by Living With Morgellons



Now that I am better I am following through on the many complaints I have with past medical care. It has been a pain because I have stacks of medical records to go through that I have been carrying around with me. Also much of worst encounters I had were with Los Angeles County Health and I now live in the United Kingdom.  I have been unable to reach them by phone and all three of my emails to them have been ignored. I am only searching for a contact to lodge a complaint. My sister is helping me out by tracking down the name of the person to which I may direct it. I know none of this is very exciting for you guys but for me it makes it easier to keep track of things. Also it can never hurt to make the correspondence public. That is if I  even get a name to correspond with. the excerpt from my account below might not seem that bad but please know it is only a excerpt. It went on and on. It was a real joke actually. At the end of it they would not allow me care until I followed through on the “psych” diagnoses but the “psych people” would not see me because they said I was “fine”. Does anyone see a problem here? OK I know you do and I know many of you are dealing with these very same issues. I am following through on all this because it needs to end. I have been very lucky and have received some fine medical care and I have recovered. I only now need to go back and set a few things straight in a few places. I do this not to be vindictive but in hopes that I can make a difference for a person that finds themselves in the same situation I did.  The run around that I was put on set me back very far. They took time from me that I did not have. I might not have had to get as sick as I did. In the end I was so sick I was begging to have my life saved.  Why did it take so long? I guess it is just “the system”. If that is a fact then it is also a fact that the system has to change.


 Rough Draft letter of complaint regarding DR kazubowski and Dr Zaidi  at  Hudson Claude Comprehensive  Health Center, 2929 South Grand Ave, Los  angeles, California 90007  (213) 744 5226



I sought medical attention in July 2009 for health issues.  To date I have not even been given a  physical. Additionally i have been run ragged by your staff  and doctors.  


In July  I saw Dr. kazubowski. He ordered lab work, blood, urine and stool samples.

No stool sample receptacles were given to me. I was told buy the man in the lab that drew my blood to use “any receptacle”.


As instructed i brought my three separate stool samples in “any receptacle” and I was told off by the woman at your lab for having done it wrong.  To be fair when I told her it was her co worker that told me to do this, she did seem appalled by his mistake. She  then told me to go home and call Dr. k to authorize  the proper receptacles.


I returned home and telephoned Dr. k. and he told me I must return and pick up the receptacles from a nurse. 

The next day I go back and tell the nurse “I am here to pick up the three proper receptacles for the stool sample that Dr. K  ordered”.  She gives me ONE receptacle. I asked her to give me three as that is what  Dr. K ordered.  She refused. I leave with the ONE receptacle.


Another day I return with the ONE receptacle. the lab work goes through. One week later Dr. k telephoned me and told me that I had protein in my urine,  thyroid issues and a bladder infection and  I needed to come in for antibiotics and  further thyroid testing and also that i needed to submit more than ONE STOOLE SAMPLE.



On the next trip to your facility to pick up the “THREE PROPER RECEPTACLES” ( as I was told to do by Dr. K)  the  nurse told me she would not give me the receptacles and that I also needed to see Dr. K again, if I wanted the receptacles. I waited an hour and then was told he was not there.  I left without the receptacles again.


 Next trip to your facility on September 11th 2009 to try again to get those receptacles to complete the original lab work that was ordered in July.  This time I had the misfortune of speaking with Dr. Zaidi.  I told him clearly to look on my medical records as I was there to pick up the receptacles that Dr. k had ordered.  Dr. Zaidi had me come into the office where he questioned me on various things like my living arrangements.  He then  asked me had I ever been in a psychiatric hospital and I told him I had not  and pressed him to call Dr  K as I was there to pick  up the proper receptacles to complete lab work that was ordered in July. He laughed  and asked bluntly “why are you here?”  before i could answer he said “you don’t belong here”.  


He continued asking me questions like did I have a regular physician. I told him yes and her name was Dr. Si Li  . He asked me where she worked. I told him “her clinic is on  Logan Street in Echo Park”. He laughed a little more and I soon realized he wasn’t asking because he wanted to know.  He was asking because he was sure I  was  for whatever reason making this stuff up.  Quickly I just want to ask, could he have not called Dr K or bothered to read my medical records? Isn’t  that what doctors do.? If he had bothered to read my records he would have seen your staff has been giving me the run around.   If he didn’t believe me when I said my regular physician was Dr Si Li, could he not have called her? I did give him her name and location of her clinic (he asked).

 Then Dr. Zaidi told me “You need to see a doctor upstairs and I  will push for an early appointment”.  He also told me “I WILL NOT GIVE YOU THE RECEPTACLES BECAUSE I WILL NOT BE FOLLOWING UP ON THIS”.  Also he said  “Wait in the lobby then talk to the nurse”. I waited for over an hour then went back to the nurse and she told me ” YOU DONT HAVE AN APPOINTMENT UPSTAIRS AND I DONT KNOW WHY DR ZAIDI TOLD YOU THAT BECAUSE  HE DOES NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO DO THAT”.  


 When I gave her my name she found my  CHART AND ON IT  DR ZAIDI  HAD WRITTEN THE FOLLOWING:  PSYCH D/O.   I am enclosing a scanned copy of the sheet.



 The next day I call Dr. K again  and  told  him the care from  him and your facility was seriously lacking. I told him about the multiple attempts to get the proper receptacles. I begged  him to please follow through  on the lab work he ordered. I reminded him at his point that he has not even seen me to discuss all the problems the first part of the lab work back in July revealed (thyroid issues, bladder infection and protein in my urine). I also told  him I had  yet to find a staff member at the facility that will give me the PROPER RECEPTACLES. He told me clearly to come in the next day and we could  discuss this matter in his office. 



 September 29th 2009 

Today i returned  to  your facility as Dr K instructed. He is not in. I was however  given the receptacles with no instructions by a staff nurse. I  have them in my possession as I write this.  If you have been following this letter you understand that it  has  taken me a multitude of telephone calls and no less than six visits with the the sole intention of acquiring the proper stool sample kit which was ordered back in July. I  am wondering if this basic lab work will ever go through.



August, 16th 2012:

To whom it may concern:


So all this was some time and the above is only a small excerpt of my account of what I experienced from your facility.  I encountered a number of problems with Three doctors on your staff. I was very ill for quit some time but finally found the proper medical care and have recovered. Now that I am well I am going back to address the many problems I had with your facility.   I am at this point requesting all my medical records that you have for me, including visit dates, with all doctor I saw and all my lab results. please instruct me as to how I can obtain these things.  I live in the United Kingdom so it is not possible at this time for me too visit your facility in person.


Also please note I have sent a number of emails requesting this information and received nothing in reply.  I am sending this letter to the administration on the second floor via certified mail.  Let me be clear, I am requesting the name of the person and contact information from your facility that handles formal complaints. Please send this information to me by email and / or post.  When you provide me with the name and contact I will provide to them much more specific details in regards to this complaint.My contact information is below.  

Sincerely, Tina Engressia