she’s a bad mama yama!

by Living With Morgellons


something i like to do these days is to eat one single whole food as  meal.  before i eat it i google the food item’s nutritional profile.  then while i am eating it i feel really good knowing what is going into me and it also helps me to learn more about good food in general.

i love yams and that’s what i had for lunch. two baked yams in a bowl. that’s it. i am calling the yam one of the top food picks for those recovering from any illness. i will tell you why. they are easy cook. you can bake a bunch of yams in the evening when it is cool. have a baked yam for two for dinner and you will be able to eat the others over the next couple of days. in the middle of the night when you want a sweet, cold slices of yam taste like candy. in the morning you can splurge and fry some slices in organic butter or better yet coconut oil. for lunch or dinner over the next couple of days, warm one or two in some coconut milk, mash and enjoy. i especially like eating mashed yam with fresh cilantro and a smokey salsa.  i always take chorella before i eat cilantro as part of my nuero detox routine (see

i am calling this little thing i do “dinner and a movie” (yam was dinner the information i acquired was the movie).  consider having a date with two yams tonight. the nutritional profile of the yam is stunning. check this out (time’s this nutritional information by 2 because i ate two yams) :

yams are loaded with potassium and magnesium. also they have a bunch of the much needed omega 6 fatty acid. in jet one cup of yam you get a whole 2 grams of protein. now remember i had two yams. so i had 4 grams of clean organic plant based protein for lunch. all that and low fat and high fiber. yams a are a big winner when you are trying to make a good food choice.  they are also hearty and warm. they fill you up and leave you satisfied. i promise if you check into the yams nutritional profile you will feel really good about eating them.

alright here is the cheese replacement  for the meal!  if we keep on eating yams we will all be bad mama jamas!