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Month: October, 2012

I Believe Food Can Heal Our World


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The Story of a Creature Seeking Perfection


For a minute let’s all pretend we’re magic 

 and make the world perfect.

 While in this perfect minute,

let’s get a little crazy 

(being in the magic world and all..)

and take a peek at a conversation that

might be overheard…

“It’s perfect”

“Oh I completely agree with you”

“Don’t change a thing”


“Oh did I tell you your hair looks great”

“Yes, our hair looks great”

(More cheerleader jargon ensues)

 We might stand there forever

agreeing over how perfect it is.

(No math exists to find those odds) 


Now follow me if you will

 and let’s consider something truly magical.

That perfection needs beautiful disasters all around it to reveal itself.

That perfection has wings and it is always on the fly, one step ahead 

then to the back of the line to push it’s its way to the front again.

That perfection reveals itself as a series of never ending packages to be opened eternally.

That we will visit perfection and we will again return to our imperfect world.

That it will be better than the perfect we thought we knew.

That in a perfect world

                               There is no where else to go.

                               No stone to turn

and nothing to find.


That we are better than perfect creatures and

that our hair really does look great and we will win and we will lose

and then win again.



“Oregano oil…. Wild”

The other day my cousin said he was feeling as if he might be coming down with the flu. I told him to think about taking oregano oil because it kills it all.  Wild oregano oil was a part of my Morgellons recovery and I still take it from time to time to keep the deal sealed.  As I was telling my cousin about it i was recalling my experience and felt it was worth sharing.

Not all oregano oil is the same. Some brands call it oregano oil but it the lesser medicinal plant marjoram. It is not the same as Origanum vulgare, which is grown in the eastern Mediterranean region, predominantly in Turkey which contains a minimum of 55% carvacrol, and also thymol. Even If it says “high carvarcol” or “concentrated  carvarcol” it is still not as potent as the pure wild oregano oil.

Wild oregano has high carvarcol but studies has shown that it is not just the carvarcol that is effective. It is the whole plant oil and all its parts that synergistically have shown the most effective kill rate on viral, fungal and bacteria and mold infections.

All the pre filled caps you find are diluted with olive and other oils. Olive oil is excellent for you but it dilutes the potency of the oregano oil.

The oregano oil that I have used and trust and is 100% origanum vulgare (wild oregano oil) is NOW brand. They also have one that is diluted with olive oil (most brands dilute with olive oil). Just read the fine print. Sometimes what seems like a deal isn’t. If it is diluted with 60 percent olive oil, it is not a great deal. I just buy the pure oil so I know what I am getting. Also most brands say “pure oregano oil” and sure, the oil in it might be pure but it is still cut with olive oil. Like I said just read the label and the amount you are getting before thinking you are getting a great deal. The pure oil will always cost more but far less in the long run because it lasts much longer.

Taking  wild oregano oil is a challenge because it tastes horrible. To get around this I take an eye dropper and a gel cap and put the drops into the big side and cap it. I then drop it in the back of my throat and take a swig of water. I usually can not taste the oregano oil at all. If I got a little sloppy while filling my cap and get a bit on my fingers I will add a little olive or coconut oil to my hands and rub it into my skin (just be sure to start the whole process with freshly cleansed hands and face and also never use straight oregano oil on your skin). Unlike most antibiotics oregano oil also kills fungus, mold and kills or deactivates viral replication. It does this both topically and internally.

Oregano oil has an added benefit. In addition to being a known killing agent it is also kind to your immune system as it helps your body to produce more white blood cells there by boosting your immune system.

Because oregano oil is a broad spectrum anti-microbial, immune system booster and also has both internal and topical applications, I consider it an essential in my Morgellons arsenal.

Wild oregano oil is potent stuff and it needs to be treated as such. You would not take an antibiotic from the doctor randomly for only a few days to knock out a serious infection.

While it is true that it is an herb and does not carry with it some of the worries we have with traditional antibiotics I found the best effects for me personally was to treat it just like medicine the doctor prescribed me. This means I took it at the same times each day and took the same dose and followed through on a schedule.

I found oregano oil to be the most effective for my Morgellons symptoms by taking it three times a day. The dose I personally took was five drops three times per day. This may not be the dose for you. This sounds like a lot I know but please note I worked up to this and I have been taking enough herbs etc. for long enough to know my body.  Also I Pulsed it, meaning I would take it at three to four week intervals and then take a two week break.

As with anything you try it is always best to do research and to start slowly and watch for any changes in your skin, GI, and well-being in general.

If you have Morgellons and decide for yourself you would like to give oregano oil a try, here are some of the things you might notice and some thoughts of mine.

Please keep in mind that this is only my own personal experience and I did and do others things to care for myself.

* I noticed that I felt better internally but did not have the usual herx reaction associated with the others things that I took to lower my microbial load. I thought this was very curious and it is only my own personal observation and I actually haven’t heard anyone else say this. I would say to stay alert for signs of a reaction and to actually expect one as wild oregano oil is a known microbe killer with studies to support this fact.

* Since we are talking about the microbe killing ability of wild oregano oil I had to consider the fact that it might be killing off my healthy flora. While I can not find any studies to accurately say one way or another on this topic I decided to go with the idea that it probably is killing without discretion. It would be awesome if it didn’t but like I said I can not find anything that makes me believe it doesn’t. To counter this possibility I did what I have always done when taking any kind of anti-microbial (prescription or natural). I loaded up on my probiotics and took them three times a day and several hours after I took my oregano dose. I would also take little gulps of plain kefir or yogurt throughout the day.

