Enzymes on the Cheap

by Living With Morgellons



I try and only suggest items that are effective and extremely affordable. This is one of them. Follow link to find one pound of organic green papaya powder. Thats a whole lot of enzymes for 22 bucks. This can be used internally and topically. Avoid heat as heat will destroy the enzymes. You can put this powder into capsules or mix into liquid and drink. You can mix this into a paste for a mask or poultice. You can highly dilute into distilled water and use as a spritz.  And don’t forget to mix it into  coconut oil for an AWESOME skin healer and beautifier. You may also use this powder to tenderize tougher cuts of meat.

A cool little experiment you can do in your own kitchen to test the effectiveness of enzymes is to the take two small bowls of meat. In one put enzymes. In the other put nothing. Wait an hour or so then cook or grill. You will be astounded to see with your owns eyes how effective enzymes are.  Fresh papaya has the same effect. When I eat  fresh papaya (ripe or unripe) I will put the peels and the seeds into a meat marinade. It only takes a short time. If you let it sit on the meat too long your meat will almost dissolve on the grill (no joke!)

You might consider taking papaya powder with your other supplements to make them work better. Do not use if you are pregnant. As always this is not medical advice. I am only sharing some “thoughts” and “things”  that helped me recover.