how to know you can recover from morgellons

by Living With Morgellons

a big issue for me through the whole grueling recovery process has been the constant wondering “am i getting better”.and then when i knew i was getting better there was the question “will i stay better”.   when treating morgellons you are very sick … even sicker in the beginning. there are many healing crisis’s to deal with. as the stuff dislodges and moves in you there are also massive die offs happening. you can feel really sick over and over again.  for me when i really started getting better it really started getting bad. my skin exploded and got worse as the stuff ran from the herbs and medicine. the experience is different for everyone. it is my feeling that if you only have it in only your skin you can get rid of it easier.  also the longer you have it the longer it takes to rid.  i should say out loud right now that i firmly believe that morgellons starts and comes from the gi tract and possibly for other’s the respiratory system. morgellons without a doubt started inside of me. though i have read many accounts where it does seem these people had it only in their skin. these people seem to be less sick. they sometimes continue working. though it does seem the loss of sleep due to itching contributes to the level of disability.  loss of sleep leads to all kinds of things and i am wondering if it leads to the real immune system break down that seems to happen for that those that experience systemic infection.  it appears that the level of suffering and the severity of symptoms varies extremely from one sufferer to another making any kind of set protocol impossible. this adds to the difficulty of treating the condition. this is why is seems necessary for each individual to really start a good diet and some “home medicine”. that being said you have to try your hardest to find a doctor to treat you but also take as much responsibility as you can. honestly you might not have a choice. to this day i have to take really good care of myself to stay happy and healthy.  doctors are not the complete answer to morgellons recovery. though it would be a nice start!

today i really want to write about how you know you are recovering from morgellons. i believe i am qualified to write on this subject, let me explain.

my sister  got sick with something “unknown” about 25 years ago.  she has been diagnosed with a million things but they finally settled on fibro myalgia. about 10 years ago..more actually, she was in the hospital having a minor surgery. when she awoke from the anesthesia she was itching  up a storm and her skin had an extreme rash. the way she explained it was her skin was crawling and the itching was extreme. she had bumps and hive like things all over her body. it turned into lesions and there almost wasn’t an inch between them and the normal skin on her whole body. this includes her back where she could not even reach to do it to herself. something destroyed her skin and it was not her.

so that was over 10 years ago and she had already been through hell prior but the way the doctors got even worse after her skin went south is really sad.  when your skin gets bad doctors judge you horribly. they always link it to something  psychological.  all they had to do was look at her entire back where the old girl could not even reach. even if you don’t have it on your back i am amazed that a doctor with the same brain power as any other average human can not wrap their brains around this. new shit happens!  a little kid can figure that out. what has happened to the medical community? it’s a disgrace. even if morgellons was not something new and horrible if you are a medical pratcioner you should at least have the ability to recognize when a human is suffering .

she and i had some real bad years dealing with morgellons. her much longer than me. though i did have some extreme skin manifestations that were maybe even worse than hers.

as said though this post contains a lot of hope.  my sister and i have both recovered from morgellons. we both still have fatigue issues and things here and there .  if you really read thus so far you have now realized it took about eight years to get morgellons out of her skin. that sucks i know.the important part is that it is completely out of her skin though. as far as internally..who knows??  she still has many of the issues that she had many years before her skin got bad. we don’t know if it is something separate or like a co infection or infections. it is the same for me. it is my belief that there are many co infections involved. not just lyme disease (btw i do have lyme) i have made huge progress.   my skin manifestations began in 2008 and peaked to an all-time bad in 2010. they then consistently dwindled and presently my skin has recovered. though i do have scars and  issues. these issues always getting better.  when i say better i mean that every single day i continue treating i can honestly say i am better then i was before.   i get better as months pass it’s better to look at morgellons in months.  it looks even better when you summarize your health at the end of each year. i know that sounds bad but truly it is realistic.  had i known going in to this how long it was really going to take or how much i would have to do. i think i would have lost my mind. actually i almost did anyway.  as you suffering with morgellons well know the condition takes you to the depths of hell.  morgellons is one of the worst because you get labeled delusional and even if they don’t call you that it is near impossible to receive medical treatment. you sort of feel like you are left behind to die. that’s how i felt.

i started this blog to think about and write about food and healing from lyme and morgellons though i am going to really start putting some posts up about the “the other side of morgellons”. that is to say the part when you are looking better and looking back and saying “what the hell was that”. i feel it is an important issue as not so many have escaped this yet.  why have so few healed from moregllons. well it’s pretty new first of all. also there is very little media coverage. it is unacknowledged in the medical field.  so if we are not even hearing about this disease that “does not exist” how in the world will we hear about the recoveries?  they are there though. the recoveries are happening.  you will be forever changed however.  it has been a good thing for me. nothing will ever look the same.

so on to the important message regarding morgellons recovery. how do you know you can get better and how do you know if you are getting better. first of all you can get better because both my sister and i did it and others have too. if you have not already you must go to mr commons sense. his blog is packed full of information.  you will find his “poor mans protocol” as well.  also “clear blue skies john” has recovered. his wife and mother in law made complete recoveries too. last check i read that dr staninger has well over 300 recovered morgellons sufferers. i communicate personally with one of her patients that is doing very well! she has told me that she communicates with others that have recovered. she has personally coached another via email on recovery. she gave me invaluable advice that aided in my recovery. the nano transformation people made recoveries.  there is a growing list of people recovering from morgellons. it just takes time and effort. if you do nothing  chances are nothing will happen.

