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Month: August, 2012

Enzymes on the Cheap



I try and only suggest items that are effective and extremely affordable. This is one of them. Follow link to find one pound of organic green papaya powder. Thats a whole lot of enzymes for 22 bucks. This can be used internally and topically. Avoid heat as heat will destroy the enzymes. You can put this powder into capsules or mix into liquid and drink. You can mix this into a paste for a mask or poultice. You can highly dilute into distilled water and use as a spritz.  And don’t forget to mix it into  coconut oil for an AWESOME skin healer and beautifier. You may also use this powder to tenderize tougher cuts of meat.

A cool little experiment you can do in your own kitchen to test the effectiveness of enzymes is to the take two small bowls of meat. In one put enzymes. In the other put nothing. Wait an hour or so then cook or grill. You will be astounded to see with your owns eyes how effective enzymes are.  Fresh papaya has the same effect. When I eat  fresh papaya (ripe or unripe) I will put the peels and the seeds into a meat marinade. It only takes a short time. If you let it sit on the meat too long your meat will almost dissolve on the grill (no joke!)

You might consider taking papaya powder with your other supplements to make them work better. Do not use if you are pregnant. As always this is not medical advice. I am only sharing some “thoughts” and “things”  that helped me recover.



“Dear Egg Man”


You  may have heard me mention the eggs we get here from the village. There is a fifteen year old girl that keeps chickens and sells the eggs.  They are delicious and beautiful and actually really inexpensive. The girls father delivers them to your door.   I feel really lucky to have access to these super high quality eggs. By the looks of these eggs it is easy to think they are better for me. The girls chickens are not special in anyway except that they just get to be chickens all day long. They cruise around eating bugs and other tiny mysteries. They go in their coop and sleep at night. The next day they will repeat  what they did before, pecking and eyeing and gathering little bits from here and there. I have no idea what they’re thinking. Maybe they aren’t.  Nature is a great and beautiful mystery.

All this doesn’t sound like rocket science or even very exciting but somehow in what seems like random pecking and gathering, these chickens are designing good eggs.  Your best bet to get good eggs is at your local farmers market.

From Mother Nature News:

“The results from Mother Earth News’ latest round of pastured egg nutrient tests are beginning to come in. So far, pastured egg producers are kicking the commercial industry’s butt — woo hoo, go free range! We’ve invested a lot of time and energy over the last few years in researching the differences between the meat and eggs coming out of the commercial industry and those produced by conscientious farmers who let their animals graze on fresh pastures. In the past, we’ve found that eggs from hens raised on pasture, as compared to those commercially raised factory farm eggs, contain:

• 1⁄3 less cholesterol
• 1⁄4 less saturated fat
• 2⁄3 more vitamin A
• 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids
• 3 times more vitamin E
• 7 times more beta carotene

Now we’re looking at vitamin D, which many of us do not get enough of because we don’t spend any time outdoors, and even when we do we use sunscreen that blocks vitamin D production. (More about that here.) Eggs are one of the few food sources of naturally occurring vitamin D, and we wondered if true free-range eggs might be higher in this important vitamin, too. Our latest tests show that pastured eggs have anywhere between 4 to 6 times as much vitamin D as typical supermarket eggs”

Read more:

I was thinking about what eggs mean to our health and how they fit into an organic diet and for a person on the mend like many of us are. I started this blog because i had such amazing success with my diet and returning to health. I wanted to write about food and how the sick person can apply some strategies to accessing and eating better foods. I wanted to concentrate on that area because I realized that sick people often  don’t get good food. Not in a hospital and not at home. When you are sick you are sick.  Gathering and preparing good food  is nearly impossible.  With Morgellons I truly believe that good clean food is going to be one of the biggest areas that the Morgellons sufferer should  invest the little energy they have to go around.  I use my own good  diet and return to health to support this claim. I have nothing to prove. I couldn’t if I wanted to anyway.

As stated, the sick needing to have a better diet then ever before and how we achieve it  while in a compromised state is what I wanted to focus on.  I stray much from that subject because Morgellons  is a complicated subject.  In my mind Morgellons is connected to and affects nearly every aspect of being human.  This  might be why we are seeing the very worst of humanity and the very  best of humanity in all that have to deal with it. I sometimes wonder what the world would be like if everyone had Morgellons or an infliction of similar magnitude. I  sometimes wonder who really is at the top of the food chain. It  seems to me that microbes have been making and breaking the world then making it again for a very long time. So I again have strayed away from and into many subjects.  Morgellons tends to do that to you. I wonder why that is? I will stop now because I just opened another can of worms. Speaking of worms…(just kidding).

