klinghart interview

by Living With Morgellons

when i discovered dr dietrich klinghart my healing journey took a whole new direction.  he is a special soul with a nature that comforts. when he speaks about human illness you will come away uplifted and less afraid.

in the link below you can hear him interviewed by dr mercola. this is not a brand new interview. some of you may have heard it.  i have listened to this particular interview several times and i still want to listen again.  i especially want  to draw attention to a statement he makes very early in the interview where he says..

“…the new definition of the new lyme disease that means…it’s an illness transferred by insects…please hear me now we are not calling it anymore tick born disease because we know mosquitos can carry lyme disease and many other serious infections we know spiders fleas and mites can carry these illnesses.  to limit it to tick born illness is too narrow of focus…”  dr dietrich klinghart

hear entire interview here: