give me a “d”.. give me a “u”…give me a “h”…what’s that spell

by Living With Morgellons

so this is kind of funny.  i don’t  post on the forums but i do read them.  i came across my  yesterdays post (dear monsanto) on lyme busters. i like lyme busters because some of the people on there put some really clever stuff up. i was really flattered when i saw someone had put up my post from yesterday.  then i read a reply to the post which said:

“Dear ——–: I know you mean well by having written this, but unfortunately, this sort of rant will only look bad for us and will be ignored by Monsanto upon reading the first few sentences. Writing to them in a short, concise way (and with proper punctuation) would possibly have resulted in their actually reading it. We all feel the same as you re this issue, dear——–. I know you meant well.”

i must admit i found that comment annoying (note to self: tina, that’s why you stay off the forums). when i get annoyed these days i like to stop think and figure out why. usually it will have something to do with my own personal problems or something i need to work on. i don’t think that was the issue here though. what annoys me about comments like that is that..well first of all i do hope you all know that it was not “a letter” per se. it was what i would call more like a sarcastic piece of creative writing. i had to think to no one get it? am i that far out of touch. i myself think it’s hilarious and it wasn’t meant for monsanto to read. as if mr monsanto and mr future are single individuals.  if i was going  to write a letter to send to a corporation i certainly wouldn’t have wasted my time writing to monsanto (like that’s going to make them up and stop.) and i would not have signed off “love, tina”. actually i just had a hilarious thought though… imagine a bunch of guys in suits sitting at a board meeting. imagine them reading that letter out loud and saying “ok boys, the girl has a point..she’s right we need to stop what we’re doing right now..all in favor…” aaahahahahahhaha…ha! i just made myself laugh out loud there. it’ a funny thought.

i like to think of yesterdays post as a “cheer” and so that kind of makes me a cheerleader. i am not much of a writer but i was a cheerleader in high school..i know scary huh. just to be fair i hated it and  also was the worst cheerleader ever. still bad cheerleading or not the, we must keep the morale up.

all right let me try and get closer to the real issue at hand. the reply above isn’t actually what bothered me but more it reminds me of something bigger.  the part in the comment saying “this sort of rant will only look bad for us” question is look bad to whom exactly? and why exactly would “we” look bad? it is corporate greed that looks bad. i will tell you what also looks bad…when you can’t tell the truth. seriously, even though it is not a  serious “letter” and i wrote it for all of US to read( for entertainment purposes) ..why could i have not sent that to monsanto if i wanted to. it is all the truth. why would i have to look professional and have proper grammar? after what i’ve been through and as sick as i was i am lucky i can even sit at a computer and type. after what i have been through i don’t give a rats ass about grammar. i have some some much bigger fish to fry (ok they might be little fish in my own little pond in my back yard)  a lot of you can relate when i say  “when you get that sick and you lose a lot of things you care about..well, the world looks different.

to be honest i feel kind of lazy for even picking mr. monsanto to be my antagonist in yesterdays rant. what an easy target.  there is so much wrong  going on all around us. it’s completely overwhelming. where do we start? for me i started with myself. thats what this blog is. it is a continuing letter to myself to help me start somewhere. to eat right. to stay current. to keep my sanity in an increasingly  insane world. to help pick up the piece’s of my life. it turns out that some of those pieces that i pick up for myself were other people pieces too. it as though i did my yard work and my tree is also the neighbors tree because it is right at the fence line. when i watered that tree i watered some else’s tree too. yes, i do make a lot of jokes. i have too. i have to remain humorous or else  i might get sucked into a dark place. i have to remain positive. so to the person that said “i know you meant well”. my reply is..thank you! and not  only did i mean well, I DID WELL! we are all doing well…and thats what it  is going to take…. a village.

so as we all know  the forums sometimes to do a good job slamming each other and often get off topic going back and forth keeping each other in line. sometimes very cruelly and sometimes passively aggressively like who ever it was that left the reply above (even though “i know you meant well”…. how’s that for passive aggressive). what is really sad is that morgellons disease research site is getting out of control. some people don’t post anymore because they can’t feel safe. thats real sad when you are dealing with morgellons. please  don’t get me wrong. i have seen incredible love and support on the forums. i have been  amazed at the beauty and kindness that some very sick people have given to others suffering. honestly without the forums i don’t know how a lot of us could have made it through the mental and physical pain that morgellons dishes out on a daily basis.

ok all you pit bulls and poodles, vegans and paleo dieters, morgies and lymies and even a few  unfunny people and nuts like me..we are all on the same side… now can you all yell that three more times! (i told you i was a lousy cheerleader!).