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Month: May, 2012

soup or sauce? let’s call it super sauce!

today for lunch i made a quick fresh tomato soup. i know it’s hot and all that but here’s the thing. this soup tastes exquisite chilled. when chilled it is more like a light beautiful italian gazpacho. in reality it is a simple fresh marinara  that can be used as sauce on pasta. the ingredients are simply tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic, olive oil, sea salt and cracked pepper.  it has that beautiful authentic “al fresco” feel and flavor. it is nothing like the italian american stuff that in jersey they call “gravy”. this is light and fresh and can be made in less than a half hour. i started with about 7 fresh organic tomatoes. then dropped these into boiling water until the skins split. pull them out and as they cool you    Image

easily pull the skins off. while they cool a bit chop some fresh basil and garlic about this much..


put the skinless tomatoes, garlic, basil, olive oil, sea salt and cracked pepper in pot. turn the heat on and mash the tomatoes into a sauce (or soup…whatever floats your boat). add about a cup of water  and cook for about ten minutes. it is delicious hot or chilled. or if you like use it as a sauce. you can make a larger amount of this and incorporate it into other meals. it is nice on baked chicken (i like it baked with zucchini). when i get a hold of real organic sour dough bread. i dip it into it. as an organic pizza alternative (if you must..and sometime we must) you can take some sliced organic sour dough use this sauce and grate a bit of hard italian cheese on it. bake that and enjoy.  hold off on the cup of water and cook the sauce a bit longer if you decide to do this. it will be a richer thicker sauce..better for pizza!

you know, those of us that have morgellons disease we really should not be eating any dairy or wheat. not while you are trying to get your head above water. for a very long time i would not eat anything white..the saying goes “if it is white, it ain’t right”.  most of the people that are reading this probably haven’t changed their diet as radically as i did. i have to tell you will get better faster if you make those changes. i would encourage to try eliminating those foods for a while. todays meal would ideally be just the soup and a lovely salad of any kind of green and chopped veg with a simple home made apple cider  (or lemon) and olive oil dressing and of course fresh garlic. if you feel like you can make some changes you will see positive changes in your health. for what it is worth i give most credit for my morgellons recovery to fresh real, clean food.  wise food choices will be the very best choice you make when choosing to recover your health. plants are intelligent and packed with a medicine that is far superior to anything in a little bottle of pills. a good diet will take you through your healing journey and seal your success as you continue on your positive new healthy life.  good food feeds and “medicates” your entire being. pills can not do that. pills are expensive. you can not take pills for the rest of your life. pills are toxic.  real food ; try some today…you deserve it. i am at a point where i do not have to be strict with my diet. there are, however, three things that i absolutely try my hardest to avoid. these are processed sugar, genetically modified foods or anything artificial.  i rarely eat out because of this. mostly i make sure it is organic. it is tough and it costs more but being sick costs way more than eating right. ok here’s lunch.



A Big Winner for Lyme and Morgellons Aches, Pains and Frustration’s

With many chronic illness’ we suffer a lot of physical pain. Many of us  are already taking a whole bunch of  pills and supplements to kill of off various infections and to also rebuild bio terrain and support our immune systems.  It’s a lot of pill taking. On top of my supplements, when I went through my Lyme  treatment it was an insane schedule of medication and really difficult to keep up. Five days a week I had to give myself intramuscular Rochepin injections.  I also took biltricide, flagyl, albendazole, mebendazole, ivermectin, fluconazole, and I am sure I have forgotten to mention one or two.

I will go into what my Lyme Dr did for me in another post.

Between my natural supplementation and my pharmaceutical med schedule, there was almost not a time of the day when I was not swallowing a pill or getting stuck by a needle or having to gulp something down.

I was also in a lot of pain.  When the meds kick in a die off process happens and sometimes it makes you really sick.

Dealing  with pain is a fact a life.  Pain killers can be bad news and usually they don’t really even work. There are other options and today I want to talk about a very simple, inexpensive and safe option.