High quality eggs might be something you want to focus on when thinking about upgrading your diet.  There is lot’s of evidence that whole organic foods are bringing healing about. I have read that doctors are achieving amazing results when switching their patients to non GMO diets, especially in the chronic and auto immune patients. There are lot of different camps when it comes to what a good diet is. There are those people that believe animal protein is not good for. I am NOT one of those people.   I know that at the height of my illness I craved protein more than ever, specifically red meat and eggs. They made me feel better and I really believe they made my various supplements and herbs work better.

High quality eggs cost more but it’s a good way to get good clean protein when you are “switching over”.  It is a good deal for the sick person because eggs are so versatile. When I was real sick I sometimes ate boiled eggs all day. I was thinking about that earlier today. I forgot how many boiled eggs I ate at times. I did that because you can boil them all at once and get some good protein through out the day. When you are sick not having to cut and slice is great. Eggs have an added bonus of being “already sealed”. If you want packaged fast food that is good, eggs are just that.

This morning I had a couple of soft boiled eggs with good salt and cracked pepper on them.  That simple food always satisfies me. Last night I made a Giant batch of egg salad. Now egg salad seems so basic and it really is. I always make my egg  salad a little diffent using various and different dried and fresh herbs. I like fresh cilantro and loads of crisp diced dill pickle in my egg salad. Sometime I will use fresh dill and use whatever every fresh veg I have to get some crunch in there.  I used to have a boss that was from Uruguay. He preferred his egg salad with curry and olives. It didn’t  sound good to me at first. I learned to love it though.

Last night in my egg salad I used green olives, mustard powder, a little turmeric, purple onions, parsley, mayo and cracked salt and pepper. I think we all liked it because there was none left in the fridge this morning (and it was a massive bowl of egg salad).

Here is a photo of a commercial “high omega egg” compared to a local free range egg :


So due to the incredible egg man the insane amount of eggs he keeps dropping off  I am needless to say making eggs in every way.

Any suggestions?


“Sound, Light, and Vibration”

Thank you David and Sharon for sharing this.

Here’s something that will amaze – it’s the original version of the Christian “Lord’s Prayer.” This was written in Aramaic, then successively translated into Greek, Latin, and English. Here is the direct English translation from the Aramaic:

O Thou Cosmic Birther, from whom the breath of life comes,

Who fills all realms of sound, light, and vibration,

May Your light be experienced in my utmost holiest.

Your Heavenly Domain approaches.

Let Your will come true in the universe just as on earth.

Give us guidance and wisdom for our daily growth,

Detach the fetters of faults that bind us, like we let go the guilt of others.

Let us not be lost in superficial things ,

But let us be freed from that which keeps us from our true purpose.

From You comes the all-working will, the lively strength to act, the song that beautifies all and renews all from age to age.

Sealed in trust, faith, and truth.

I confirm this with my entire being.





Now that I am better I am following through on the many complaints I have with past medical care. It has been a pain because I have stacks of medical records to go through that I have been carrying around with me. Also much of worst encounters I had were with Los Angeles County Health and I now live in the United Kingdom.  I have been unable to reach them by phone and all three of my emails to them have been ignored. I am only searching for a contact to lodge a complaint. My sister is helping me out by tracking down the name of the person to which I may direct it. I know none of this is very exciting for you guys but for me it makes it easier to keep track of things. Also it can never hurt to make the correspondence public. That is if I  even get a name to correspond with. the excerpt from my account below might not seem that bad but please know it is only a excerpt. It went on and on. It was a real joke actually. At the end of it they would not allow me care until I followed through on the “psych” diagnoses but the “psych people” would not see me because they said I was “fine”. Does anyone see a problem here? OK I know you do and I know many of you are dealing with these very same issues. I am following through on all this because it needs to end. I have been very lucky and have received some fine medical care and I have recovered. I only now need to go back and set a few things straight in a few places. I do this not to be vindictive but in hopes that I can make a difference for a person that finds themselves in the same situation I did.  The run around that I was put on set me back very far. They took time from me that I did not have. I might not have had to get as sick as I did. In the end I was so sick I was begging to have my life saved.  Why did it take so long? I guess it is just “the system”. If that is a fact then it is also a fact that the system has to change.


 Rough Draft letter of complaint regarding DR kazubowski and Dr Zaidi  at  Hudson Claude Comprehensive  Health Center, 2929 South Grand Ave, Los  angeles, California 90007  (213) 744 5226



I sought medical attention in July 2009 for health issues.  To date I have not even been given a  physical. Additionally i have been run ragged by your staff  and doctors.  


In July  I saw Dr. kazubowski. He ordered lab work, blood, urine and stool samples.

