Introduction: My Morgellons Routine

by Living With Morgellons

This post is simply an introduction to following posts.

In following posts I will write about what I do to maintain my health and ward Morgellons off. I will do it section by section so it is hopefully clear and easy to find in this blog. Much of this information will not be new to most of you, however it has occurred to me that there are many people that have only just recently discovered they have Morgellons and also not everyone has the time, know how or gumption to sift through the forums.

In the following posts I will handle one specific issue per each post and I will keep it as simple and straight forward as possible. The title will state the subject and I will also number the posts for clarity. The chronology of the posts are not in any particular order of importance as I do not know which really is the most important or even necessary for that matter.

I have to be honest on that point. The things I will talk about in the following posts are what I do for myself. I am not a health professional or medical practitioner in any way. None of this is to be misconstrued as medical advice and I can not say that what has helped me will necessary help you. Consider these posts just my own personal thoughts as I talk about my health and my journey of healing from Morgellons.  We all have to find our own way and what works for us while considering where we are in our healing journey.

I do think it is safe to say that no matter how you choose to care for yourself it is important to find something that is within your means. Let me be clear on saying that Morgellons is a long haul and what you do needs to be sustainable. For me personally I found that I had to almost wear Morgellons out and get well little by little. It does take time..and changes.

To get well there is not a lot I have not done. That is not to say you will have to do what I did. I was in Lyme treatment and that did help my health. However, I was well on my way to being symptom free from Morgellons before My Lyme treatment. There is no way I can say exactly what part of what I did helped me to recover my health.

I am at this point symptom free and have been for some time. It took a lot of work and time and as you will find in the following posts I do much to keep it that way. While on that subject though I will say it really isn’t that much. I have made changes in my life and do things differently now. I call these “switch overs”.

Because many of us have such different experiences and symptoms with Morgellons not all of the following posts will be of use or interest to you.

Many of the posts will seem very basic and simple. They are meant to be that way with clear basic information on a specific Morgellons issue. As you may well know, Morgellons is complex.

Once again I would like to emphasis the following posts are what I do currently to stay well. This is why I call it the routine. What part of it keeps me well, who knows? I just do it so I don’t have to think and worry about Morgellons. I have a way that I do things and It has been working for me and if it’s not broke..why fix it.

In the following posts it would great if those of you reading them left comments with information pertaining to the subject matter of each post. You have all been through the ringer and have found clever ways to handle the many and complex issues of living with Morgellons. This way the people that come to these posts will also be able to benefit from all your information, mistakes and successes.

Also those of you that are new do not hesitate to ask questions in the comment area. Those with Morgellons have compassion and understand what you are going through. I only ask that we all try and keep the comments and questions relative to the post.  I ask this just to keep things simple and clear.

Finally I would like to say that if you are very sick with Morgellons your best chance of receiving any kind of meaningful treatment will be from a Lyme literate physician. I also believe a good a naturopathic Dr is another way to go (personally I believe it is the best way to go but that’s just me). Until Morgellons gets put on the map most doctors are not going to understand and even believe how sick you really are. This is a sad and hopefully will change soon.

The First post in this series is simply about laundry. The title is ” My Morgellons Laundry Routine: Post # 1″.

As time passes and sooner rather later I will put up more posts about specific areas of my recovery and my Morgellons recovery and routine. Please feel free to make requests or ask questions and I will answer you as clearly as I can. Just know that my answers and posts are only my personal experience and it is not the way, it is only my way. Best to you, Tina (link to post # 1 in this series below or scroll down below comments and hit “next post”)