keeping it real is real good news

by Living With Morgellons

recently i read a couple of books that have really sparked an interest in fermented foods for me. one is “wild fermentation” by sandor ellix katz.  the forward of his book is written by sally fallen.  sally fallen and mary g. enig phd authored “nourishing traditions”. both of these books are packed with recipes. they are more than cook books however. first of all in “wild fermentation” he speaks so lovingly of the fermenting process and the microbes involved. he is really passionate about the art of fermentation and you get a real sense of him  personally through out the book as he gives nice little stories here there.  in “wild fermentation” you will find loads of very clear recipes and tips on how  to ferment just about anything.   you can stick with with pickles, kraut and veg or get adventurous with some hard cider or sour dough bread.  he is very clear on saying there are no hard set rules. he inspires you to get fermenting.

in “nourishing traditions” the other book i just read i was so  impressed by how much information this book provides. again there are many great healthy real food recipes but the most impressive part fro me is the educated information in regards to our food and health she provides.  in the first part of the book there is a break own and some detailed information regarding fats in relationship to your health. prepare to be amazed and actually really happy.  you might just run out and buy a couple of pounds of organic butter and thank god the whole way to the store and back for giving us such a delicious and healthy food. some of you might be saying huh? butter? healthy?  read the book!  it is packed with surprising facts. it is amazingly researched and a joy to read mostly because you will begin to realize that many of the food we want to eat are actually good for us.  she is a strong supporter of good, real healthy food. that means non gmo and pesticide free.  she has a section in the back about economically eating organic; which i love because it’s ridiculous that organic eating often seems too expensive and unattainable. also if you thought you had to go straight raw or ultra vegan for health you might find this book illuminating to many of the falsities we have been led to believe.

some of you may have heard of dr winston price. he wrote a book in the 1930’s called “nutrition and physical degeneration”. it’s an excellent book and lends a lot of credence to the philosophy behind the paleo style diets but mostly points to how modern processed food truly is a source of a huge amount of modern disease.  in the book he writes about 14 different isolated cultures all over the planet that had unusually excellent physical, mental and dental health. he is very clear that where cultures untouched by white bread, white sugar and food we associate with a modern diet had exceedingly amazing health.  even if you are not interested in food and health the book is like a mini trip around the world in the 1930’s  touching down everywhere form the hebrides to figi.  dr winston price was a dentist so you will see a lot of emphasis on dental form and health.  there are many photos showing the health or lack thereof due to diet. i was really impressed when he compared siblings, where one had left the village to eat the modern diet and one had stayed eating the traditional fare. some of the traditional fare included large amounts of milk and cheese.  others had excellent health and lived almost mainly on moose meat!

if it sounds like i am knocking the raw food movement or veganism, i am not. i am merely pointing out that there is some impressive evidence that there is much more than meets the eye here in regards to modern diet and health. fruit and veg are only as good as the soil they are grown in as are the animals that eat them and we are only as good as what the animal we eat ate.

i read these books as i am a believer in eating many kinds of real food and  that includes meat, sea food and dairy. it also includes a large amount of fruit and veg (raw and cooked).  i wanted to understand the “french paradox” ( low heart disease and good health while eating meat and dairy and drinking wine). of course i went to these books knowing they were going to be talking about what i already believed  so i wasn’t a hard sell. i’m no dummy either though. i wanted facts. i wanted some history and i wanted some studies i wanted to not just hear what i believe (eating real clean food grown in solid soil and animals that eat them keeps health in check).  it seems too good and simple to be true that our modern diet might be causing disease in us and that good old fashioned unprocessed food with out toxins and gmo tampering could raise us to health.

this is exciting for all of us.   diet is a very personal thing. whether one eats raw, vegan or paleo, i think we can all agree. let’s keep it real. now i am going to go and eat a bowl of sliced banana with lovely full fat organic cream poured all over the top.