genetically modified organisms scare the crap out of me

by Living With Morgellons

who do you want designing your food:

A) the natural forces and laws of the  universe and mother nature hand in hand with god that brought everything that was and is to the here and now. that includes giant whales, tiny pollywogs, you and me. quite a feat.


B) some  guy in a lab coat  that scratches his ass while he looks down a microscope

for a free  non gmo shopping guide click the link below. we all are in this together.  let’s cast votes everyday by voting with our dollars!  keep a copy of the following guide in your car or handbag.  imagine that the health of you and your children rely on you and your choices.  look at yourself and just within your own family. how many of you are sick already? time to push back we do not want goat genes in our tomatoes. we do not want pesticides in our babies.