did i make it a better day?

by Living With Morgellons

….today on the bus i over heard a conversation behind me. it was between a older man and a middle aged man. to relay this story i will call the middle aged man “george” and the older man “George’s father”.

george: “i really like madonna. i like madonna because she makes people happy.”

georges father:  “you do like madonna”

george: “i like lauren too. she’s foxy. i like to talk about lauren. she makes me happy”

goerge’s father: “you do like to talk”  (said in a very loving patient non sarcastic way)

george: “i like chris because he is nice to me. he makes it a better day”

georges’s father: “chris is nice”

george: “am i making it a better day”

george’s father: “george, you make every day better”

tina (me): “you made my day better. thank you for that”

my cousin paul sent me the following video.  the other video with i posted before with the time lapse footage of pollination, my father sent me.  everyone is making a better day.