the healing kingdom and the queen of fruits

by Living With Morgellons

while searching for my health i can honestly say i found most of it  in the kingdom of the plants.  the mango is commonly referred to as the queen of fruits. in my opinion the papaya might be the king. you know how i talk about how plants are so much more intelligent than medicine. please scratch that statement.  plants are medicine. period.

we all know we need to eat good clean whole foods. we know we need lot’s of fresh produce. when you start finding out out exactly why and what these plants do for us it makes them taste better.

this is why i do that “dinner and a movie” thing.  it is when i choose one whole food and eat that as my meal. before i eat it i do a quick search to learn about that particular plants healing abilities and nutritional properties.  you may have read my bad mama yama post

( so that’s the idea. the whole single food is the dinner and the knowledge is the movie.

there is a reason the mango is called the queen of fruits.  i am going to skip any links or giving you the nutritional profile of the mango. a quick search on your own will reveal to anyone that the mango is another power house and strong medicinal food.

i am not going to get into why enzymes are so incredibly beneficial to recovering your health from any disease.  here i am going to ask you to either trust me or just google it.   after the the smallest effort to learn  what is so magnificent about the mango i believe you will be wanting to eat these beauties.  when someone asks me how i recovered from lyme and morgellons  “enzymes” is one of my answers. there are so many answers in the plant kingdom.  think about eating a mango today. some papaya tomorrow and some pineapple the next day.  it’s not just a massive amount of get all the combined attributes when you eat the whole food. the viamins , the fiber, the minerals, antioxidants.

phytonutrients or phytochemicals are  what give different plants their taste, appearance and scent. they also are the compounds that have miracle abilities.

when you eat amazing plants you are eating miracles that are interwoven into a zillion other  little miracles.  intricate and highly intelligent things will be occurring in your body that you will not know about until one day you wake up and you did not get that disease that you never knew was coming.

i like to eat a mango right over the sink.  i peel it then eat bites right off of it and let the juice drop  into the sink.

in mexico i love how they put mangos on a stick. i did a little video of the mango man in san felipe. i love this guy and oh how i love mangos.