No stool sample receptacles were given to me. I was told buy the man in the lab that drew my blood to use “any receptacle”.


As instructed i brought my three separate stool samples in “any receptacle” and I was told off by the woman at your lab for having done it wrong.  To be fair when I told her it was her co worker that told me to do this, she did seem appalled by his mistake. She  then told me to go home and call Dr. k to authorize  the proper receptacles.


I returned home and telephoned Dr. k. and he told me I must return and pick up the receptacles from a nurse. 

The next day I go back and tell the nurse “I am here to pick up the three proper receptacles for the stool sample that Dr. K  ordered”.  She gives me ONE receptacle. I asked her to give me three as that is what  Dr. K ordered.  She refused. I leave with the ONE receptacle.


Another day I return with the ONE receptacle. the lab work goes through. One week later Dr. k telephoned me and told me that I had protein in my urine,  thyroid issues and a bladder infection and  I needed to come in for antibiotics and  further thyroid testing and also that i needed to submit more than ONE STOOLE SAMPLE.



On the next trip to your facility to pick up the “THREE PROPER RECEPTACLES” ( as I was told to do by Dr. K)  the  nurse told me she would not give me the receptacles and that I also needed to see Dr. K again, if I wanted the receptacles. I waited an hour and then was told he was not there.  I left without the receptacles again.


 Next trip to your facility on September 11th 2009 to try again to get those receptacles to complete the original lab work that was ordered in July.  This time I had the misfortune of speaking with Dr. Zaidi.  I told him clearly to look on my medical records as I was there to pick up the receptacles that Dr. k had ordered.  Dr. Zaidi had me come into the office where he questioned me on various things like my living arrangements.  He then  asked me had I ever been in a psychiatric hospital and I told him I had not  and pressed him to call Dr  K as I was there to pick  up the proper receptacles to complete lab work that was ordered in July. He laughed  and asked bluntly “why are you here?”  before i could answer he said “you don’t belong here”.  


He continued asking me questions like did I have a regular physician. I told him yes and her name was Dr. Si Li  . He asked me where she worked. I told him “her clinic is on  Logan Street in Echo Park”. He laughed a little more and I soon realized he wasn’t asking because he wanted to know.  He was asking because he was sure I  was  for whatever reason making this stuff up.  Quickly I just want to ask, could he have not called Dr K or bothered to read my medical records? Isn’t  that what doctors do.? If he had bothered to read my records he would have seen your staff has been giving me the run around.   If he didn’t believe me when I said my regular physician was Dr Si Li, could he not have called her? I did give him her name and location of her clinic (he asked).

 Then Dr. Zaidi told me “You need to see a doctor upstairs and I  will push for an early appointment”.  He also told me “I WILL NOT GIVE YOU THE RECEPTACLES BECAUSE I WILL NOT BE FOLLOWING UP ON THIS”.  Also he said  “Wait in the lobby then talk to the nurse”. I waited for over an hour then went back to the nurse and she told me ” YOU DONT HAVE AN APPOINTMENT UPSTAIRS AND I DONT KNOW WHY DR ZAIDI TOLD YOU THAT BECAUSE  HE DOES NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO DO THAT”.  


 When I gave her my name she found my  CHART AND ON IT  DR ZAIDI  HAD WRITTEN THE FOLLOWING:  PSYCH D/O.   I am enclosing a scanned copy of the sheet.



 The next day I call Dr. K again  and  told  him the care from  him and your facility was seriously lacking. I told him about the multiple attempts to get the proper receptacles. I begged  him to please follow through  on the lab work he ordered. I reminded him at his point that he has not even seen me to discuss all the problems the first part of the lab work back in July revealed (thyroid issues, bladder infection and protein in my urine). I also told  him I had  yet to find a staff member at the facility that will give me the PROPER RECEPTACLES. He told me clearly to come in the next day and we could  discuss this matter in his office. 



 September 29th 2009 

Today i returned  to  your facility as Dr K instructed. He is not in. I was however  given the receptacles with no instructions by a staff nurse. I  have them in my possession as I write this.  If you have been following this letter you understand that it  has  taken me a multitude of telephone calls and no less than six visits with the the sole intention of acquiring the proper stool sample kit which was ordered back in July. I  am wondering if this basic lab work will ever go through.



August, 16th 2012:

To whom it may concern:


So all this was some time and the above is only a small excerpt of my account of what I experienced from your facility.  I encountered a number of problems with Three doctors on your staff. I was very ill for quit some time but finally found the proper medical care and have recovered. Now that I am well I am going back to address the many problems I had with your facility.   I am at this point requesting all my medical records that you have for me, including visit dates, with all doctor I saw and all my lab results. please instruct me as to how I can obtain these things.  I live in the United Kingdom so it is not possible at this time for me too visit your facility in person.


Also please note I have sent a number of emails requesting this information and received nothing in reply.  I am sending this letter to the administration on the second floor via certified mail.  Let me be clear, I am requesting the name of the person and contact information from your facility that handles formal complaints. Please send this information to me by email and / or post.  When you provide me with the name and contact I will provide to them much more specific details in regards to this complaint.My contact information is below.  

Sincerely, Tina Engressia


“Salt of The Earth”



I guess I really just want to get this one up because I feel it is a really simple, inexpensive “switch over” that is also important. I know I said I was going to talk about eggs next but I want to get salt off (or rather on) the table because it is something we use so much of and so often. Most of you reading this are probably already off refined salt and using unrefined salt.  Still I want to get my two cents in on the salt thing because I write this for my family too and hope that these little reminders will help them to remember to make these little choices that can mean so much.


The regular salt that we find in the grocery stores has been refined and stripped of over 80 some odd minerals it can have in it. They reduce it to sodium chloride and then put a little iodide back in. They also put anti caking agents into so it will flow nicely. They are not required to list this on the package either.

The major difference between refined table salt and unrefined salt is that the refined salt is empty while the unrefined salt contains over 80 minerals. At this point you could say well I get my minerals from my vegetables and you are right but the vegetables get their minerals from the dirt and the dirt is not what it used to be because of industrialized farming. Gardeners know that your plants are only as good as your dirt is. This subject is a whole big topic and minerals are itsy bitsy tiny things thing that are hugely important. You don’t need a huge amount of most of them but you need them. 

I am going to put a video below where Dr Mercola talks about  salt. I love Mercola. Any rebel doctor is a hero in my book. I will let him tell you because he can tell you better than I can. Plus he’s a doctor and I’m not. I do however have some pretty sophisticated  taste buds though and they tell me that the unrefined salt tastes better.  It is such an easy and inexpensive switch over. Why not do it. In addition to using Himalayan salt I also use organic black pepper corns. It’s a real treat because ground pepper makes everything taste so much better than the old dried up ground black pepper. For me because I cook so much having good salt and paper in the kitchen is a big deal. It is a switch over that makes me happy all day long. I put both my Himalayan salt and pepper corns in grinders. The grinders I like are the ones that are easy to fill. They don’t have that long piece running down to the bottom. You just screw the lid off and put the salt crystals or pepper corns in with no fumbling. It makes a big difference in the frustration factor. In the picture above you can see my cool red topped grinders. I bought them on amazon and for only  7 pounds I got 2 grinders. That is about 10 American dollars. I also buy the big bags and boxes of the Himalayan salt an organic pepper corns because i save money and time. I like Celtic grey salt but Himalayan pink salt is the best bang for the buck. Ok here is Mercola talking about salt.

“It Doesn’t Take a Chicken to Know an Egg”

While it is true my Lyme treatment definitely knocked a whole lot of stuff (infections) off the table for me, I still believe that it was and is my diet and herbal supplementation that sealed the deal.  I am a true believer in herbal medicine but you will never hear me say we don’t need doctors and their medicine. In fact one of the biggest things that I see wrong and am hoping to help change is the down right inhumane practice of not letting someone with Morgellons or Lyme have medical care. It’s a freaking disgrace. My face just heated up a little thinking about it.  I am not sure how I will help change this but I can do my best to raise awareness. For now I will just keep talking until I think of something better.

When I talk about diet and herbal supplementation I am not saying It should be “instead” of medical care. It is however an awesome addition.  I believe the ultimate in medical care is when you can find a good integrative doctor. I believe a true healer will use everything at their disposal to make you better. Morgellons and Lyme are monsters and  for me it felt like it almost did take everything.  I did the herbs, silver, diet  and detox strategies. My Lyme doctor hit me hard with some very powerful medicine. I supported and still support my immune system the whole time. In truth it really isn’t a doctor’s job to teach you how to eat or supplement.  I blame the government for the lack of information given to the public in regards to the safety of food and a lot of medicine too.

Now that I am healthy it is easy for me to forget about all those IV’s, medications and emergency room visits I had that probably saved my life. It is easy for me to forget about the 3 month supply of Rocephin and hyper dermic  needles I have stashed under my bed. Yes, I stocked up on my meds  and I would not hesitate for a moment to use them again if I needed them. If you saw what I  coughed out of my lungs after just a few days into Lyme treatment you would understand my respect for what a good doctor and their big guns can do.  I had a lung infection that would not budge. It went on and off. Sometimes it wasn’t too bad but it would not leave. It’s gone now, thank you very much doctor!

