morgellons, lyme, sunshine and vitamin d 3…what you should know

by Living With Morgellons

i haven’t been cooking much because it has been getting pretty warm here in los angeles. i have been snacking a lot. some raw veggies and hummus here and then some fruit there. a bit of cold organic sliced chicken lots of clean distilled water. light salads and fresh herbs.  also i have been doing a lot in the way baths and making oils and such for my skin. my approach to getting rid of morgellons has been to sort of put it in a “pickle”.  you know how they do in baseball. the idea is to push from the inside and pull from the outside. eating foods and supplements that seem to really piss it off. then also taking different kinds of baths to really sweat it out.

i have felt really healthy lately. like something changed. i have done it all. i am treating for the lyme i am on all the right supplements. i support my immune system. the whole time i have felt myself getting better but there was something missing. i could just feel it.  still tired and i could feel the answer almost begging to be known.  it was almost like i just needed one tiny adjustment. i kept thinking about the sun. dreaming about mexico and hawaii. remembering how i loved to bask in the sun.

there is something about my healing journey that i have leaned to do. listen to myself. listen to my body.

a lot of lyme patients are vitamin d deficient. i supplement with vitamin d 3. but with all this dreaming of sunshine and feeling i was so close to really getting better i decided to look closer into the whole vitamin d thing. i was taking 1000 units but after some research i have decided for me that it is just not enough.

mercola has a video up about sunshine and where and when you can get enough of the right rays to actually let your skin produce the needed amount of vitamin d. i was really surprised that you need to make an effort. i will link the video so you can see what i am talking about. he also said if you are in an area where you are not able to get this kind of sun or you have to work during the day then you have to supplement. the next best after real sun is apparently a sun tan booth. next after that it would be supplementing with d 3. i was surprised when he said the 1000 recommeneded units is not nearly enough. he was talking more about in the 8000 unit area. wow!

i am in los angeles at the moment but i don’t get a lot of sun.  so i decided to go to a high pressure sun tan booth.  i feel wonderful too.

what i do is about once a week i first load up on my supplements. especially the anti msm, oregano oil, pau darco.  garlic and others. then i walk the three miles to the sun tan salon. i don’t know why i have not done this before. why did i not pay closer attention to all that mexico dreaming? my body was craving sunshine. i  am sleeping better and my mood is much better. there has been a huge change in me..a real swing closer to feeling myself agin. i almost wonder if this is that last little adjustment is the onei needed to make. of course i will keep up with my diet and herbs and all that. but sunshine and excersise has made me feel wonderful.

my skin looks and feels wonderful. i have a nice glowing suntan and i feel healthier inside in my mind and

my heart.

so in this video mercola introduces us to a website to see if you can get enough vitamin d on any given day in your area. you might be surprised after watching this. i was!

….so love and sunshine to all of you out there that are battling your way through any chronic illness. my heart especially close to the morgellons condition however. it is one of the saddest most painful things a person has to endure. if you are suffering out there and alone and afraid and you feel you may never recover please take heart and know that you can get better. i am always available for correspondence. i truly understand the pain and isolation this monster of a disease can bring.