Trans-dermal magnesium is a fancy word for rubbing or spraying liquid magnesium onto your skin  (or even just taking an epsom salt bath). Those of you with Lyme might want to consider this option as there has been talk that oral magnesium supplementation aids bio film growth. This could also be something the Morgellons sufferer might want to consider.

Now my dad seems to think you can’t  get anything through the skin (I’m sorry daddy, not to be contrary, but you are wrong).  If that were true nicotine patches wouldn’t work. Many women take hormones via a patch on the skin. The skin is an amazing and complex organ and that’s an important point. Skin is an organ and it is endowed with as many gifts and ability to perform complex functions as all the other organs are.

Dr Sarah Myhill  (chronic fatigue specialist) writes:

“A recent paper by Rosemary Waring from Birmingham has been very helpful. She did experiments with people looking at the absorption of Epsom Salts in the bath. A 15 minute bath at 40ºC with a 1% solution of Epsom Salts caused significant rises in plasma magnesium and sulphate levels together with an increase in magnesium excretion in the urine. To achieve a 1% solution, a standard UK bath of 15 gallons requires 600grams, (just over a 1lb) of Epson Salts. The water should feel slightly soapy. In this experiment there were no adverse effects, indeed 2 of the volunteers who were over 60 years of age commented without prompting that their rheumatic pains had disappeared. Magnesium chloride could also be given through the skin. Again there is good scientific work showing that magnesium chloride is well absorbed through the skin. The recipe for this is a 33% solution of magnesium chloride. So if you take 333grams of magnesium chloride (I can supply) into a jug and make this up to a litre this will give you the correct solution. You may have to warm this up for it to be completely dissolved. Or you could add a bit more water – it really doesn’t matter. The daily dose is then 10mls (or more) rubbed onto skin. Use soft skin such as in the tummy or in the armpits or inside the thighs, don’t wash it off subsequently but every day add to magnesium on site – as the levels build up the absorption will be improved”.

For another brilliant way of absorbing magnesium through the skin see Magnesium cream – how to make it and use it.”  if that link does not  work try this

By the way, that link provides excellent information on how to make a simple topical magnesium cream and how to use it.

Here is another excellent link to learn how epsom salt helps you detox:

This morning I woke up with some pain in my lower back. I rubbed a little mag oil on it and it’s fine now. Many lyme patients  (myself included) feel magnesium softens their neurological symptoms. My nuero symptoms seemed to be gone for now but it wasn’t so long ago I was experiencing on and off flares  and during my treatment….it was really bad!  During the flares I was amazed at how fast I could get back to normal with a good hot magnesium bath (epsom salt).  Magnesium in what ever way you want to get it in your body is an over all no brainer.

You can buy magnesium oil in a spray at the health food store or you can easy squeezy make your own for just a few bucks. It really is a comfort to use. I don’t like the spray because it stings when I spray it on. I like to apply a little liquid by hand.

When you apply magnesium to the skin it is an all over winner because it is performing several functions. You are supplementing magnesium but also experiencing pain relief. It is inexpensive as well.

With Morgellons you are NOT going to want to use it on open lesions, trust me, it hurts. Use it on healthier sections of skin. You  will find that magnesium oil makes your skin amazingly soft and healthy. That right there is another bonus for the Morgellons patient!  At the health food store I bought a little container of  magnesium to carry in my  hand bag (for frustration when I am on the fly).  It was  $3.99 and I fill this little container up from my big home-made batch that I keep in the bathroom and rub on after bathing.

I try to not suggest too many products for someone with Morgellons to run out and buy. It is a very costly illness (Lyme too) but the magnesium oil is so inexpensive and such all around do gooder that I feel it is a must have  in my personal arsenal and have no reservations about suggesting one use it.

It’s nice because it works fast and it one less pill to take. It also relives pain. Many Lyme patients are magnesium deficient. I am going to go so far to say that most  likely the Morgellons patient is as well.