Truly though don’t feel like I  would have been able to handle my Lyme treatment if I was not so physically prepped for it. I had for many months before started detox, herbal  and diet strategies to bring my microbial load down, bolster my immunity and strength. In my Lyme treatment I seriously got my @*& kicked all over the place. It was hard-core. It is also my feeling though that it varies hugely for everyone. Not only in if it will work but how well and how soon. That’s probably why I don’t talk a lot about my Lyme treatment on this blog. I feel like what my doctor did for me is really not that useful of information for much of anyone else because we probably don’t even have the same infections or microbial load. Lyme is some crazy stuff. Lyme treatment is a personal and complicated thing to each individual. I also have no idea if my Lyme treatment helped me to be beat Morgellons. The only thing I can say for sure is that in all the stuff I did I was able to  lower my load of infection to a point that I felt healthy and happy again. It was a lot of stuff and I kept applying and over lapping much of my strategies.

The reason I write about food and natural stuff is because I know about it and I believe in it.  Also I saw the power and potential of these strategies working for me. It was life changing. I say this even coming from a person that has always had a decent diet too. I bring my distrust of genetically modified food up a lot because I do believe that there is enough data to show that it lowers immunity and much more.  I won’t eat it anymore. I don’t have to worry too much about accidentally eating it here in the UK because we have labeling laws . I am thankful for that.  I am not saying directly that a GMO  (food or microbe)  gives you  Morgellons but I don’t think you get sick strictly from any one thing.  If a tree fell on you and broke your arm, you could say exactly “a tree fell on me and…”. In chronic illness it’s unfortunately not so clear. One person can carry an infection and not be sick while another has it and is disabled. We have everything from genetics to environment involved.  The human body is an incredibly complicated place. We have some amazing science, researchers and doctors but no matter how good your medical care is the fact is your body is built and it operates based on the fuel and the sustenance it is given. If the raw materials are not in your body for it to perform the mind-boggling act of keeping you alive and kicking, you will be compromised. Maybe you have enough to not be super sick or enough to survive but to thrive you need to give your body what it needs. What exactly those needs are science is learning almost on a daily basis.

Science is an excellent thing. Here is where I am going to piss a few people off..(maybe). Everything we think we know in science is never complete.  All of our science is theory. To be fair yes it is the most current and accurate best guess we have but that’s almost all it is, a guess. today’s theories will be tomorrows “well that’s what we used to think”.  To further back up what I am saying I will simply ask one question. If we know so much then why are some of us still so sick?

The truth is we don’t know.  Scientific fact is subject to change. It will change based on tomorrow’s science.  All that being said, where does that leave us. I guess while the scientists are doing their very best to figure out new stuff we all have to use our best instincts combined with the best scientific theory. My instincts tell me that real whole foods are probably the better idea. At least until we have some long-term proof that the new stuff is not a bad idea. I personally don’t have the time to wing it or throw caution to the wind. I already know whole clean food works. I will take my chance with the stuff that worked for all the people who came before me. For me that is long-term proof. My heart tells me that all these immune disorders and persistent chronic infections that are on the rise has something to do with all the “somethings” that have changed.  Food is a big “something” that has changed. Things have been taken out of it and stuff has been added to it and now on top of that the genetic structure is changing. So when I say the eggs in the grocery store are wrong you could ask me how do you know that Tina? I have to say, well I am not real sure, but the color isn’t pretty like the eggs I get from the chicken girl in the village. I could also tell you it  doesn’t take a chicken to know an egg.

And there we have the next   “switch over”  that I wanted to write about. Eggs!  I  will save that for the next post though as I have some good info (and pictures too!)



“The Big Switch Over”

Many things have happened and changed in my life in the last three years and even before that. I got real sick.  I moved out of America. I went back to America, went into Lyme treatment, grabbed my dog and left again. I have been living out of a suitcase for 2 years, 10 months and 22 days.  That is 25, 3444 hours of sleeping on floors, mats and once for month I slept on desk because it felt like the only safe thing around.

To say the least my life has been anything but comfortable. Though I am the first to say I am very lucky. I  landed on my feet on the Island of Ireland with my health, my dog , my former husband, and great new daughter.  She’s really smart. She’s the one that told me how many hours I had been living out of a suitcase. If anyone is interested she just informed me that I been  living out of a suitcase for 1,520,640.  minutes.