now how you know i am getting better. symptoms will start diminishing. that much is obvious but the way they fade can be discouraging. they fade in and out till they leave completely. they sometimes pop up later when you thought they were completely gone. the time between the last “pop up” and the new “pop up” starts getting longer. symptoms seem to fall away little by little. also it can be slow going.  you a a million symptoms and when it is only one or a few falling away it is sometimes hard to appreciate.  when you start to examine your health in retrospect you will see the progress. in my case the overwhelming horrible symptoms left in about a years time and then i have had obnoxious stragglers.  the most persistent being in my sinuses but that is also one of the places where it first started for me.  you know how you have a day when it is “not as bad as usual”? well those days will increase in number. i promise you they do. it does take a long time. that was something i had to do. readjust my expectations.  morgellons almost has to be worn down and tired out. the trick is to get it there before it gets you there.  that is actually a big point i made right there. i almost erased it because i though “oh tina..a morgellons sufferer already feels worn down and tired out”.  what i mean by that is you have to continue your protocol. all the way through and then keep a maintenance crew going even when your skin is better. this is much deeper than skin. you ideally  should be treating your whole body and your whole life really. making lifestyle changes. you might have to move or change occupations. you might have to look deep into yourself and find answers to questions. the answers to these questions  might tell you how to actually have a much better life then you had before morgellons.  it is my firm belief that you gotta change your diet. even if you had a decent one like me  you probably need to make some changes. sugar is bad.  i rarely take refined sugar. at first i had to even get the honey, fruit and juices out.  i eat a lot of fruit now no problem. i take cream in my occasional coffee. i do cheat now because i did not work that hard to recover my health only to live afraid of food and living in general. i do have the glass of occasional red wine. sometimes two! that was a no no no when i was sick.  as you get better you can in balance enjoy life again. i will never eat the amount of sugar i used to eat. that’s nuts!  i continue to keep a stellar diet. i enjoy it.

you will know you are on the right road when  everyday and all the time  you are keeping a keeping good diet. paying attention to immune support. applying some type of protocol that aids in detoxification, bio terrain rebuilding, skin hygiene and also  lowering your microbe load. you will do well to look backwards and forwards. meaning look at your progress you have already made. then you can map that into the future. you can be pretty sure you will make the slow steady progress you have in the past. if at this point you have not made any progress well then you might consider changing your strategy. obviously something is not working. think about taking wheat out of your diet and maybe you have to be more diligent on your immune support.  when you decide on a protocol. any protocol, you have to apply that consistently.  morgellons does not stop growing on it’s own. you pound and pound it. remember that these supplements you might be taking are medicine. they are not much different from anti biotics from the dr.  get on a schedule just like you would take an anti biotic. you can not miss. though medicinal herbs are much different in the way they heal they are still killers. as long as the enemy is lurking. keep your eyes on it.  finding a balance between diligence and being neurotic is almost an art form. i will try and write a blog on this. thats a big one in healing i think.  you have to be on it but can not be worried or afraid. your immune system is your biggest ally.  respect it. it is saving your life on a daily basis. literally.

as far as what i did to regain my health i will have to make a separate pdf.  people ask me but the answer might be  different for each person. you can find a host of protocols. i looked into and gleaned  from the following:


mr common sense

dr susan kalb

clear blue sky john

gwen scott nd

nano transformation people

healing grapevine

mel..”how i cured morgellons”

also i took many little hints and tips that people put up on lymebusters and the various morgellons forums.

i also went into lyme treatment.   i was on anti biotics, anti fungal, and anti parasitics. that took about four months though it can be much longer for some. though i do believe you can get better without pharmaceuticals. i was well on my way to recovery before my lyme treatment. i went because i had a lung infection that was pretty bad and was so persistent.  i felt like i really needed a dr. and i was very lucky to be in a position where i could travel to california and see a lyme specialist.  my doctor has lot’s of morgellons patients. they all have lyme.  who knows yet what the connection is.  did our lyme disease lower our immunity to such a point that  morgellons could easily take over???

there are also many good blogs and  great info to be found on the forums. though i stay off of them because they seem too dramatic for a person seeking a healing environment. i read them however because those people post some clever stuff.

so as far as all the protocols go i think  they all work! honestly. they just have to be applied even after you think it’s gone. it take a long time and big changes. it’s work. there are many roads back to health. choose one. you don’t have to stay on just one but you must stay on a road. clear blues skies john gave some some really good medicine on his protocol. he said “you can recover from morgellons, don’t let anyone tell you different”. i held onto that in my darkest hour. when it felt like i had an ice pick in each tooth and when my eye swelled so badly i had blacks eyes.  when i had lesions the size of silver dollars.  when stuff was coming out of skin so fast i could not keep up. when the lesions in my throat kept me from talking or eating. when my ears bled. when my hands swelled and hurt so bad i could not bend my fingers. when i lost everything including a couple of teeth and some toenails (they grew back..only the toenails though..ha ha).  when at the hospital they wanted to know who had beaten my face so badly (my face was so swollen and bleeding from the lesions). i experienced a lot of physical pain from my skin manifestations. they were extreme. i was bedridden for some time. my muscles ached and i woke up often in a pool of sweat. my fingernails were wavy and deformed and my ears bled.then there was the emergency surgery to remove the stuff from my hip…..ok the list is getting long huh!  i only write that stuff so you will know how sick i really was. in a earlier post  (morgellons and my small vote..i think it’s called) i show a picture of only one of the many lesions i had on my face.  why did i write that stuff and post a a disgusting picture?  i’m not complaining. honestly. i am grateful now. my life is good. i just want anyone out there to know that someone that is even very sick with morgellons can get better. honestly i did it and you can too.

my life has returned.