My Morgellons Laundry Routine: Post # 1

by Living With Morgellons

I make my own Laundry powder. The recipe is as follows:

1 cup borax

1 cup soda crystals

1 cup soap flakes

I put these in a plastic tub and keep a tablespoon in there for measuring. On a smaller load I use 2 Tablespoons and 3 for a larger or more soiled load.

To my whites, lights, linens and towels I add a teaspoon or so of pool shock.  Yes, pool shock is not so natural and all that but it works for me. I most often add a half cup of white vinegar as well. While it is true I am probably making a bomb in my washer machine if one was to ask me if I cared my answer would be a resounding “NO”. Just be careful not to breath it and expect holes in your clothes if you use too much or put it straight on the clothes. The holes will tell you that you used too much (and I am only half joking).

The clothes I wear most often are white or light so the faded bleached look is what I rock lately (around the house). I have Several old pairs of jeans that I wash in this same manner. Nothing makes it out of my washer machine alive. I can not guarantee that you will have my same success but it couldn’t hurt to try.  On my darks and nicer clothes I skip the pool shock and add extra borax and vinegar. I just wear these clothes less often (when I need to look normal or want to look nice). My motto lately is if you are a piece of clothing and you can not make it through my wash then you are not cool enough to be in my wardrobe.

All these ingredients are very inexpensive.

The borax I buy in 25 kilo bags here n the UK. While in the states I use 20 Mule Borax (I use borax for many things as you will see in following posts). On the soda crystals you can buy them in any grocery store in the UK. In the States Arm and Hammer brand makes washing soda (do not confuse with baking soda) and you can get this at some grocery stores and places like Target and Wall Mart. For soap flakes I buy Dri-Pak brand Soap Flakes. This is a UK brand and not all grocery stores carry it. You can buy it on Amazon UK. In the States you can buy generic soap flakes bulk online from any soap making supplier or alternatively you can get a bar of any good old fashion real soap and grate your own. Use the smallest part on the grater and it comes out fine. I do not love “Zote” brand or “Fels- Naptha” but they do work. I like plain old unscented real hard milled soap. There is always a “soap lady” at your local farmers market. “Zote” and “Fels-Naptha” are brands of bar soap you can find at the grocery store in the laundry section. I just don’t love them and thats just me. Don’t knock yourself out or fret picking a bar of real soap. Just get the soap that is easiest to get started and as you get into a routine you can refine and customize as you like. All this stuff might seem like a lot at first and it is best to change things over slowly, no matter what you choose to do.

Morgellons is a very frustrating condition and it is best to slow down and make changes as you can at a slow steady pace.

I do realize that many of you are in a compromised state right now. Some of you are flat out disabled. I was there and I understand this. Your brain might be on over load. Don’t feel like you have to run out and buy or do everything that people online (including me) talk about.

You might not even have to change the way you do laundry. For me I did not find massive amounts of fibers in my house. I also did not see bugs (except for this one old building I lived in and OMG what a night mare). I just decided to take the worry out of my life and also eliminate that constant wonder in the back of my head. If there was something in my clothes or environment, I wanted to only be careful. This whole laundry thing is my routine and I keep it up. I don’t plan on changing the routine any time soon.

I guess that’s the key for me is having a routine. I don’t want to think about this Morgellons nightmare anymore. I want to live my life. I don’t want to stay up all night researching. I don’t want to keep switching and trying new stuff. I did have to in the beginning because something wasn’t working.

The point I am making is to make slow steady changes that work for you and your life. Bring these changes in little by little so you don’t feel overwhelmed. You will be more likely to follow through. If you have to take a whole month or more to implement a “switch-over” then take that time. Before  bringing another new thing in try and get comfortable with the things you are already doing. The less you have to think and concentrate, the better.

This post is just about laundry. In the following posts I will be addressing other switch-overs I made. As I said in the introduction I will try and be simple and clear because I know you are most likely overwhelmed. For the battle worn Morgellons pros out there,I know this is old news to you. In the comment section lets think about clear simple tips for the newly sick. Please lets keep to the basic topic of laundry so as not to overwhelm. The comments are a great way to share information. As I said this way of doing laundry is just my way. Hopefully as time passes the comments will develop and people will share what works for them. What are you guys washing your clothes with?

The next post is a simple, non toxic multi purpose spray recipe with only 3 ingredients (I use it for everything, including me and my dog!)  Best, Tina (link to post # 2 in this series below or scroll down below comments and hit “next post”)