Also the sulphate in magnesium is repulsive if not down right lethal to many external parasites (it can’t  hurt to be safe..right?)

PS: My father is a brilliant man and he is almost always right. If you need your airplane repaired he is the man to call. I am just a little bit proud today to  be able to say “you’re wrong and I’m right….yay”. Why does It feel so good to be right  and why do we love to tell people they are wrong? This subject deserves its own post. Mmmmmm….. thinking… best to all,  Tina


she’s a bad mama yama!


something i like to do these days is to eat one single whole food as  meal.  before i eat it i google the food item’s nutritional profile.  then while i am eating it i feel really good knowing what is going into me and it also helps me to learn more about good food in general.

i love yams and that’s what i had for lunch. two baked yams in a bowl. that’s it. i am calling the yam one of the top food picks for those recovering from any illness. i will tell you why. they are easy cook. you can bake a bunch of yams in the evening when it is cool. have a baked yam for two for dinner and you will be able to eat the others over the next couple of days. in the middle of the night when you want a sweet, cold slices of yam taste like candy. in the morning you can splurge and fry some slices in organic butter or better yet coconut oil. for lunch or dinner over the next couple of days, warm one or two in some coconut milk, mash and enjoy. i especially like eating mashed yam with fresh cilantro and a smokey salsa.  i always take chorella before i eat cilantro as part of my nuero detox routine (see

i am calling this little thing i do “dinner and a movie” (yam was dinner the information i acquired was the movie).  consider having a date with two yams tonight. the nutritional profile of the yam is stunning. check this out (time’s this nutritional information by 2 because i ate two yams) :

yams are loaded with potassium and magnesium. also they have a bunch of the much needed omega 6 fatty acid. in jet one cup of yam you get a whole 2 grams of protein. now remember i had two yams. so i had 4 grams of clean organic plant based protein for lunch. all that and low fat and high fiber. yams a are a big winner when you are trying to make a good food choice.  they are also hearty and warm. they fill you up and leave you satisfied. i promise if you check into the yams nutritional profile you will feel really good about eating them.

alright here is the cheese replacement  for the meal!  if we keep on eating yams we will all be bad mama jamas!

oh my dog!

my dog was supposed to be getting on plane tomorrow morning. i am getting ready to go back to ireland and am shipping the bunny dog ahead of me. i got a call this morning. his flight had to be rescheduled one week from now as the kennel in belfast where he us supposed to go after his flight, will be on holiday.

in anticipation of travel i have been taking extra precautions and really stepping up his bathing and nutrition routine.  bunny like myself has morgellons ( i know it’s nuts).  i haven’t been worried about him because he was able to shake morgellons fairly easily (compared to me!).  the problem is  this temporary studio i rented to get through my lyme treatment here in california.  it is a very old and not so well cared for building. it was built in 1919 and has six floors.  i call it the hundred year old bio hazard building. oof..seriously this building is bad news. it has mice and every size and shape of bug you can think of.  lot’s of people and kids and dogs and yes there are bed bugs here. oh and  oh the mice. tons off them.  the itch started when my dog started pouncing on the mice. i was here for about four months without a problem. then he learned how to lay in wait and intercept the gauntlet that the mice routinely run. after he had killed a few of these unlucky little vermin. we both started itching. i guess some kind of mite that was living on the mice bailed ship once it was obvious the ride was over.  you can imagine i nearly lost it.   after working so hard to get my health back there is no way i am giving it up with out a fight.  i did the whole up and down routine on this apartment. i am leaving real soon but i have to be really careful not to take anything out and with me.  i have to be seriously extra careful with myself, my belongings and the dog.this place is in serious lock down decon. mode.  i have very little stuff here thankfully. i threw out anything i could. i treated the place with all the usual stuff (borax,  essential oils, apple cider vin., sulphur, diatamacious earth, menthol and even tobacco). i made different mixtures and keep them in squirt bottles). everything is inside of plastic bags.  lot’s of stuff i have bagged and froze for 24 hours. for clothing and bedding i operate out of plastic bags. both for clean and dirty.  this place is crazy and i can not wait to get out. the whole of the building is one big scratchy, itchy mess.  it smells like raid, the kids have asthma, it’s hot and stuff is hatching. ugh. i can’t just check into a hotel because i have a dog. though since i got that call this morning telling me there is a week delay i might just find a dog friendly place.  everyone is grumpy here because no one is sleeping.  i am thankful to know that i am not the only one scratching though. i know that sounds bad but you with morgellons must understand that constant wonder..”is it me?”  “bugs?”  “am i crazy?”   “huh?”.  i have only recently come to understand that that insects may be a  part of morgellons.  i am not hanging out to find out if they might make me sick again.  that i know of, i never had a big bug issue. i did feel like i had a spider bite on my cheek that may have been connected. i will never truly know so i will take every caution in the future. nothing get’s out of here alive except for me and my dog, and that’s that.


