Return to Ithaca

by Living With Morgellons

I pulled my suitcase out to pack tonight and my dog took one  look at it and went straight to the door and waited there.  I have used it enough and we have moved  enough that the dog knows what that means. He doesn’t want to be left behind.  He’s a smart dog and I got a little sentimental tonight thinking about the crazy odyssey it has been.

In my journey back to health I did think a lot about Homer’s “Odyssey”.

It has been a long, strange, and sad trip taking me to different corners of the planet, dark sad low places in my heart and basically where ever I could lay my head.

I am happy to say that this time I will be gone for just a week and I am going to Greece.  Some how this feels appropriate because I will be only one island away from Ithaca (the home  which Odysseus is so desperately trying to return to after a long journey of adventure, fighting and suffering).

It is a holiday I am going on and it will be fun. It had to happen though because I am not a citizen here  and my visa expires requiring me to leave the country. After a week I will come back and they will give me another. I will be in this predicament again in less than six months time.

I am not complaining because this time:

I am not moving into my car.

I am not moving into a hotel and then into another hotel and then another.

I am not crawling home to live in a garage.

I am not having to leave a country because I have no where to live there.

I am not flying on planes or riding on trains to go far to see a Lyme literate physician.

I am simply and gratefully going on a holiday.

There I will eat good food and take many photographs and  be happy that I have a good life and I have my health and I will slowly shake this trauma that tries to hang onto me.

It is half past late, I have not packed and I will need to leave for the airport in a couple hours. I wanted to get this post up to tell you that I will be back in a week (I’m not taking my computer).

I also wanted to say thank you to all the wonderful friends I have found in the Morgellons community.

For you that are suffering tonight you are especially in my thoughts and prayers.

While this morgellons is indeed a long strange sad trip it is touched with some incredibly beautiful moments.

I wish you all peace and health. With love, Tina