rocket, asparagus and grilled chicken salad with garlic and some more garlic

by Living With Morgellons

when i wake up and i have feel that feeling like my muscles could be getting a little stiff i think about two things. what did i eat over the last couple of days and more importantly what will i eat today to counter that. to heal from morgellons and lyme i originaly completely cut out refined sugar, wheat, and dairy  (except for kefir and yogurt). now that i am feeling good i eat a bit of dairy although i really should not at all.

this morning i felt like that..a little stiff and i know why too.   i went a little crazy with dairy. i know better. dairy and i just don’t get along. i love it; it does not love me. i splashed out a couple of days ago on some organic beautiful full fat whipping cream and also  some  tangy goat cheese. i can usually handle the goat cheese (something you non dairy but still lovers of might check into); but with the cream i put on my yam custard and the cream in my coffee plus that coconut ice cream i wolfed down added to the copious amount of goat cheese on my baked chicken and zucchini last night…well duh.  it makes me feel all sluggish. oh ya and i also had wine with my dinner…ahaha (yesterday was my birthday).

so today i made sure to skip all dairy and get a bunch of garlic into me.

you can use any greens for this salad and any veg you want.

i steamed asparagus then chilled. i then heated olive oil with several gloves of garlic in a pan.  i sliced and grilled a small chicken breast. on a plate i put 2 big handfuls of rocket  (you might know it as arugala which is not as cute as “rocket” and much harder to spell).  i squeezed a half of lemon onto it and then drizzled olive oil. added crushed garlic, sea salt and a cracked pepper. tossed that right on the plate a bit. laid the asparagus down then arranged chicken on top and some tomato slices around it.  for a quick simple salad it’s pretty and kind of elegant really.

the warm chicken add’s some “umf” to a very healthy meal. in lyme and morgellons you need to have a lot of detoxifying healing plants in your diet but you need protein and comfort too. you suffer a lot and food becomes really important. i know the raw diet is helping a lot of people overcome all kinds of scourges but i feel i need the protein that small amounts of good clean meat provide. humans can get all the protein they need from plants. that’s a fact but still i can not help but wonder what is is in meat that has seemed to help me heal. i don’t eat a lot and i only eat clean organic meat. if it’s beef it has to be grass fed. that is something i will have to look into. i am wondering about amino acids and morgellons specifically. when i was very sick i felt like i almost had to eat red meat. none of tis is advice i am just thinking out loud.

so here is something funny.  the salad was so pretty i could not bare put another photo from my no flash cell phone camera  up.  so i went out on the fire escape and took this photo for youImage