Link here for directions:

If you don’t want to make your own enzymes you can easily purchase them. I am going to give a link to Morgellons Aid (which had all kinds of excellent Morgellons relevant information). There he has such an excellent post up about enzymes that I see no reason to repeat what he has done so well. The link I am providing goes to a page where he tells you all about enzymes, the brands, and links to get them. He also provides a great recipe and tips. Link here:

While over there at Morgellons Aid you will find a lot of great easy to use information. I really like his site a lot.

So there you have it. A simple recipe for one cleaner that does it all. In the post to follow you will see that I use it for a lot as I go through all the little sections of my Morgellons routine.

Best to you, Tina (link to the next post in this series below)