“It Doesn’t Take a Chicken to Know an Egg”

by Living With Morgellons

While it is true my Lyme treatment definitely knocked a whole lot of stuff (infections) off the table for me, I still believe that it was and is my diet and herbal supplementation that sealed the deal.  I am a true believer in herbal medicine but you will never hear me say we don’t need doctors and their medicine. In fact one of the biggest things that I see wrong and am hoping to help change is the down right inhumane practice of not letting someone with Morgellons or Lyme have medical care. It’s a freaking disgrace. My face just heated up a little thinking about it.  I am not sure how I will help change this but I can do my best to raise awareness. For now I will just keep talking until I think of something better.

When I talk about diet and herbal supplementation I am not saying It should be “instead” of medical care. It is however an awesome addition.  I believe the ultimate in medical care is when you can find a good integrative doctor. I believe a true healer will use everything at their disposal to make you better. Morgellons and Lyme are monsters and  for me it felt like it almost did take everything.  I did the herbs, silver, diet  and detox strategies. My Lyme doctor hit me hard with some very powerful medicine. I supported and still support my immune system the whole time. In truth it really isn’t a doctor’s job to teach you how to eat or supplement.  I blame the government for the lack of information given to the public in regards to the safety of food and a lot of medicine too.

Now that I am healthy it is easy for me to forget about all those IV’s, medications and emergency room visits I had that probably saved my life. It is easy for me to forget about the 3 month supply of Rocephin and hyper dermic  needles I have stashed under my bed. Yes, I stocked up on my meds  and I would not hesitate for a moment to use them again if I needed them. If you saw what I  coughed out of my lungs after just a few days into Lyme treatment you would understand my respect for what a good doctor and their big guns can do.  I had a lung infection that would not budge. It went on and off. Sometimes it wasn’t too bad but it would not leave. It’s gone now, thank you very much doctor!

Truly though don’t feel like I  would have been able to handle my Lyme treatment if I was not so physically prepped for it. I had for many months before started detox, herbal  and diet strategies to bring my microbial load down, bolster my immunity and strength. In my Lyme treatment I seriously got my @*& kicked all over the place. It was hard-core. It is also my feeling though that it varies hugely for everyone. Not only in if it will work but how well and how soon. That’s probably why I don’t talk a lot about my Lyme treatment on this blog. I feel like what my doctor did for me is really not that useful of information for much of anyone else because we probably don’t even have the same infections or microbial load. Lyme is some crazy stuff. Lyme treatment is a personal and complicated thing to each individual. I also have no idea if my Lyme treatment helped me to be beat Morgellons. The only thing I can say for sure is that in all the stuff I did I was able to  lower my load of infection to a point that I felt healthy and happy again. It was a lot of stuff and I kept applying and over lapping much of my strategies.

The reason I write about food and natural stuff is because I know about it and I believe in it.  Also I saw the power and potential of these strategies working for me. It was life changing. I say this even coming from a person that has always had a decent diet too. I bring my distrust of genetically modified food up a lot because I do believe that there is enough data to show that it lowers immunity and much more.  I won’t eat it anymore. I don’t have to worry too much about accidentally eating it here in the UK because we have labeling laws . I am thankful for that.  I am not saying directly that a GMO  (food or microbe)  gives you  Morgellons but I don’t think you get sick strictly from any one thing.  If a tree fell on you and broke your arm, you could say exactly “a tree fell on me and…”. In chronic illness it’s unfortunately not so clear. One person can carry an infection and not be sick while another has it and is disabled. We have everything from genetics to environment involved.  The human body is an incredibly complicated place. We have some amazing science, researchers and doctors but no matter how good your medical care is the fact is your body is built and it operates based on the fuel and the sustenance it is given. If the raw materials are not in your body for it to perform the mind-boggling act of keeping you alive and kicking, you will be compromised. Maybe you have enough to not be super sick or enough to survive but to thrive you need to give your body what it needs. What exactly those needs are science is learning almost on a daily basis.

Science is an excellent thing. Here is where I am going to piss a few people off..(maybe). Everything we think we know in science is never complete.  All of our science is theory. To be fair yes it is the most current and accurate best guess we have but that’s almost all it is, a guess. today’s theories will be tomorrows “well that’s what we used to think”.  To further back up what I am saying I will simply ask one question. If we know so much then why are some of us still so sick?

The truth is we don’t know.  Scientific fact is subject to change. It will change based on tomorrow’s science.  All that being said, where does that leave us. I guess while the scientists are doing their very best to figure out new stuff we all have to use our best instincts combined with the best scientific theory. My instincts tell me that real whole foods are probably the better idea. At least until we have some long-term proof that the new stuff is not a bad idea. I personally don’t have the time to wing it or throw caution to the wind. I already know whole clean food works. I will take my chance with the stuff that worked for all the people who came before me. For me that is long-term proof. My heart tells me that all these immune disorders and persistent chronic infections that are on the rise has something to do with all the “somethings” that have changed.  Food is a big “something” that has changed. Things have been taken out of it and stuff has been added to it and now on top of that the genetic structure is changing. So when I say the eggs in the grocery store are wrong you could ask me how do you know that Tina? I have to say, well I am not real sure, but the color isn’t pretty like the eggs I get from the chicken girl in the village. I could also tell you it  doesn’t take a chicken to know an egg.

And there we have the next   “switch over”  that I wanted to write about. Eggs!  I  will save that for the next post though as I have some good info (and pictures too!)