by Living With Morgellons

 it is funny that you can go through your life for some time and somehow have missed hearing a somewhat common phrase. i especially love it when it happens and it sounds especially precious to me. i only heard the words “you hung the moon for him” only about ten years ago.  someone said that to me..i said “what?” “i hung the what for whom..for what..huh?”.  it sunk in after a minute. i thought those were the most beautiful set of words with the most beautiful meaning in that beautiful moment that i had ever heard. those words  “hung the moon for me”.

     ok i am back. i have been all over the planet. i walked all over and around my beloved  california. i swam in the sea of cortez. i was on trains and planes, buses and taxis. i hated and loved los angeles. i departed from london and arrived in my ultimate destination, northern ireland. i have a whole bunch of something to say and pictures to show and food to eat but first allow me to hang the moon for you.

in san felipe (baja california) on my first night i looked out over the ocean and saw the moon rising it actually gave me a slight chill as if it could be ominous. this is the reddest moon i have ever seen. imagine it is warm and there are mountains and desert behind you and ocean in front of you. nothing much else except a couple of dogs. imagine that you have loved a place so much and in the years since you had seen it you had experienced an incredible devastating loss of health and almost everything else. then imagine that somehow god  had returned to you  all that you had lost.  then this  moon enters stage south. dear everything that is out there you do know my gratitude..don’t you. thank you.