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Month: September, 2012

You Can’t Go Wrong With Vitamin C But You Can Make it Better!

We’re talking way better! We are talking about liposomal Vitamin C.

First I have to give a big thank you to Sharon for sharing this. She constantly provides accurate, relevant information and resources.

I am not going to write much here but rather just give the links. I will say that I feel like this one is a big winner. Real big!

The first link is a short and simple tutorial on how  to make liposomal vitamin C. The next link is from the same man and provides a huge amount of info in the way of dosages,  resources and much more. Be sure to follow all the links he provides (lot’s of excellent info there). I love this guy and I love Sharon for bringing this to us.

Short and simple vitamin C tutorial:

Lot’s more info here!


Our Morgellons Community

For Want of a Nail

For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
For want of a horse the rider was lost.
For want of a rider the message was lost.
For want of a message the battle was lost.
For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.
And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

  There were times when I believed  my life was over.  If you have had thoughts like this as well,  you might consider them to be like that nail as a symbol of the absence of hope. That song I posted yesterday had a special meaning to me. The part when he sang “you kneel by my side my hope torn apart”.  

Through  out the ordeal of my illness there were a few moments that stand out in my memory, some much sadder than others. I am talking about the moments where in my heart I was finished. I felt like I was empty inside. Worse than the physical, my spirit was fading. In those moments, I had some lucky breaks. I once told my sister, “I can not do this, I am not strong enough”. She told me simply, “you are the strongest person I know”. While I knew that wasn’t true ( I felt so weak), I had to stop for a moment and say to myself, “well if she thinks that, I better start acting the part, because I don’t want to let her down”.  I tried, to become the strongest person she knew (which was really difficult because she is the strongest person I know).

There was another day that started very dark. That was the day I considered leaving this place via a scheduled departure.  To think of those times now, I will admit makes me cry. I will not elaborate on that sad day and what led up to it ( though you might have an idea). I will say though, that after I made the statement “there is nothing left”, a person that was 6000 miles away told me over the telephone, “but I need you” and at the end of that day, I was prepared to face more days. 

I have shared some fairly personal stuff on the world wide web. I am doing this because I am in a sort, looking for a return on my investment of  work, and despair. You would think my health should be payment enough. It’s not.  I was healthy before I got sick.  While I have much gratitude for my return to health, I am looking for a little more here. I am  trying to give back those several magnificent instances that may have very well saved my life and surely helped pave my way back to health.  If those moments get made, or where or for whom they may land, I will never know but I will know I tried.

 What got me thinking about this was the other day when I was getting the walls ready to paint. There was this one tiny nail stuck in the corner of the door. I couldn’t get it out and I told Tom “get that nail out, it’s pissing me off”. He said are you sure it’s not supposed to be there? I said jokingly “What? Do you think if we pull that nail out, Ireland will drop into the sea?” Back to me he said “For the want of a nail, the shoe was lost”.

Because I am still tender from formerly being very sick,  I take simple things as wonderful gifts. I hope I stay this way,  (“just promise me we’ll be all right.”)

 That’s what I am taking about, hope and need and the need to be needed.  


There is a nurse here in the UK and she also has Morgellons. At this moment she is in Seattle Washington for a two week retreat (with Dr. Klinghart). She has messaged me and told me it is amazing and she is learning so much. Also I am taking the liberty of saying that she plans on attending the Klinghart Academy here in the UK (I hope it is Ok that I shared that). I feel like this is good news for the Morgellons community. She will be back here in the UK on Sunday and I am looking forward to speaking with her on the phone when she returns. I know we all want to find out if she has learned any Morgellons tid bits (keep in mind that Klinghart does have Morgellons patients). She runs a Facebook page called UK Morgellons. While the page is not very busy at the moment, I am hoping that the  UK Morgies can get organized on this site and then build a liason between The Charles E. Holman Foundation to bridge the UK Morgies and the American Morgies (and all Morgellons sufferers) to get infromation. I know the forums have done an excellent job at this but the Facebook format tends to be a bit tamer as far as leaving the drama factor out and it is also much easier to find information. Threads on the forums can be long and often lose the point. I am not knocking them, they can be amazing support. While many of do not want to be known on Facebook (understandable), you can just create a pseudo name as on the forums. Though I would just like to say out loud, the longer we participate in hiding, the longer it will take for Morgellons to receive the awareness that it (and you) rightfully deserve.

The link to The Charles E. Holman Foundation Facebook page is here:

The link to Uk Morgellons Facebook is here:

As always my links might not work. Sorry again, please cut and paste into your browser. Real soon here I am hoping to get organized and fix that.

“If You’re Able To Cry More, You’ll Need To Pee Less” (Joe Engressia AKA Joybubbles)

“Choose Your Weapon”


   I take about five or six lemons and wash them very well. I then peel the whole lemon leaving the white part intact on the lemon. I put the whole peeled lemons in a plastic bag back in the fridge.  I slice the lemon peels into strips and put them in a glass jar. Over that I pour organic apple cider vinegar. Since there are so many lemon peels in there after a couple of days that vinegar gets really lemony.

I started doing this to make apple cider vinegar more palatable. I know this seems like such a simple little thing but I have to say it is so easy and convenient  to have that jar right in front of the fridge. A couple times a day I have a little egg cup and I pour a shot in there and knock it back.  I would guess there is a fair amount of vitamin c from the peels too. You can start drinking this stuff as soon as you want but the longer it sits on the peels the more lemony it gets and the better it tastes. It is still real tart but you know, the things we have to do to be beautiful (healthy).  As you go along you can have several jars going at once.  I will add more fresh peels as I go or when I feel like it. Every two or three weeks I will pull the old peels out of a jar and press the vinegar out through a strainer than add fresh peels. In the picture above, the jar in the back is tangerine peels and apple cider vinegar.  Really you can do anything in the vinegar. I imagine garlic and lemon would be a yummy and lethal combo. Also with these citrus peel vinegars I use them with olive oil to dress chopped raw veg salads and of course lettuce salads.  It is also good on roast chicken with lots of rosemary. In another post I am going to do a post  about fermenting whole lemons. I have been playing around with some recipes. It is really basic but I imagine  that lactobacillus that gets going in a ferment would be pretty healthful as a prebiotic. Lemons on there own are a gift from god in the morgellons world.  Cheap, good and truly effective.

Now back to those whole peeled lemons in my fridge. In the morning or when ever it sounds good I will cut one in half and squeeze it into a plain glass of water. That simple little drink is very refreshing (anti fungal and detoxing as well).  I find taking my supplements is much more attractive with a glass of nice lemon water.  This next thing I do is awesome. Take the squeezed lemon peels and set them in the bathroom. I also keep a shaker of baking soda in the bath.  I will take a half of lemon and squeeze liquid soap on the flat in and then sprinkle it with baking soda. the lemon soap and baking soda combo gets the plaque off your face ( it saved my skin and helped get the stuff out..keep at it fro results). It is also the best way I know of to start getting rid of that pigmentation so many of us are having problems with. The lemon makes a nice soft sponge to  really get the emulsions going and it is smooth too.

A few more things about the lemon and vinegar before I move on to the meat and potatoes of this post:

I don’t want to tell you all the amazing things about apple cider vin. because a lot of you already know. I also don’t want to spend my time regurgitating information. Though just a reminder to me and everyone lemon and vinegar are effective antifungals. In the beginning of Morgellons when I was very sick, I was trying all kinds of things I had read and heard about that others were doing for Morgellons.  I never slacked off using lemons but I did for a while on the apple cider vinegar. When I got a little more settled and well and into a routine, I brought ACV back into my life. I have to say it keeps me regular and my tummy flat. I did try the apple cider ACV tablets but found them no where nearly as effective as knocking a shot of ACV back. When you have it on the lemon peels in the fridge it is much easier and you will be more inclined to do it everyday and through out the day.  Also I really pack those peels in so the ACV gets real lemony. It goes fast because of all the peels in there so I just keep topping it off with ACV and shake it up well.

OK! The above is  a few simple ingredients  that we can do several things with and are inexpensive, easily obtained grocery store food times. DO NOT underestimate their effectiveness.  They are really effective morgellons weapons. They just need to be taken day in and day out (like any kind of medicine does for a real bad infection..right?).  I was thinking about how there are so many foods that are actually very lethal for infections. There are also foods that fight infection but also help the gut.  We have foods that are excellent fibers sources and foods that are pre and pro biotc in nature.

