“Choose Your Weapon”

by Living With Morgellons


   I take about five or six lemons and wash them very well. I then peel the whole lemon leaving the white part intact on the lemon. I put the whole peeled lemons in a plastic bag back in the fridge.  I slice the lemon peels into strips and put them in a glass jar. Over that I pour organic apple cider vinegar. Since there are so many lemon peels in there after a couple of days that vinegar gets really lemony.

I started doing this to make apple cider vinegar more palatable. I know this seems like such a simple little thing but I have to say it is so easy and convenient  to have that jar right in front of the fridge. A couple times a day I have a little egg cup and I pour a shot in there and knock it back.  I would guess there is a fair amount of vitamin c from the peels too. You can start drinking this stuff as soon as you want but the longer it sits on the peels the more lemony it gets and the better it tastes. It is still real tart but you know, the things we have to do to be beautiful (healthy).  As you go along you can have several jars going at once.  I will add more fresh peels as I go or when I feel like it. Every two or three weeks I will pull the old peels out of a jar and press the vinegar out through a strainer than add fresh peels. In the picture above, the jar in the back is tangerine peels and apple cider vinegar.  Really you can do anything in the vinegar. I imagine garlic and lemon would be a yummy and lethal combo. Also with these citrus peel vinegars I use them with olive oil to dress chopped raw veg salads and of course lettuce salads.  It is also good on roast chicken with lots of rosemary. In another post I am going to do a post  about fermenting whole lemons. I have been playing around with some recipes. It is really basic but I imagine  that lactobacillus that gets going in a ferment would be pretty healthful as a prebiotic. Lemons on there own are a gift from god in the morgellons world.  Cheap, good and truly effective.

Now back to those whole peeled lemons in my fridge. In the morning or when ever it sounds good I will cut one in half and squeeze it into a plain glass of water. That simple little drink is very refreshing (anti fungal and detoxing as well).  I find taking my supplements is much more attractive with a glass of nice lemon water.  This next thing I do is awesome. Take the squeezed lemon peels and set them in the bathroom. I also keep a shaker of baking soda in the bath.  I will take a half of lemon and squeeze liquid soap on the flat in and then sprinkle it with baking soda. the lemon soap and baking soda combo gets the plaque off your face ( it saved my skin and helped get the stuff out..keep at it fro results). It is also the best way I know of to start getting rid of that pigmentation so many of us are having problems with. The lemon makes a nice soft sponge to  really get the emulsions going and it is smooth too.

A few more things about the lemon and vinegar before I move on to the meat and potatoes of this post:

I don’t want to tell you all the amazing things about apple cider vin. because a lot of you already know. I also don’t want to spend my time regurgitating information. Though just a reminder to me and everyone lemon and vinegar are effective antifungals. In the beginning of Morgellons when I was very sick, I was trying all kinds of things I had read and heard about that others were doing for Morgellons.  I never slacked off using lemons but I did for a while on the apple cider vinegar. When I got a little more settled and well and into a routine, I brought ACV back into my life. I have to say it keeps me regular and my tummy flat. I did try the apple cider ACV tablets but found them no where nearly as effective as knocking a shot of ACV back. When you have it on the lemon peels in the fridge it is much easier and you will be more inclined to do it everyday and through out the day.  Also I really pack those peels in so the ACV gets real lemony. It goes fast because of all the peels in there so I just keep topping it off with ACV and shake it up well.

OK! The above is  a few simple ingredients  that we can do several things with and are inexpensive, easily obtained grocery store food times. DO NOT underestimate their effectiveness.  They are really effective morgellons weapons. They just need to be taken day in and day out (like any kind of medicine does for a real bad infection..right?).  I was thinking about how there are so many foods that are actually very lethal for infections. There are also foods that fight infection but also help the gut.  We have foods that are excellent fibers sources and foods that are pre and pro biotc in nature.

My idea with this post is that together we build an arsenal.  Yep! Together we can consider all the most medicinal foods that have broad spectrum use (i.e.: antifugnal, bacterial, fiber rich, detoxifying, flora building, blood cleansing on so on…).

Most of us already have a good idea what these excellent foods are but in the craziness of fighting our illness we don’t apply them so often and are mushy brains forget. Sometimes we get these good foods and they go bad or don’t get used. What I am proposing that we, together start listing single ingredients that we and anyone can easily obtain. These ingredients should not be expensive or hard to find so that any of us can get a hold of them no matter our income or place on the planet. As we list these ingredients we can as a group decide which we want to incorporate into recipes and meals.  As the comments of this post develop I am thinking we can put together a week of lethal eating. Complete meals that we can build a shopping list for and then eventually work into a 30 day meal plan. I am even thinking that this could eventually be put into a pdf and printed to keep in the kitchen. So all of you, we first want to start considering the foods that are good but also that we can all get.  Green papayas are so good but not practical. We also have to consider economics. It would be nice if most people could get a hold of these foods and enjoy or at least learn to enjoy. Many people can not afford organic food. So it would be good to choose produce types that are not part of the “dirty dozen”. Foods that are less bad when they are not organic. Those that can afford organic or have reasonable access to it, well of course thats first choice. Anther thing we should keep in mind is “patient friendly food”, you know, easy to prepare.  I really think this could be a valuable contribution to the morgellons community. I think it would be best to start by listing foods, ingredients etc that fit the above criteria. For example, garlic. Garlic is an over all winner. So in the comments here lets get listing our weapons of choice as we set out to build meals and then a meal plan. In following posts I will gather all our single ingredients and list them. I will then in another post put that list up and from there we will develop simple recipes. Next we can work that into a weekly meal plan and based on that make a shopping list.  I feel like this can evolve into something incredibly helpful for us and many others. It might take  a little while but we have to start some where. I will work all our ideas into several posts and I think that we as a group will end up with something great. We can all sign our names on it and give it to the morgellons communtity as christmas e card maybe? What do you think?