for bunny i am doing  all the usual baths, soaks, and salves.  including some of the products i mentioned above. i stepped up his nutritional routine and added neem back in. i made a video discussing some of the stuff i do for him.   i seem a little neurotic, i  admit i am. it is just that there is no way..not a chance…it is never going to happen, that we go through what we did in the past years. also i would never forgive myself if i brought anything into our house in ireland. i am nipping this one in the bud. i am taking this little bug problem very seriously.  had i taken the itch as seriously in the previous years i might have been able to head off the morgellons disaster that befell on me and every last aspect of my life.  i did not know years ago what i was dealing with. i had no idea there could be some kind of inset involved.

well i am no expert obviously. i am just sharing mine and amy dogs morgellons expirience. i did this video to the compliment the post.

an excellent article on morgellons disease

this article about morgellons disease was published in “public health alert”. towards the end a doctor from germany talks about some of his treatment strategies.  he goes into some herbal approaches which i really like.

here is the link. enjoy and be well (i am going to try and make the link work again..if i can’t you might have to cut and paste’s well worth the few seconds)

i am having trouble linking directly to the article. if you follow this link, it will take you to the front pagen of “public health alert” scroll down to the morgellons conference 2012 article. if that doesn’t work just google “public health alert june 2012” that is the issue the article is in.  maybe i am unable to link to it because i am not supposed?  with a little search you can get to the article.


did i make it a better day?

….today on the bus i over heard a conversation behind me. it was between a older man and a middle aged man. to relay this story i will call the middle aged man “george” and the older man “George’s father”.

george: “i really like madonna. i like madonna because she makes people happy.”

georges father:  “you do like madonna”

george: “i like lauren too. she’s foxy. i like to talk about lauren. she makes me happy”

goerge’s father: “you do like to talk”  (said in a very loving patient non sarcastic way)

george: “i like chris because he is nice to me. he makes it a better day”

georges’s father: “chris is nice”

george: “am i making it a better day”

george’s father: “george, you make every day better”

tina (me): “you made my day better. thank you for that”

my cousin paul sent me the following video.  the other video with i posted before with the time lapse footage of pollination, my father sent me.  everyone is making a better day.


morgellons hurts, morgellons scars, morgellons wounds and mars

i really learned a lot

…… really learned a lot


this is how the professionals make food. everyone else needs to get out of the way. say no to gmo.

What Happened to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness? I really Want to Know.

When I was  very sick with Morgellons and Lyme disease my boyfriends little daughter compassionately asked “Tina, how long have you had Morgellons disease?”

How is it that a 12 year old girl can see when a person is truly suffering and have more compassion than any doctor I saw could?  When my face looked like road kill she didn’t flinch, she did not stare and she didn’t look away she just said “that must hurt”.

