“Salt of The Earth”

by Living With Morgellons



I guess I really just want to get this one up because I feel it is a really simple, inexpensive “switch over” that is also important. I know I said I was going to talk about eggs next but I want to get salt off (or rather on) the table because it is something we use so much of and so often. Most of you reading this are probably already off refined salt and using unrefined salt.  Still I want to get my two cents in on the salt thing because I write this for my family too and hope that these little reminders will help them to remember to make these little choices that can mean so much.


The regular salt that we find in the grocery stores has been refined and stripped of over 80 some odd minerals it can have in it. They reduce it to sodium chloride and then put a little iodide back in. They also put anti caking agents into so it will flow nicely. They are not required to list this on the package either.

The major difference between refined table salt and unrefined salt is that the refined salt is empty while the unrefined salt contains over 80 minerals. At this point you could say well I get my minerals from my vegetables and you are right but the vegetables get their minerals from the dirt and the dirt is not what it used to be because of industrialized farming. Gardeners know that your plants are only as good as your dirt is. This subject is a whole big topic and minerals are itsy bitsy tiny things thing that are hugely important. You don’t need a huge amount of most of them but you need them. 

I am going to put a video below where Dr Mercola talks about  salt. I love Mercola. Any rebel doctor is a hero in my book. I will let him tell you because he can tell you better than I can. Plus he’s a doctor and I’m not. I do however have some pretty sophisticated  taste buds though and they tell me that the unrefined salt tastes better.  It is such an easy and inexpensive switch over. Why not do it. In addition to using Himalayan salt I also use organic black pepper corns. It’s a real treat because ground pepper makes everything taste so much better than the old dried up ground black pepper. For me because I cook so much having good salt and paper in the kitchen is a big deal. It is a switch over that makes me happy all day long. I put both my Himalayan salt and pepper corns in grinders. The grinders I like are the ones that are easy to fill. They don’t have that long piece running down to the bottom. You just screw the lid off and put the salt crystals or pepper corns in with no fumbling. It makes a big difference in the frustration factor. In the picture above you can see my cool red topped grinders. I bought them on amazon and for only  7 pounds I got 2 grinders. That is about 10 American dollars. I also buy the big bags and boxes of the Himalayan salt an organic pepper corns because i save money and time. I like Celtic grey salt but Himalayan pink salt is the best bang for the buck. Ok here is Mercola talking about salt.