The Story of a Creature Seeking Perfection

by Living With Morgellons


For a minute let’s all pretend we’re magic 

 and make the world perfect.

 While in this perfect minute,

let’s get a little crazy 

(being in the magic world and all..)

and take a peek at a conversation that

might be overheard…

“It’s perfect”

“Oh I completely agree with you”

“Don’t change a thing”


“Oh did I tell you your hair looks great”

“Yes, our hair looks great”

(More cheerleader jargon ensues)

 We might stand there forever

agreeing over how perfect it is.

(No math exists to find those odds) 


Now follow me if you will

 and let’s consider something truly magical.

That perfection needs beautiful disasters all around it to reveal itself.

That perfection has wings and it is always on the fly, one step ahead 

then to the back of the line to push it’s its way to the front again.

That perfection reveals itself as a series of never ending packages to be opened eternally.

That we will visit perfection and we will again return to our imperfect world.

That it will be better than the perfect we thought we knew.

That in a perfect world

                               There is no where else to go.

                               No stone to turn

and nothing to find.


That we are better than perfect creatures and

that our hair really does look great and we will win and we will lose

and then win again.