My idea with this post is that together we build an arsenal.  Yep! Together we can consider all the most medicinal foods that have broad spectrum use (i.e.: antifugnal, bacterial, fiber rich, detoxifying, flora building, blood cleansing on so on…).

Most of us already have a good idea what these excellent foods are but in the craziness of fighting our illness we don’t apply them so often and are mushy brains forget. Sometimes we get these good foods and they go bad or don’t get used. What I am proposing that we, together start listing single ingredients that we and anyone can easily obtain. These ingredients should not be expensive or hard to find so that any of us can get a hold of them no matter our income or place on the planet. As we list these ingredients we can as a group decide which we want to incorporate into recipes and meals.  As the comments of this post develop I am thinking we can put together a week of lethal eating. Complete meals that we can build a shopping list for and then eventually work into a 30 day meal plan. I am even thinking that this could eventually be put into a pdf and printed to keep in the kitchen. So all of you, we first want to start considering the foods that are good but also that we can all get.  Green papayas are so good but not practical. We also have to consider economics. It would be nice if most people could get a hold of these foods and enjoy or at least learn to enjoy. Many people can not afford organic food. So it would be good to choose produce types that are not part of the “dirty dozen”. Foods that are less bad when they are not organic. Those that can afford organic or have reasonable access to it, well of course thats first choice. Anther thing we should keep in mind is “patient friendly food”, you know, easy to prepare.  I really think this could be a valuable contribution to the morgellons community. I think it would be best to start by listing foods, ingredients etc that fit the above criteria. For example, garlic. Garlic is an over all winner. So in the comments here lets get listing our weapons of choice as we set out to build meals and then a meal plan. In following posts I will gather all our single ingredients and list them. I will then in another post put that list up and from there we will develop simple recipes. Next we can work that into a weekly meal plan and based on that make a shopping list.  I feel like this can evolve into something incredibly helpful for us and many others. It might take  a little while but we have to start some where. I will work all our ideas into several posts and I think that we as a group will end up with something great. We can all sign our names on it and give it to the morgellons communtity as christmas e card maybe? What do you think?

“If I Ever Leave This World Alive”

I am a Bio Weapon and You Are Too

I used to feel like a walking bio weapon because I have Morgellons. I did a lot worrying because my sister had it years before I did then one day I woke up with all the strange skin manifestations. I had lesions that would not heal and strange fibers and little black flecks come out of the sores and even intact skin. This stuff came out of every part of me.  In addition to my sister and I having this condition a very close friend also developed all the itching and then her skin went south too.  Right around when all this craziness started I adopted a beautiful healthy young dog. After hanging out with me and in my house for about a year he developed all the too familiar  skin problems, itching, lesions and ear and eye infections.

So you can imagine it is easy for me to believe that this thing we call morgellons could  be contagious.  No one knows for sure but I chose and still choose to ere on the side of caution. It was horrific for me to go through morgellons but if another person or animal I loved (or didn’t even know) got this from me after I knew better but chose to take no precautions, it would be a new level of insult to injury. I quarantined myself and my dog as well as I could.  It is a strange thing when you are sick and you know it but the people around you are telling you it is probably in your head.  Then when they see your sores they stay away (smart of them), but how can both happen? You say there is nothing wrong with me. You say it is in my head? The Doctor, he says I am delusional and I need medicine for my head, but he tells me all this as he keeps his distance from me in the corner of his office.

One of the first of bio weapon scenarios in history was probably when in medieval times they tossed dead plague victims over city walls of those they  were fighting with. I don’t even have to write about our own countries dark history when it comes to using humans and bio contagions with out our consent or knowledge.

There is a lot of talk in the Morgellons community about bio weapons and genetically modified organisms. I am not dismissing any of that but this post is not really about that.

Whether all of the above has any merit or not it is no matter. I still believe I am a bio weapon. You the reader, you’re probably a bio weapon too.  We are alive and we destroy. What have you destroyed today? Look around and I know you will find something you’ve annihilated  Have you been a positive influence in someones life?  Pat yourself on the back because you destroy insecurity.  Does your  dog wag his tail and make people smile? I think my dog might be one of the most lethal bio weapons around. I know for sure he is a destroyer of loneliness. Loneliness and depression does not have a chance when bunny is in the room.

