“The Big Switch Over”

by Living With Morgellons

Many things have happened and changed in my life in the last three years and even before that. I got real sick.  I moved out of America. I went back to America, went into Lyme treatment, grabbed my dog and left again. I have been living out of a suitcase for 2 years, 10 months and 22 days.  That is 25, 3444 hours of sleeping on floors, mats and once for month I slept on desk because it felt like the only safe thing around.

To say the least my life has been anything but comfortable. Though I am the first to say I am very lucky. I  landed on my feet on the Island of Ireland with my health, my dog , my former husband, and great new daughter.  She’s really smart. She’s the one that told me how many hours I had been living out of a suitcase. If anyone is interested she just informed me that I been  living out of a suitcase for 1,520,640.  minutes.

The great news is that really soon here I will be parking that suitcase in a closet.  We have not been able to move into our house because while it was empty for 15 or so years someone broke into it and stole the copper water tank.  They broke the window going in and the door down going out. That is not such a big fix. The bigger problems are eliminating the mold and clearing out the junk that  piled up from all the people who spent their holidays there. That probably doesn’t seem like much but you have to understand that Tom is Irish and he has relatives he doesn’t even know.   Apparently when anyone got something new, the old something got dumped at the house.  On top of that we basically had to hack our way in with machetes to take it back from the green clutches of the forest. I am not kidding. It is beautiful though. The property is protected with a great wall of fuchsia, fern, ivy and berry vines and behind that there is an army of trees standing guard. I don’t know whats better, the fact that people can’t  get in or that the dog can’t get out. I guess that’s what you call a win win situation.

The reason I am writing about all this is because I believe it is relevant to the subject of Morgellons  disease.  The obvious part first being how Morgellons tears lives apart.  Morgellons can rip through a life and leave the toughest of us whimpering for our mothers.  In past comments on prior posts I was relieved  to find I was not the only one crying “I WANT MY MOMMY”.

On the other side of that trauma and destruction is the gratitude and the rebuilding. The rebuilding is hard work.  For me I have some literal rebuilding  (getting the house in order) but also there are not many aspects of my old life that have remained the same. All this has not been done just to recover from Lyme and Morgellons.  I have done an off frame, ground up restoration of my life as I endeavor to clean up my yard to hopefully make a favorable impact on my life and the world I live in.  It is a work in progress.

Like many people who found themselves sick with Morgellons  and Lyme disease I spent a huge amount of money that I did not have on medical care, herbs and supplements. Basically I decided most of the food and water available is poison and if it’s not poison it’s empty.  The make up, body products and cleaning supplies are poison. The freaking toothpaste is, well, poison. So I decided to make the big natural switch over.  Many of you reading this know what I am talking about and oh is the switch big. It sucks because at first you have to be an even bigger consumer as you endeavor to consume less of the junk that has somehow become a mainstay in most of our lives. I understand that my choices affect many. If i and enough other people refuse to purchase food and products that are unsafe, the companies that manufacture this garbage will be forced to withdraw.

I thought it would be fun and meaningful to share our stories of “the big natural switch over”. I like the phrase “switch over” instead of “in addition to”. This is because it is a much more sustainable idea and also gets away from the enormous amount of money and consumerism that becomes a part of the Morgellons sufferer’s life.  Switching over doesn’t always mean there has to be something purchased in its place. For instance when you switch over to natural cleaning solutions a small amount of natural products can replace a plethora of smelly, toxic, household cleansers, bath and body products.  Just bringing in a good supply baking soda, borax, vinegar, essential oils and real liquid soap you can eliminate a huge amount of products you buy. There are all kinds of bonus to that too. Less plastic containers in land fills,  reduce your toxic load on your body, kinder to the environment, and lets not forget they work better. You will also stop always running out of stuff and have to run out and buy more. When you can stop buying all this artificial brand name products it is the ultimate rebel yell that says  “all that crap you talk and sell, well, i don’t buy it”.

so in this post and the next couple posts I was hoping to talk about switches we are all making. I would like to start with water. What are some of you doing to get clean water? I got a water distiller.  It cost about 140. pounds and it sits on the counter. Before that I used to purchase the real big jugs of distilled water. I am  one of those people that is highly distrustful of fluoride and chlorine. I use the distilled water for drinking and cooking. Even the dog get’s distilled water now. All that talk about distilled water leaching minerals or the lack of it sounds ridiculous to me. While minerals are enormously important I do not rely on water to supply them. The fact is you get minerals from vegetables.  I will talk about minerals in another post (they are very important). The other thing I will be doing is putting a filter in the bathroom before we move into the house. I still have to look into this but you can pick up some good ones for not too much. I feel good about cooking with and drinking super clean distilled water. It is a basic foundation on which i am building. I don’t want to sound paranoid but until I know for a fact where and how i got Morgellons I feel it is safe to assume it could be anywhere, including the water supply.