by Living With Morgellons

This is a reblog from the blog of a wonderful woman named Judith.

The Sun Drips Honey

Please note the corrected attribution on the photo.  You may read about this at this link.

(I wrote this when I was feeling particularly low — no one medical professional will even try a dermascope to see what I know is there.  I am not quite so hopeless as I was, however; I’ve read of so many people for whom this is the first serious medical condition in their lives.  At least I am accustomed to the stress of yet another body part obviously failing, and driving me crazy.)

Itchy spots and,
Open sores.
So gross to have
When they are yours.

I hate to show
My skin; it’s red
And spots all over
Toes to head.

I think I know
How lepers feel
When stared at by
The blessed genteel.

I thought I’d grown
Beyond such shame,
When so much else
I overcame.

I feel such sadness,

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