The great news is that really soon here I will be parking that suitcase in a closet.  We have not been able to move into our house because while it was empty for 15 or so years someone broke into it and stole the copper water tank.  They broke the window going in and the door down going out. That is not such a big fix. The bigger problems are eliminating the mold and clearing out the junk that  piled up from all the people who spent their holidays there. That probably doesn’t seem like much but you have to understand that Tom is Irish and he has relatives he doesn’t even know.   Apparently when anyone got something new, the old something got dumped at the house.  On top of that we basically had to hack our way in with machetes to take it back from the green clutches of the forest. I am not kidding. It is beautiful though. The property is protected with a great wall of fuchsia, fern, ivy and berry vines and behind that there is an army of trees standing guard. I don’t know whats better, the fact that people can’t  get in or that the dog can’t get out. I guess that’s what you call a win win situation.

The reason I am writing about all this is because I believe it is relevant to the subject of Morgellons  disease.  The obvious part first being how Morgellons tears lives apart.  Morgellons can rip through a life and leave the toughest of us whimpering for our mothers.  In past comments on prior posts I was relieved  to find I was not the only one crying “I WANT MY MOMMY”.

On the other side of that trauma and destruction is the gratitude and the rebuilding. The rebuilding is hard work.  For me I have some literal rebuilding  (getting the house in order) but also there are not many aspects of my old life that have remained the same. All this has not been done just to recover from Lyme and Morgellons.  I have done an off frame, ground up restoration of my life as I endeavor to clean up my yard to hopefully make a favorable impact on my life and the world I live in.  It is a work in progress.

Like many people who found themselves sick with Morgellons  and Lyme disease I spent a huge amount of money that I did not have on medical care, herbs and supplements. Basically I decided most of the food and water available is poison and if it’s not poison it’s empty.  The make up, body products and cleaning supplies are poison. The freaking toothpaste is, well, poison. So I decided to make the big natural switch over.  Many of you reading this know what I am talking about and oh is the switch big. It sucks because at first you have to be an even bigger consumer as you endeavor to consume less of the junk that has somehow become a mainstay in most of our lives. I understand that my choices affect many. If i and enough other people refuse to purchase food and products that are unsafe, the companies that manufacture this garbage will be forced to withdraw.

I thought it would be fun and meaningful to share our stories of “the big natural switch over”. I like the phrase “switch over” instead of “in addition to”. This is because it is a much more sustainable idea and also gets away from the enormous amount of money and consumerism that becomes a part of the Morgellons sufferer’s life.  Switching over doesn’t always mean there has to be something purchased in its place. For instance when you switch over to natural cleaning solutions a small amount of natural products can replace a plethora of smelly, toxic, household cleansers, bath and body products.  Just bringing in a good supply baking soda, borax, vinegar, essential oils and real liquid soap you can eliminate a huge amount of products you buy. There are all kinds of bonus to that too. Less plastic containers in land fills,  reduce your toxic load on your body, kinder to the environment, and lets not forget they work better. You will also stop always running out of stuff and have to run out and buy more. When you can stop buying all this artificial brand name products it is the ultimate rebel yell that says  “all that crap you talk and sell, well, i don’t buy it”.

so in this post and the next couple posts I was hoping to talk about switches we are all making. I would like to start with water. What are some of you doing to get clean water? I got a water distiller.  It cost about 140. pounds and it sits on the counter. Before that I used to purchase the real big jugs of distilled water. I am  one of those people that is highly distrustful of fluoride and chlorine. I use the distilled water for drinking and cooking. Even the dog get’s distilled water now. All that talk about distilled water leaching minerals or the lack of it sounds ridiculous to me. While minerals are enormously important I do not rely on water to supply them. The fact is you get minerals from vegetables.  I will talk about minerals in another post (they are very important). The other thing I will be doing is putting a filter in the bathroom before we move into the house. I still have to look into this but you can pick up some good ones for not too much. I feel good about cooking with and drinking super clean distilled water. It is a basic foundation on which i am building. I don’t want to sound paranoid but until I know for a fact where and how i got Morgellons I feel it is safe to assume it could be anywhere, including the water supply.

Home Made Fruit Enzyme Recipe. Very Simple Too!

Ok this is an updated and “with added information version” of this post. Sorry about the huge amount of typos in the previous post (i was so sleepy last night).  Do go down and read the bottom part of this post as I added in a lot of info. Mostly rambling questions and thought’s  but still I think helpful. Also I would like to say I do believe enzymes are an important part of recovering from morgellons.  I will tell more about my recovery and how I used enzymes in another post.

