why are we so sick and what does it have to do with lyme and morgellon’s disease?

by Living With Morgellons

in this post i am going to try and change your view’s on morgellon’s, lyme, and many other disease’s. i might ramble a little and i might be wrong a little but i think it is worth considering.    let me explain. a lot of people have borellia,  whole families are testing positive but still sometimes only one family member is sick. (a borellia infection does not always make you super sick like we find in lyme patients). then there are families that only one or two members have morgellons. these people like myself will then find out they have other infections like lyme and a multitude of other co infections (with no clue how or  when they picked those bugs up.)  many find out they have mold issues or metal toxity. parents of autistic children are learning their child actually has lyme disease and  mercury from the mother and or vaccine’s.   so this post stays short  i will only list some other infections  and issues that are in  the mix  (in all of us)

parasites both microscopic and macroscopic, some are intracellular (like babesia).

bartonella and bartonella “like” organisms .

mycoplasma!  wow i have that too??  i thought that caused gulf war syndrome. fyi, it does.


what is mycoplasma? explanation as follows: A genus of small bacteria which lack cell walls. M. fermentans, M. pneumoniae, M. penetrans, M. hominis and M. genetalium.

let’s see what else.. Ehrlichiosis  (Explanation: Rickettsiae that infect the white blood cells ).

Tularemia Explanation: Francisella tularensis bacterium.

there are loads more i only listed a few to make a point. we are infected with fungi, viruses, bacterias (don’t forget, these guys exchange dna.)

then consider those  that are being told TOLD they have incurable m.s., fibromyalgia, parkinsons disease and even schizophrenia and more! many of these people find out they actually have an infection. then they start calling it lyme disease. many of these people make complete recoveries after antibiotic treatment that they then called “lyme treatment”.  i could keep going and going and going. the truth of the matter is there are a lot of bugs that have a lot of cousins that are turning up in all us making some of us very sick. there’s no lab that can or will detect what’s “bugging” you exactly. even the good labs like igenx that are actually looking for them can sometimes not find them. it’s impossible.

here’s  where this post get’s way less scary. i have no intention of scaring anyone. my intention is to draw attention to what dr horrowitz ( who has treated over 20,000 lyme patients! he’s knows a little) calls multi chronic infection syndrome.  it is sometime’s referred as  “plague of the millennia”.  no wait they call it “THE plague of the millennia”.  the ‘THE’ part is wrong.   more accurately it is “they”  .who dunn it?  they all did it! the microbes, the metals, the toxins, the stress, gmo’s and empty food now wash that all down with some fluoride water and we have a recipe for disaster.  honestly when you consider the daily assaults on the human biology it’s pretty impressive that we even do as well as we do.  what’s happening is we each have our own collection of the aforementioned crap.  so what are we going to do about this? we are going to quit worrying about the ‘ONE BAD GUY’ because there are too many to consider. we are going to eat clean, non gmo food and drink and cook with clean non fluoridated water.  our food choices will be wise. the plants and herbs will be medicinal and detoxifying. we will not fret  (hell..we came this far). we will lower our microbial load (anyway we can..antibiotics , silver , herbs etc) at the same time paying attention to our immune systems. bolstering it with cultured and fermented foods. we will throw out the pesticides and artificial “cleansers” replacing them with apple cider vinegar, baking soda and the like. we will spend less time in electrical smog. we will get off the computer right now and go eat a pile of organic broccoli sautéed in olive oil and garlic and we will put the garlic in at the last minute so it is fairly raw and oily making it very medincinal