She is a brilliant 13 year old girl who has her own  challenges. Billy has Aspergers Syndrome.  She is a little brilliant laugh riot. Sometimes she is just a plain riot but we have decided to keep her around anyway.  I wanted to tell you a little bit about her before showing you what made and sent to me today. Image

California is gearing up. this is the food fight of your life. california verses the genetically modified organism.

california is getting ready to kick genetically modified foods shite ass’s back to the lab they came from. we are starting by demanding food to be labeled. these poor scare crows will have to sit on the sidelines as they are already messed up from too much gmo exposure. this post is a call to all able bodies to get in the fight. to understand what the fight is about and what you can do read this article

Stroller-pushing mothers delivered nearly a million signatures in Sacramento on Wednesday, for an initiative to put to populist vote The California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act.

The ten-week signature drive collected nearly double the amount needed to put the R2K Act on the November 6, 2012 ballot.

The state will take between five and seven weeks to validate the signatures, and then certify the results. Of the 555,236 needed, thousands of volunteers collected 971,126, just shy of the hoped-for million.

“In ten weeks, nearly a million registered voters signed the ballot initiative,” said Pamm Larry, who single-handedly started the drive on January 20, 2011. “Even biotech engineers gathered signatures for us.” Having founded, Larry then coordinated with other pro-labeling civic groups across the state and nation.

Victory celebrations were held in Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego today, reported CA Right to Know in a press conference.

If voters approve the measure this fall, beginning July 1, 2014, food makers will be required to label those products that contain genetically modified ingredients.

Significantly, the “natural” term can no longer be used if the product contains GMOs.

There are several exemptions, including GMO-fed and GMO-drugged animals, as well as any raw ag product that was unintentionally contaminated with GMOs. Suppliers and producers may be asked to provide a sworn statement that as far as they know, the food is GE-free.

According to the Act, anyone relying on those sworn statements is off the hook legally if the product turns out to have GMOs.

There is a requirement in the Act that grocery store bins or shelves must also be GE-labeled if any unlabeled raw agricultural GE products (like GE corn) are sold. But there’s no liability to the store owner if the supplier provides a sworn statement that the food is GE-free when it’s not.

Given the biotech industry’s penchant for hyperbole (relating to yield, cost and pesticide use), it’s no surprise to hear them declare the Act will cause food prices to spike.

But, as one of the organizers says, “They have 18 months after the election to change their labels, something that is frequently done in the food industry.” Gary Hirshberg, chairman of Stonyfield which has been organic-certified for 20 years, added, “All they have to do is add some ink.”

Several large organizations opposing the measure have organized behind Stop Costly Food Labeling (SCFL), including the Grocery Manufacturers Assn., the Council for Biotechnology Information, the CA Farm Bureau Federation, and, you guessed it, the Chamber of Commerce.

Another lie right out of their lying mouths is that the R2K Act will require, “prohibiting processed foods from being labeled as natural, even if they contain no GE ingredients.”

No such language exists in the eight-page Act.

Not only that, but there’s still a whole lot of wiggle room for GE-contaminated foods. See pages 4-6 for the list of exemptions, like this one:

“Until July 1, 2019, any processed food that would be subject to section 110809 solely because it includes one or more genetically engineered ingredients, provided that: (i) no single such ingredient accounts for more than one-half of one percent of the total weight of such processed food; and (ii) the processed food does not contain more than ten such ingredients.” §110809.2(e)

This means that food can have up to 5% genetically modified organisms by weight (and up to ten of the little buggers) and remain free of the GE label. Looks like biotech scored big on that exemption. GE-free should be GE-free.

Fundraising to Counter Biotech Lies

Both sides will engage in a media spectacle aimed at swaying voters, using TV and print to promote their positions. If their April 26 press release is any indication, the biotech sector of Big Ag and its supply chain plans to drive a wedge between small operators and consumers who want to know what’s in their food. “It’ll put you out of business!” screams the upcoming headline.