Fruit enzyme’s:

You guys want to get some eco enzymes going, aka garbage enzymes, also known as fruit enzyme drink? I really tried to get the straight story on “garbage enzyme’s”. As far as I can see this is a fermenting process. I guess somewhere in the mix of microbes there will be some enzymes.  Like I said I really tried hard to find out what exactly happens and what you end up with after you mix your kitchen scraps with brown sugar (or raw honey) and water. Exact info was hard to come by. I do know for a fact though that the end product is a phenomenal cleaner. This much I have seen in action with my own eyes ( a friend of mine makes this stuff).  A quick search around the net and you will see people are using this stuff for just about everything from house hold cleaning to the garden.

The basic recipe is:

10 parts water

3 parts fruit

1 part brown sugar, or honey or molasses

After you make this stuff it has to ferment for 3 months.  After searching and reading I have found that by adding about a teaspoon of yeast the process speeds up to just two weeks. So I went for the added yeast version and sure enough the stuff is bubbling away in the back room. I skipped the brown sugar becasue I think it is junk.  I made various batches using different fruits, raw honey and black treacle (which is as far as I can tell molasses). The last batch I made I took pictures all the way through so I could post a super basic recipe with visual aide. I don’t think anyone can screw this up.  The measurements do not have to be exactly to the drop accurate. What I started with was:

A five liter jug of water

450 grams (2 cups) raw honey

1 grapefruit

1 orange

1 tangerine

1 lemon

1 lime

The first thing you want to do is wash your fruit really well if it is not organic. Even if it’s not organic, wash it well (see Sharon’s comment below) thanks Sharon! Put the fruit in a big bowl or in the sink adding baking soda and vinegar and water.  Weight it with a wooden chopping board or similar because the fruit floats and you want it down under the water.  Let that soak for 2 hours or so. Rinse very well.


Next get a five liter jug. you want the water to go just above the half way point. The water needs to be clean with out chlorine or fluoride. We are trying to cultivate, not kill here.


Next I took a 450 gram jar (or 2 cups) of raw honey and spooned that in. to get all the honey out of jar, I poured about a half cup of hot water in the jar and swirled it around and poured that in too.

Next slice your grapefruit, orange, lemon and lime in half and squeeze the juice out into a separate pitcher. This won’t be added to your fruit enzyme concoction so you can put that on ice and drink it.


Next take the citrus peels and turn them skin down (so they don’t slip around), curl your fingers (so you don’t chop them off) and slice into little thin strips.



I like the strips because they break down easily  and you can slide them right into the opening on top of the jug.  You can use any fruit or veg scrap. If you are using the 5 liter jug and the 450 gram jar of honey then the peel of 1 grapefruit, 1 orange, 1 lemon, 1 lime and 1 tangerine equals the 3 parts fruit you will need. If you have other fruit you want to use just make sure it is 3 parts. You can use the honey jar to measure (3 X’s..easy!) Citrus peels are especially nice smelling.  I have a batch going where I only used citrus peels. In another I mixed citrus peels and pineapple peels.

After you get the 3 parts fruit in there you are almost done. At this point I added 1 teaspoon yeast. This speeds the ferment time up to just 2 weeks. I have others fermenting where I tried it without yeast. Those will have to ferment for 3 months.

Whether you are adding yeast or not cap your mix and give it an up down mix. You know a gentle shake. Then every couple of days because you don’t want your jug to explode. What I did was not tighten the caps completely and each day in the beginning I tighten the cap and turn it upside down to mix and submerge the fruit. This wards off mold growth. I have read that the mold does not affect your product and can be skimmed off. That one is up to you! Personally I run screaming at the slightest evidence of mold anywhere. I had a bad run in with mold in the past (I am literally and figuratively scarred for life). Alternatively you can put a balloon on it or a plastic bag secured with a rubber band around the opening. You need it covered so you don’t attract bugs and such but you need room for expansion.  I do  have a batch going where I used a wine bottle, baggie and rubber band. I used glass because I want to experiment with drinking it. Some asian ladies I know swear by this stuff as a healthful beverage and I tend to believe it because it is similar to rechsregulat. I took the Rechregulat for 2 months with phenomenal results. Oh and here is the giant big bonus round of information. You should try this out for bathing and skin spritzing.  I can’t  make any promises but from what I have’s good! I will tell you when mine is ready.

Some thoughts: People are reporting that this stuff is an excellent  cleanser. They are washing their  clothes with it and also using it on their body and in the garden as fertilizer. In all of these applications they dilute it. Many blogs and websites tell the appropriate  water to enzyme ratios for various applications. my advice is try different dilutions and use what works best for you. Also remember if you want to use this in your bath do not make the bath hot.  It will kill the incredible enzymes in there. Heat kills them.