Now lets talk a little about contagion.  I remember how angry I was when that doctor stood in the corner and told me there was nothing wrong with me.  The nurse walked in and almost fell backwards after she got a look at my face and backed up real quick! I don’t think I gave them anything but I know for a fact I caught something from them. I caught that doctors  bad attitude and I caught the nurses fear. I walked out of that office angry and afraid.  Late in my illness I was also reinfected again by some of the treatment from family members. I was a walking time bomb. Thankfully I was able to defuse myself. I was also able to recover from the highly infective rage that seems to be going around. I do find that the sadness I acquired has been especially tenacious and difficult to eradicate.   I don’t know if it will ever completely leave so I do  a lot in the way of maintenance. I spend time in nature, I respond to kind people and I pet my dog.

To  be clear I will say again,  you are very much a bio weapon.  Everything we say, do and believe has power to lay siege, for good or for bad,  and everyday you have the power to be the antidote for yourself and your world. This is not all hippy dippy love stuff I am talking about. While it can have much love in it, you need some fierce soldier like qualities.  Guard your thoughts.   Fear is an especially dangerous, relentless and contagious infection. It frequently tries to get back into your life.  The good news is that after a little practice you can build an immunity of sorts to it.

While you might not be able to get away from trying family situations it is important to make yourself as stress free as possible. If you have someone or something in your life that causes you stress you need to separate yourself from it. Whether it is a lamp that keeps breaking or a stressful person. You might not be able to get rid of the person but you can try and protect yourself mentally. Guard your self as well as you can. It really will help to expedite your healing journey. Morgellons is sort of like New York, if you can make it there you can make it anywhere.

What kinds of things are some of you doing to try and keep your stress down?  Sometimes when I have had it I simply go on youtube and put “talking dogs and cats” in the search. It’s funny stuff.

“Diamond Teeth”

This one goes in the “switch over”  section. Most of you already use a non fluoridated toothpaste. I wanted to put this up real quick anyway. Like always I don’t like suggesting expensive things or suggesting people to run and buy lots of stuff. I really believe this is a great deal and most of us buy toothpaste already.  Morgellons caused me a lot of problems with my teeth. Even causing me to have several  pulled because they cracked at the root in teeth without cavities.

Oral hygiene is very important  for both Morgellons and Lyme sufferers. I make my own mouthwash with various ingredients.  Into a distilled water base I will add colloidal silver, drops of various essential oil or use a homemade tinctures of cinnamon, sage, and rosemary. Homemade tinctures are a bargain and I will write about that in a separate post because they are a huge bang for the buck, so E-Z to make, and you can use them for almost every facet of morgellons self care. Another thing to think about is swishing plain kefir or yogurt around in your mouth after you floss, brush and mouth wash (to repopulate the flora in your mouth). I learned about that from the ILADS site.

Vicco is an Ayurvedic toothpaste that taste great. For $4.50 you can get a tube and it is concentrated so it lasts longer then the other stuff. Plus it is designed to help teeth and gums. Even if your teeth and gums are fine it is probably a good idea to take fluoride out of the picture. Another option is to make your own toothpaste with a coconut oil base and various ingredients like baking soda and a few drops of cinnamon, peppermint and or clove oil. You can put it in one of those plastic picnic squeeze bottles. Even using plain baking soda it  is a better choice then regular commercial toothpaste.

From the Vicco website:

“Vicco Toothpaste contains more than 20 herbal extracts.  These herbal extracts are chosen for their beneficial effect on the teeth or the gums.  Vicco is made from herbs, barks, roots and flowers, not from artificial chemicals.  In fact, Vicco Toothpaste is formulated to include a number of extraordinary herbs which have a significant action on the gums.  You can feel the tingle as you brush as the astringent, tightening action of the herbs go to work.  Vicco Toothpaste includes the famous Ayurvedic herb called Vajradanti, which, when translated, means “diamond teeth.”  It contains no artificial ingredients, no harsh abrasives, no fluoride.”

I found a place online where they sell it for $4.50.  On amazon and other places it is more like $7.00. I would go for the $4.50 price (right!?)