Heaven forbid. Requiring food labels is akin to truth in advertising. Big Pharma certainly hasn’t disappeared because they can’t keep nasty side effects a secret.

Grocery stores have nothing to fear, despite the SCFL’s spin that “right to know” means “right to sue.” Whining they’ll have to follow what’s done in 40 other countries, adding a little ink to food labels in the biggest agriculture state in the US won’t put anyone out of business.

We’re gonna be inundated with a barrage of lies to the point we’ll stand in muted awe at the audacity. Kinda like the informed’s reaction when Condi Rice objected to her “integrity” being impugned after she promoted the wild WMDs lie.

But now is not the time for muted silence. And the media campaign to support California’s initiative must be funded, nationally, says Dr. Mercola, who runs the biggest natural, homeopathic website in the world.

He’s teamed up with several groups including Organic Consumers Assn. and Food Democracy Now! to launch a major fundraising campaign for the upcoming battle of words, explained OCA spokesperson, Katherine Paul, in an email to Food Freedom. “But all of the funds will be turned over to the CARighttoKnow campaign to use for media consultants, advertising, and legal help,” she advised.

Mercola reports:

“Between May 1 and May 26, a broad coalition of food, farming, health groups, and organic food manufacturers, will attempt to raise one million dollars to defeat Monsanto propaganda and get the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act on the ballot for November 6, and passed into law. Money raised in this Million Dollar Money Bomb on Monsanto campaign will support the California Ballot Initiative and other state GE-labeling campaigns. If donations totaling $1 million is reached by May 26, a coalition of benefactors will MATCH it, bringing the Money Bomb to $2 million!”

According to the opposition, Mercola has already put up $800,000 of his own money. The busy man didn’t get back to me as to whether this is actually true, but it smells right that he’d want to back his own horse.

“We can’t leave California to battle the biotech giants on their own,” he says. “They need your help! Donating funds to this campaign may be the best money you’ll spend all year to safeguard your health, and the health of your children.”

This is all great news… and no one doubts California’s R2K GE Food Act will be on the ballot on November 6, 2012.

Which brings us to the ballot… cast on electronic voting systems that studies funded by Secretary of State Debra Bowen proved are not secure from hack. (See, e.g., here and here.)  Other studies by different states and universities and privately-hired tech firms agreed, but Bowen and her Sec-State peers across the nation all bought those expensive, hackable machines anyway.

Even so, since over 90% of US eaters want their food labeled, the vote result is a foregone conclusion. And, what’s done in the biggest Ag state in the union is sure to be followed in at least some of the 20-some states that allow an initiative process – a tool used by citizens to adopt laws and constitutional amendments without the support of the Governor or the Legislature.

Vermont, another state now undergoing an agricultural renaissance, does not have this freedom, so the GMO-food label bill passed by the legislature will not be enacted, as Governor Shumlin has advised he will veto it. We reported on this in the last half of this news video on Monday.

Robyn O’Brien of Allergy Kids Foundation says:

“My youngest daughter’s face began to swell shut at breakfast one day – and I had no idea why. We were only eating waffles, scrambled eggs, and tubes of blue yogurt…so what was happening to her? Before my daughter had a violent allergic reaction that morning, I honestly hadn’t given a lot of thought to what I fed my kids. I mean, if it was on grocery store shelves, it was all the same, right?But since then, like so many moms, I learned that there are all kinds of new ingredients in our foods that weren’t in what we ate as kids. That’s why we need labels.”

Just Label It is working on the FDA for a national directive requiring GMO-food labels, and sent their congrats to California. They’re still collecting petition signatures until May 13, and have produced this quick little video by Robert Kenner, director of Food, Inc.

But California may beat FDA to the punch, and its Right to Know Act will impact food labeling across the nation. This is the big one from which the biotech-feds’ House of Secrecy begins to crumble.  All those who support GMO-food labeling are going to have to drop a bomb of money