soup or sauce? let’s call it super sauce!

by Living With Morgellons

today for lunch i made a quick fresh tomato soup. i know it’s hot and all that but here’s the thing. this soup tastes exquisite chilled. when chilled it is more like a light beautiful italian gazpacho. in reality it is a simple fresh marinara  that can be used as sauce on pasta. the ingredients are simply tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic, olive oil, sea salt and cracked pepper.  it has that beautiful authentic “al fresco” feel and flavor. it is nothing like the italian american stuff that in jersey they call “gravy”. this is light and fresh and can be made in less than a half hour. i started with about 7 fresh organic tomatoes. then dropped these into boiling water until the skins split. pull them out and as they cool you    Image

easily pull the skins off. while they cool a bit chop some fresh basil and garlic about this much..


put the skinless tomatoes, garlic, basil, olive oil, sea salt and cracked pepper in pot. turn the heat on and mash the tomatoes into a sauce (or soup…whatever floats your boat). add about a cup of water  and cook for about ten minutes. it is delicious hot or chilled. or if you like use it as a sauce. you can make a larger amount of this and incorporate it into other meals. it is nice on baked chicken (i like it baked with zucchini). when i get a hold of real organic sour dough bread. i dip it into it. as an organic pizza alternative (if you must..and sometime we must) you can take some sliced organic sour dough use this sauce and grate a bit of hard italian cheese on it. bake that and enjoy.  hold off on the cup of water and cook the sauce a bit longer if you decide to do this. it will be a richer thicker sauce..better for pizza!

you know, those of us that have morgellons disease we really should not be eating any dairy or wheat. not while you are trying to get your head above water. for a very long time i would not eat anything white..the saying goes “if it is white, it ain’t right”.  most of the people that are reading this probably haven’t changed their diet as radically as i did. i have to tell you will get better faster if you make those changes. i would encourage to try eliminating those foods for a while. todays meal would ideally be just the soup and a lovely salad of any kind of green and chopped veg with a simple home made apple cider  (or lemon) and olive oil dressing and of course fresh garlic. if you feel like you can make some changes you will see positive changes in your health. for what it is worth i give most credit for my morgellons recovery to fresh real, clean food.  wise food choices will be the very best choice you make when choosing to recover your health. plants are intelligent and packed with a medicine that is far superior to anything in a little bottle of pills. a good diet will take you through your healing journey and seal your success as you continue on your positive new healthy life.  good food feeds and “medicates” your entire being. pills can not do that. pills are expensive. you can not take pills for the rest of your life. pills are toxic.  real food ; try some today…you deserve it. i am at a point where i do not have to be strict with my diet. there are, however, three things that i absolutely try my hardest to avoid. these are processed sugar, genetically modified foods or anything artificial.  i rarely eat out because of this. mostly i make sure it is organic. it is tough and it costs more but being sick costs way more than eating right. ok here’s lunch.