killer enzyme green papaya salad and coconut chicken for dinner

by Living With Morgellons

today i had to get some lab work done and i have had lot’s to do around my little apartment in the last couple of day’s it has taken a little toll on me reminding me that i still do have some issues. i get tired. on my way home i was starving and tired. i thought  about this blog and why i really started it. that is to explore healthy eating options and tips for someone on the mend.  especially for those with morgellons and lyme.

i thought about the green papaya i have in the fridge. i wanted to use it for a salad and also write about it.  a green papaya is not so easy to find and you have to peel and grate it. i wondered if that is really appropriate  for a sick person and to this blog.  after some thought decided yes. i still believe you have to go out of your way to find and prepare clean, non genetically modified whole foods. no easy task for a sick person but not impossible. it is my honest belief that my diet has been the main saver of my health. i also believe that if anyone expects to recover from lyme or morgellons you will have to make changes to your diet and the faster and better you make those changes  the faster you will feel better. so i came home i washed and peeled the papaya and made dinner.

i eat lots of papaya  because the enzymes really help me. enzymes and their effect on your health is subject you may want to look into.  i also supplement digestive enzymes. this green papaya  salad i made last week and made again tonight is really a potent medicine food. last week i noticed i was getting up in the night and drinking the juice from the left over salad and dressing in the fridge. i thought about why i was craving it. well first of all this is a high enzyme food. the highest i believe.  the dressing ingredients are pretty big players in the healing food arena. so tonight when i made the salad i made extra dressing. there is a lot of salad so i will eat that over the next two or three days and also have plenty of the “sauce” to drink in the middle of the night or all day  long if i want.  this might sound a little crazy but i should tell you i have a gift and i call it “good dog sense” (you know the dog’s stomach hurts and then is compelled to eat grass). i get intense food craving’s and i am so lucky that they are foods that are good for me. i think it because my aunt taught me so much about good food.  i sometimes feel that old sicilian lady saved my life from her grave. had i not gotten so busy and stressed and started eating out and all that fancy crappy food i probably never would have got into this mess.  sorry a little ramble there. for the dressing i used the following.

juice of two lemons

3/4 cup olive oil

about a quarter cup apple cider vinegar

the juice of two oranges

about 2 tablespoons  braggs amino

2 tablesppons raw honey

a whole head of garlic

4 or 5 chopped skinny hot hot chills  (use to your taste)

whole bunch of chopped fresh cilantro

grated fresh ginger.i used a pretty good chunk about he size of the palm of my hand

all the juices in this dressing can be changed. you really want the lemon juice though. you can use tangerine or apple juice. you can use less of one and more of another.  use what you have or can easily get.  if you don’t  have brags amino or don’t want to get it use soy sauce. i like brags because it is non gmo and i also provides amino acids. just a reminder most all soy sauce comes from genetically modified soy beans. in fact apply that to all soy products.  sorry i am funny that way, if it’s genetically modified i don’t want to eat it and i don’t want it eating me. as far as the fresh ginger goes i feel it is indispensable to the yummy sauce and my health.  ginger is crazy good for you. honestly had i not made such amazing progress with my diet i wouldn’t be writing about it.  if you have lyme or morgellons get fresh ginger into your diet. garlic too!

so dump all that sauce on the grated fresh green papaya. muddle that around and put in the fridge. since i am feeling low energy and really hungry i fried three organic chicken tenders (the tender strip of the breast often sold separately). i fried those in coconut oil, garlic and added some sugar free dried coconut and sea salt. super fast and super good.  i also sliced a whole avocado. the salad is a little work. but i will have that in the fridge to eat over the next three days.  you can put the salad on sandwiches or add into other salads and dishes. the important thing is to get those little enzyme guys  pumping through you as much as you can. speaking of little guys, for dessert i decided to send the microbes in to fight the microbes in my body. i took plain organic yogurt and added a few drops of real vanilla and put that over fresh cubed oranges. i love this for dessert. it will also fend off candida and restore your your natural flora. i am very big into immune support.  i take pro biotics and get a little kefir or yogurt into my daily diet.  the pro biotics i try and get a variety of strains going . i also like primal defense. these are soil based bacteria strains. that’s a whole subject there but something you might want to look into. btw the best place to find a green papaya is going to be at an asian or indian market.  i find myself shopping more and more at these markets as they just have better food and herbs that are more healing to me.  also their prices can not be beatImage