If  this stuff is as awesome as everyone says it could be a good deal for the morgellons sufferer. It’s inexpensive and simple to make. You can clean most anything with out toxins  (including yourself). If you make the fruit and honey version then it is drinkable..well that’s what they say.

I am not suggesting anyone drink this. I am saying I am going to try it out and tell you what happens.  It’s just fermented vegetable matter which is BTW very good for us.

I hope a few of you will get batches going and we can all start this together and see if it really does do all that they say. Also if anyone has any suggestions or info please share.  Be sure to write the date on your jug so you will know when it is ready. Real soon here I will be trying some of my batches for various jobs and I will report what I find.


Update”s,  Addition”s,  Thought’s and Question’s:

* At the end of the fermenting process you will strain off the liquid and dilute before use.

*The “sludge” is rich in cultures and can be used for another fermenting project. It should act as a good base  as it is rich in cultures. I have read that some dry out this “sludge” and use it as a fertilizer.  As I refine my fermenting skills I will continue to update my findings or disasters (hopefully there will be fewer of the latter).

* Fruit is probably the better choice as many report veg scraps make a foul-smelling product.

* Oh but here is an interesting thought!  I wonder if I were to ferment herbs if I would end up with a product that was rich in the original healing attribute of the herb? Like oregano..would my fermented product be even extra anti fungal (vinegar already is). Or if I used cilantro would my fermented beverage be an excellent mercury chelator? wow I am thinking of some killer lethal combo’s. This definitely deserves some time,  attention and experimentation.

* This fermentation process seems to be vinegar. R2ight?

* It seems to me that this process is first a fruit wine, beer or mead,  as the yeast (wild or added ) eats the sugar content which turns to alcohol. Further fermenting turns the alcohol into acetic acid (which is vinegar..right?) I did make some with pineapple and that does have bromelian  in it which is a fine enzyme for digestion.

* Speaking of digestion, I have seen dragon fruit enzyme health drink recipes on the web. Does dragon fruit have a high enzyme content? it must and i will check it out.

* oh how i would love to get my hands on a load of  mexican  papaya’s.  i wonder if i could find one in Belfast? I am thinking papaya because of the lovely  enzymes’ they are packed with.  If I used papaya skin and seed’s and fermented in the garbage enzyme process would I end  up with essentially a high enzyme papaya vinegar?  seems like it!

* Another thought. if I used  a variety  of high enzyme fruits in a fermented concoction and also added yeast (to not have to rely on wild yeast on fruit skin). Does this first give me a multiple enzyme, fruit wine then as the alcohol converts to acetic acid I have multiple variety fruit enzyme vinegar?  Would it also be ready pronto because of the added yeast?  How is the finished product different in regards to adding yeast or relying on wild yeast (besides the added yeast speeding the process way up)?  Somehow “wild yeast” sounds so much “wilder” and therefore much more lovely.  Maybe if I add just a wee bit of yeast I will end up with a “feral”  vinegar?

*  Wait!   “IS THAT GOING TO ATTRACT FREAKING BUGS?”. Because that would really piss me off.  vVnegar is a known insect attractor!

*Wait wait wait wait.! If the bugs are attracted to vinegar would the acid in it kill them? I know the enzymes will kill them. If you have an enzyme rich vinegar, well that sounds like a deadly insect trap to me?

* Also I have read many accounts that when one uses the garbage enzyme to clean the ants won’t go there.

* I still don’t know exactly what I am ending up with. in the book “Wild Fermentation”  (by Sandor Katz) it says  “some ferments have been shown to function as antioxidants, scavenging cancer precursors known as “free radical’s” from the cells of your body.. lactobacilli create omega-3 fatty acids, essential for cell membrane and immune function. a marketer of “cultured food supplements” boasts that “the culturing process generates copious amounts of naturally occurring ingredients like super oxide dismustase, gtf chromium, detoxifying compounds like glutathione, phospholipids, digestive enzymes, and beta 1,3 glucans”   he also goes on to write ‘frankly, nutritional factoids like this make my eyes  glaze over. you don’t really need chemical analysis to tell you what foods are healthy. trust your instincts and your tastes buds. the data adds up to this: fermentation makes food more nutritious.”

*All this sound great Tina but you still don’t know what you are ending up with. Plus you think too much.

* Ya but I do know it’s vinegar. That’s basic chemistry. Plus i can smell it!  Also if the fruit has enzymes wouldn’t they still be in the brew at the end?  And also you know what I tell people who tell me I think too much, I tell them they don’t think enough. So shut up.

* Did you seriously just tell me to shut up?

* Yes.

* Seriously, are you arguing with yourself?

* Yes.

* I’m outta here.

*Me too!