* As far as my skin goes It did get worse at first. Sorry, but it did. My lesions started weeping and my skin became more riled up with more fibers, specks and goo coming to the surface. In my whole ordeal of getting well I noticed that anything that worked always made my skin more active and worse at first but then ultimately better. Partly healed lesions broke open again and even old scars emitted Morgellons junk. To counter this I stepped up my hot borax, baking soda and epsom salt bathes. After I bathed I slathered on a layer of coconut oil and then a layers of olive oil. I also noticed as the stuff came to the top of my skin it did hurt more and it was difficult to push through it. I am not asking or suggesting anyone do this. I am simply saying what I did. Another thing I did was I swabbed my skin with witch hazel and Mulkosan (it did sting). At first I found it gave me an even more of a rough and plastic feel to my skin.  Also itchy mystery bruises and scratches arose. It got worse before it got better. This approach will obviously not be for everyone. My skin at first was so rough and dry it felt like patches of my skin were the roughest kind of sand paper. As I pushed through this phase and kept massaging  the oils into it, healthy smooth skin began to emerge. The crater like circumference of my lesions and scars started to smooth and flatten. As the plaque-like and dry patches broke out and off my skin, I started to develop confidence that I was on the right path. At one point even healthy seeming patches of skin roughened and rose up and felt like chicken skin. These areas would as well, sort of crack out of my skin to reveal healthy skin. The whole process took a long time and I kept at it day in and day out. I should also say I was never able to get these kind of results from my topical treatments unless I was simultaneously caring for myself internally. By caring for myself internally I mean by taking anti microbial agents, diet, and immune support. Also when I say anti microbial agents, it was the same whether they came from my Lyme doctor or the health food store.

* Oregano oil also helped to start clearing my lungs and sinuses. I coughed up those clear globs laced with fibers (only apparent under the microscope). I also coughed up clear globs with black specks and a lot of junk came out of my nose, tongue, lips and the inside of my mouth.  Under the scope I could see many of the blue, black, and red fibers in the big clumps that came out of my nose. Slowly as I recovered the fibers in the clumps became less. As time passed the fibers diminished and more and more It was only clear globs I coughed up, infrequently with black dots. The next phase was coughing of just plain clear tapioca looking globs. I also blew these out my nose and I sneezed a lot because the inside of my nose and sinuses were a mess and still so fragile from all the damage that Morgellons did. I should also tell you my eyes weeped more at first as well. When I woke up there was a lot of sleep and crusty stuff built up. All of these things slowly diminished as I healed.

Has anyone else taken oregano oil in your healing journey? It would be nice if you shared your experience and also any advice on which brands you liked the best.

Return to Ithaca

I pulled my suitcase out to pack tonight and my dog took one  look at it and went straight to the door and waited there.  I have used it enough and we have moved  enough that the dog knows what that means. He doesn’t want to be left behind.  He’s a smart dog and I got a little sentimental tonight thinking about the crazy odyssey it has been.

In my journey back to health I did think a lot about Homer’s “Odyssey”.

It has been a long, strange, and sad trip taking me to different corners of the planet, dark sad low places in my heart and basically where ever I could lay my head.

I am happy to say that this time I will be gone for just a week and I am going to Greece.  Some how this feels appropriate because I will be only one island away from Ithaca (the home  which Odysseus is so desperately trying to return to after a long journey of adventure, fighting and suffering).

It is a holiday I am going on and it will be fun. It had to happen though because I am not a citizen here  and my visa expires requiring me to leave the country. After a week I will come back and they will give me another. I will be in this predicament again in less than six months time.

I am not complaining because this time:

I am not moving into my car.

I am not moving into a hotel and then into another hotel and then another.

I am not crawling home to live in a garage.

I am not having to leave a country because I have no where to live there.

I am not flying on planes or riding on trains to go far to see a Lyme literate physician.

I am simply and gratefully going on a holiday.

There I will eat good food and take many photographs and  be happy that I have a good life and I have my health and I will slowly shake this trauma that tries to hang onto me.

It is half past late, I have not packed and I will need to leave for the airport in a couple hours. I wanted to get this post up to tell you that I will be back in a week (I’m not taking my computer).

I also wanted to say thank you to all the wonderful friends I have found in the Morgellons community.

For you that are suffering tonight you are especially in my thoughts and prayers.

While this morgellons is indeed a long strange sad trip it is touched with some incredibly beautiful moments.

I wish you all peace and health. With love, Tina

This is a reblog from the blog of a wonderful woman named Judith.

The Sun Drips Honey

Please note the corrected attribution on the photo.  You may read about this at this link.

(I wrote this when I was feeling particularly low — no one medical professional will even try a dermascope to see what I know is there.  I am not quite so hopeless as I was, however; I’ve read of so many people for whom this is the first serious medical condition in their lives.  At least I am accustomed to the stress of yet another body part obviously failing, and driving me crazy.)

Itchy spots and,
Open sores.
So gross to have
When they are yours.

I hate to show
My skin; it’s red
And spots all over
Toes to head.

I think I know
How lepers feel
When stared at by
The blessed genteel.

I thought I’d grown
Beyond such shame,
When so much else
I overcame.

I feel such sadness,

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