Molkosan is Real Good Stuff

by Living With Morgellons

It was Hippocrates who first recognised the ability of whey to aid digestion and eliminate toxins. Molkosan is concentrated lacto-fermented whey.

This whey comes from swiss cheese, which is fermented at room temperature for a lot longer than most cheeses. That means that virtually all the lactose is converted to lactic acid.

This natural lactic acid is a natural antiseptic and prevents pathogenic germs from spreading on the skin and throughout the whole digestive tract.

By taking a tablespoon, or less, in a glass of  juice or water before meals, digestive enzymes are stimulated and secreted through the digestive tract, aiding immensely the process of digestion.

It stimulates the growth of healthy digestive tract flora, improving candida infections.

Molkosan also contains Vitamins B1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 12. And, Folic acid, Vit A, Betacarotene, Vit C, calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, chloride and oritic acid.

L (+) lactic acid provides an antiseptic action to inhibit bacterial and fungal infections. Molkosan presents no digestive problems for lactose-intolerant or lactose-sensitive people

In the production of Molkosan , a process involving lactobacillus bacteria creates a positive and relatively rare form of lactic acid, which has two main effects.

1. It makes it very difficult for unfriendly bacteria to gain a hold in the gut.
2. It creates an acidic environment in the large intestine, in which friendly bacteria thrive.

Once unfriendly bacteria have been discouraged and friendly bacteria are given the environment they like, digestion and metabolism improve, and energy levels increase.

You are likely to feel far more comfortable, with a marked reduction in symptoms such as bloating, excessive wind, and constipation .

Seriously if you are feeling you might have something fungal going on inside or on your might want to try this out. Remember lactic acid is lethal to fungus.

Some other thoughts…I am a huge fan of this stuff. I can hardly say enough about it. When I set out to write this post I really wanted to convince anyone with morgellons to give it go. Why? Because it works and it’s cheap.  Here is the best thing though, it is “broad spectrum”.   I don’t know who in the morgellons community said “the battle in morgellons will be won in the gut”.  Who ever said that seems to be right.  Mulkosan got me feeling better.  The insides start moving better.  You will get feeling healthy faster if you can stay very regular. When I got that whole “process” moving freely  I was able to make really good progress.  As usual I have left so much out here.  I want to just say this..we are all hearing we need to support our immune systems.  Your immune system is your best friend in the whole world…..better than your granny or your even your dog. It is saving your life on a daily basis in every second of every breath you take. Support it.  Whey is an excellent immune supporter.

All right all right ….last words.. Mulkosan is excellent for topical application. Use it for  insect bites, fungal skin infections etc.  It is also an excellent starter for getting your own fermented food going like cabbage and enzymes. I wish I was a better writer and I could gather all the words and proof up for you. I wish I could tell you better what wonderful things it has done for me. I wish i could come to your house right now and force feed you a bit of Mulkosan in the morning and the night…..spritz this stuff on your itchy skin. You can dilute wiht water 1 to 1 to start a little lactic acid peel for your scars (I know you have them!). It really softens the scars and if you are in that stage where you have the plaque feeling skin..well just let me say really works. It’s inexpensive and oh…it’s organic too.  You can take forever.  It’s good for you.  it works.

OK I’ll stop now..well in a second. Any of you out there that decide to try Mulkosan will you do us all the favor of posting your feelings here as comments. I  bet you find you love it.  If my house were burning down  I would grab the dog and also the bottle of Mulkosan that is always right out in front. it is out there because I take it all the time. It sits way out in front of all my various supplements and herbs. It’s one of the top things to helped me feel better from morgellons and it is the one thing that I will always use.  I don’t take  a lot of the stuff I used to get better but I always take Mulkosan.

If you live in Europe you can get this at any health food store. In America you will have to order it online. I am sorry  that I can not get my links to work lately and also the crazy spacing. I  am just going to leave it rather than get frustrated. Try to cut and paste.

Here’s a link to amazon for 6.5 ounces for less than 9 dollars

Also some other info on the manufactures site: